Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RANCH CHIMP'S (JOURNAL): ... A Look at LOUSY Penmanship, LACK of Education, & LOATHING Learning ... & a Salute and Sympathy for PAUL McCARTNEY (Inspired by JULIE)

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This posting was inspired by a lady that goes by the name "Julie" (I cant mention the last name or site or anything of this person, it was a personal email to me and was NOT public, or do I have permission to do so). When you have writing or art, music or what have you in public (even if your not a pro such as myself) you have to expect criticism, but I also understand that some of that is constructive, and DO realize my handicap's or fault's when it come's to writing, I'm told this over and over, even on blog's or YouTube or whatever where I comment. But time is valuable to ALL of us, and one thing I learned online here, is to not waste endless hour's trying to debate or explain myself, analyze definition's, term's, etc ... all of that IS NOT 'my cup of tea' so to speak, and frankly it get's boring as Hell too. Below, the short email that she sent me ... then a few word's I wanted to toss in after. And Thank You Julie whoever you are.


A Bit of Elucidation ...

Great thinking, and good postings. But - a bit of education: Apostrophes are used to showpossession, or a missing letter. So, when you say, "I have interest in interest's," what letter is missing from that last word? Or, what do your interests possess/own? Unless there is possession, or a missing letter, an "s" on the end of a noun means it is plural, and needs no apostrophe. Like - your "collection of BOOKS" - it's (abbreviation of IT IS) plural (more than one book.)
Otherwise, great thinking, and great posts.


Actually there's not too much thought, planning or even much of anything that most writer's do that go into this journal, and beside's, I'm scatter brained on alot of stuff, so I have 100's of idea's but no bloody idea what I will address next, or even take interest in for that matter : ) When it come's to even penmanship ... I am horrible to the point where I cant even do decent handwriting, I have to print/ write to make anything halfway readable. I actually have a dictionary book here with me, to just see at time's if I'm spelling a word correctly ... no shit! My own grandchildren correct me, friend's, neighbour's, I was a lousy student in school who was basically unrecognized for anything, dropped out in the first couple month's of the 9th grade, had no ambition whatsoever in school, and only liked science, geography, and only scored well in math, but hated math!, found it frustrating as well as boring just sitting at a desk and doing anything, I cant even sit at this computer here without having to jump up and move around every 15/ 20 minute's or so.

But I do try to do my best whenever I do anything, so I dont intentionally write like this to irk any reader, such as when I use the term/ word "ya'll" as meaning "you all", or my use of the word "notoriety" referring to it as simply "fame", not necessarily "ill fame", or say "I reckon" instead of "I guess" ... this is how I talk, this is how I write simply. This is all I know and never try to learn a better way or go to school or anything, if that make's any sense(?) ... for me it's just like in fun only, like handwriting letter's or whatever, not to get 'notoriety' (positive or negative), or make a buck, be a writer or anything related (Lord know's I know how to make a buck, and it damn sure isnt writing either : ) Not even many folk's view this to begin with ... in fact if it wasnt for ya'll or the event's that go on in life with myself or others, on the street, or other experience's, I wouldnt have a goddamn thing to write about, I'm no good at fiction or any other of those skill's in poetry or whatever that writer's have ... even when I wrote song's/ lyric's, they were just about the same thing. I dont even use this "spell check" thing on here (tried it once, and it damn near corrected every bloody thing I wrote, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ), although I was advised to alot of time's, I just like to check it myself or whatever, and just do my own work or thinking, I'm very old fashioned in this sort of thing ... and dont even really like computer's much for that matter, after over 4 year's on them, beside's viewing, reading, etc.

For year's I have had sympathy in a way for a fellow musician (Hell no I dont know him or ever met him : ) Paul McCartney (co- founder of the Beatles), because over and over and over in interview after interview some reporter/ journalist is alwayz asking him why he dont read or write music? In a more recent interview about a year or so ago I seen (I think it was Diane Sawyer, but cant recall) ... he again was questioned on this ... he got a tad upset it appeared and said something like "Why do you people constantly ask me this? ... you seem to have some problem with it" etc, etc. Paul is not a textbook musician or ever done a thing the "proper" way, he was basically a drop- out and even wrote most of his music based on alot of simple everyday life experience's, when many were going to school, he was pounding the pub joint's with his crew in place's like Germany, where they had to by some German law or standard's, play for like 10/ 11 hour's or some ridiculous amount of time to just make a low wage buck and some pint's of beer! If he didnt know what was next to play or have something lined up for such a lengthy set, he had to just make something up to buy more time, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) He wasnt in this to make any more than a paycheck, not to be a musician of popularity, he loved it ... it was simply "fun" is all. I also wanted to highlight a couple of my fav's of his here to include in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society", and I sure as Hell know what Paul mean's when he sayz that those "Moscow girls make him sing and shout!" ... I hear ya guy ... me too! : ) Thanx to him and his crew(s) for all the great memories and tune's he made. Enjoy! : )

Paul McCartney Don't Read Music, You Got A Problem With That? Thanx to JUSTEXTRAMUSIC

Paul McCartney- Juniors Farm ... Thanx to PAULMCCARTNEYVIDS

Back In The USSR (live Glastonbury 2004) ... Thanx to PAULMcCARTNEYVIDS



Demeur said...

A note to Julie:
In Toms' defense there is a problem here. I'm sure he's using blogger due to the URl and standard comment format that google uses. It has within its' program an auto spell check. Unfortunately this program is not as refined or sophisticated as most 5th grade students. It can neither assess syntax nor ascertain a writers' intentions. It will on most occasions inject the wrong word possessive or otherwise. I have been quite displeased with its' dictionary functions as well. I have owned pocket dictionaries with larger content.

While Tom may be lacking in formal education and his writings far from polished, his meanings and intentions are never lost in the formalities.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your input here Demeur ... No ... I didnt even know that as far as the blog dictionary and this spell check thing, but Yes ... no shit ... I used it once I recall, and I sware that over half of what I wrote was incorrect ... I just said "Oh well ... fuck it" basically and walked : )