Friday, August 24, 2012


Part 12 of the "Truth or Treason" series & Part 5 of the "From The Foxhole With Bernie" series, will simply be to give a non mainstream media preview of what to expect at this coming week's Republican National Convention, because Bernie here unintentionally sum's it all up as far as the agenda that will be showcased at it. Despite all the issue's that are in grave need of atencion in this country, rest assured that this convention will only highlight a whole buffet of reason's why they need to take away the existing Social Security and let Wall Street handle and take it over, trade in your Medicare for insurance company voucher's for you to shop around state to state in different law's and jurisdiction's trying to not get burned on another fine print bunk fly- by- night underwritten insurance policy, that can leave you dead or in endless twisted litigation or such, and of course more fear card's than you can shake a stick at, over everything from our Post Office to our School System's are going to fail and fall, boogeymen and terrorist's that will come out of the woodwork, if we dont give all what we have left to Corporate Communist dictator's and massive defense contracting initiative's/ programme's, etc, etc.

***** GOP "PLEDGE TO AMERICA": ... and the KNOW to say NO to "Fuzzy Math" ... **** I wanted to add this piece here that I wrote back in September 2010, when we were going through this same hustle, and yet got screwed again because of our sloth in the 2010 election's, there is also a link in it to another posting I done in the late part of 2008 concerning the hustle that was going to be pulled on us in the last dayz of the Bush/ Cheney Administration, before we got our final milking. The reason for this, is because I dont think American's really know what their up against as far as our domestic economy ... and how dangerous Congressman Ryan is ... again, dont even worry about Romney ... he's a lightweight in this race, a nice fella I'm sure, but hasnt a clue what to do without someone else telling him. Ryan is a natural born hustler, about as sharp and good as they come, this guy can give you that all American sad puppy dog look, and have you in tearjerker patriotic heaven, and you WILL NOT see him coming! Ryan has an "agenda", and NO ONE tell's him what in Hell to do ... he just does it, and WILL call the shot's, rest assured! Basically bottom line, Romney is a follower ... Ryan is a leader! Again, I'm sure Ryan as well as Romney would love to see all American's prosper, be in financially stable Utopia, etc, etc, etc ... I mean ... we ALL would for that matter, but it's NOT the reality. I admire some of his vision and hard ass busting work, but he IS NOT on the side of the majority of the American people's interest's, his trickle down method would only lead quickly to a state of economic depression for million's of American's that would be so deep, it would take another couple decade's just to get our head's above water. And you know Ryan is dedicated strongly ... because he could personally do much better in place's like Wall Street or a place like Dallas' financial district ... but he "chose" to do his work in government, because he truely believe's that he can save America with these method's of economic engineering.

We seem to have such a short memory, while Congressman Ryan last week was ranting up and down about the financial mess from bailout's to war's to deficit and everything else in between that the Obama Administration has gotten us into, if you just look back a couple year's before the Obama Administration ... who actually constructed the massive bailout and both war's and milked every dime of surplus during their last few month's in office of 2008? at who's hand's did over $12 billion in cash US currency get lost and never recovered in Iraq during the first couple year's of it's invasion? Under which administration did hundred's of our troop's in these war's get killed or dismembered from road- side bomb's while they were ordered to travel road's in the newly occupied territory of Iraq, in Humvee's that had not one bit of armour protection on them? And which administration after 2009 saved lives of our troop's giving them the proper updated/ modified vehicle's to use, and reduced casualties by downsizing our force's and detail? Which administration has been most successful at targeting terror cell's and leader/ organizer's around the globe? Which Administration recently has started a job's for veteran's spouses/ familia programme that hired ten's of thousand's of military spouses? which Administration recently tried to clean up some of the health care in this nation? and which administration recently has done more for our veteran's across the board than any other in history? Which administration had positive job growth number's starting 2009 to 2012?, and which administration was losing 100's of thousand's of job's monthly previously to 2009?

Luckily for Presidential candidate Romney, they actually have a REAL salesman that should get a standing ovation during this insane con game that will be crammed down drunk conventioner's throat's, because frankly without Ryan (VP candidate) ... Romney wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind his watch to try to capture some atencion and enthusiasm from such a large crowd. For me, the choice is clear as far as which of these two choice's/ side's we have to vote for if we dont want sudden economic destruction any more of our smaller businesses/ companies/ bank's/ credit union's, working and middle class population's, that are the engine of this great democracy and example of what true capitalism and fiscal responsibility should be, and remind you here, I am a man that has voted Republican most of my voting life ... so this is for real!

Below, a rare breed in todayz frail Capitalism Hill posse that will explain the true reality of the current condition ...  Bernie ....

Republican Deficit Hawk Hypocrites ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Bernie on the Bill Press Show ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS





Demeur said...

Sadly I see Sanders going the way of Snow, Frank, Lugar, and so many other moderates and progressives. If you were trying to do a job and some coworker kept throwing garbage in your path. Well I think you get the picture.
Just how on gods' green earth people can buy into their BS is beyond me. Are people so dumb as to forget why we have regulations? I know let's just get rid of all the traffic lights and signs because, you know, they just slow things down.
Texas wants to leave the union I hear. Well by all means I say let em. Then they won't get the $1.25 in Federal tax dollars for every dollar they pay. Not to mention all the corporate welfare to the oil companies. And I'm sure you folks won't mind working for $3 an hour minimum wage.
I could go on but I'll step down off the soap box now.

Ranch Chimp said...

I cant even begin to mildly compare Bernie to such any of Snowe or even Lugar, but that's another story. As long as Bernie is doing what he's doing, I'm a happy voter : ), and he is doing what someone had to do, since too many other's cant.

Well ... I think what they mean, is the people need regulation's, not the corporation's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

I actually am old enough to remember working for less than $3 an hour too, of course the cost of living was much different.

As far as these spasm's of Texan's that want to leave the United States ... well ... you would have to know Texas, to really get the picture of that ... as I said before, it's beer and barbeque talk, probably a few thousand folk's in rural Texas area's, out of a very diverse population of well over I'm sure 26 million by now ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Thanx for your input Demeur ....