Thursday, August 2, 2012

PRESIDENT OBAMA 2012: ... Smart, Liberated, Tough on DEFENSE, & Fiscally Conservative enough to do it without BANKRUPTING AMERICA (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.6)

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Lebanonize & Conquer: 'CIA, Mossad on Syria front line' ... Thanx to RT

Thomas.H.Pickering ... aka Ranch Chimp & Commie Tommie

Part 6 of "Yall Street" was inspired by a neighbour the other day who is actually one of these so called "swing voter's", and said to me ... "I suppose your gonna be voting for Obama again Tom?" ... well my response was "Without a doubt Bub". One of the issue's that I pointed out throughout this journal as far as defense and spending was the astronomical amount's of money that we spend on defense, and who is it actually defending, eh? as well as my idea's on tightening the belt and resorting to covert operation's if/ where  needed ... but as you can see in the above video, not everyone is pleased on this move. Whether or not you agree with everything he's done, you have to admit that this President has pulled us through some of the toughest time's and war season's even that we had in decade's, so of course he wont be able to please everyone, but bottom line is, he's strong in these area's, whether it's to counter terror, or just war, etc, he's been fairly successful.

The last administration took us into war's and drained every surplus dollar this country had, and even borrowed more on our tab from China to continue this massive draining, drove America nearly into collapse and bankruptcy, without even thinkin or blinkin, and basically all Bush/ Cheney done was left us a loan/ bill past due ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... that was what really ate me up about the last administration and made me vote Democrat, because I actually voted for Bush/ Cheney in 2000. I seen a so called rare interview with the former Vice Pres. Dick Cheney the other day on one of these major news networx on the tele, saying he didnt regret a thing he done on his job ... and of course I expected to hear him say that, along with of course, his fight with death as usual ... this guy been dying for decade's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Some newsread/ video in below link from CNN.

***** CNN/ U.S.: Obama Authorized Covert Support For Syrian Rebels, Sources Say (FULL STORY)



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