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IMMIGRATION REFORM & POLICY: Parent's "WANTED" & Children "LEFT BEHIND" ... Victim's of Political Rhetoric & Banter (HISPANIC/ LATINO STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.2) For Pedro (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.5)

Thank You again to RT America for slamming these issue's, especially when such is so unpopular in these election's time's ... I try to avoid politic's when I can, but it's difficult to do with the reckless rage of rhetoric, banter, and pure bullshit that they make out of issue's in this nation. And NO, I dont blame this on President Obama, as much as I blame it on our overall representation, similar to the Health Care Reform, or what they call ObamaCare ... it isnt of President Obama, as much as it's of those politician's who buck, destroy, and oppose every idea and initiative that this President has tried to address, propose, and present, where they twisted it into something else ... what they "blame" on the President is what they damn near all draft/ engineer and vote for themselves, it was ALL the GOP and key Democrat's who stopped the President's proposed/ designed Public Option in Health Care Reform as well. And also Thanx here to Alex Caballero and Ron Gochez for their getting to the point on what take's some term after term, decade after decade to get to say and work on ... who also inspired this posting's title in part. This is an issue that I promised several folk's locally that I would hammer, and in particular for this posting, Pedro ... and for all the kid's that I personally know and seen experience this reality of worry and trouble's. A couple video's and link below, then my input here to cut through some of this mind blowing bullshit from our political representation.

***** NBC4/NEWYORK: Thousands Seek Work Permits as New Immigration Rule Takes Effect **** I want to add this to at least give some credit to the President and Administration on this ... although it isnt the complete answer, it's at least a start, and a start that so many didnt even want to address in Washington at that ... there is still alot of work to be done.

***** PD/ RCJ: HISPANIC/ LATINO STIMULUS PACKAGE (PT.1): Preserving what "AMERICAN DREAM" that is Left & "VALORES NORTE AMERICANOS" (American Values) For Joe

Deportations leave record number of children with no parents ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Illegal immigrants' children stay orphans in the US? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

The reason this goes into the "Hispanic/ Latino Stimulus Package" part of this journal, is because again ... it is latino's that played such a large role in this nation not suffering the economic crisis that it should be experiencing for the action's of our politician's and Wall Street, action's leading to failure from those who are mostly dictated by corporate interest's/ communism. We hear the buzz phrases like 'no child left behind', but with our hypocrisy leadership/ representation ... leave children behind 24/ 7/ 365 in an effort to rape, please, rathole wealth etc, etc. The parent's or so called illegal immigrant's are frankly a "most wanted" commodity by many of American's, from the top on down, while at the same time feel like they have their picture on a "Wanted" crime poster because of their status ... being on one hand they use them as a scapegoat for political leverage, while on the other hand, they are more than willing to hire them for reason's of excessive greed and profit only ... even middle class American's you will see every goddamn morning as early as 5am at the labour meat market's around town's like Dallas daily, looking for cheap labour to do everything from cleaning their yard's, garage's, home's ... to taking care of their own children, who so many dont even have time for their own children, instead just spending money on them without giving them anything of substance for life to carry and guide them. Many of these most wanted worker's embrace and preserve familia value's, patriotism, and the idea of the American Dream more than even many American's born and raised here, constantly also teaching their children the importance of learning english and being bilingual. They dont bitch about hardly anything until recently, because of the attack's on them and their children ... for year's, they have worked hard for less than competitive wage's, even many paying their income taxes, medicare, social security out of their payroll, knowing that they will most likely not even see a dime of it back in any way, constantly spending their money in our local economies and keeping our head's a tad above water in so many communties economically across the nation, while much of our representation frankly isnt doing or addressing shit concerning this. Tonight's highlight on ABC World News for instance ... is the GOP Convention and how this guy Christie of Jersey will use humour to downplay the President and his Administration ... to of course entertain us with more bullshit.

Pedro came here about a decade ago from Honduras ... unitentionally at that, because it was actually his brother that was supposed to come here who their familia paid $5000 just for him to get here, when the time came, his brother got injured in some social political conflict in Honduras, making it impossible to come, and your money in these market's DONT get refunded/ reimbersed like some travel agency or something ... Pedro took his place. Pedro is early 30's with a wife the same age also from Honduras and has two young children who were born and raised in Dallas. Pedro (who I also call Pete by the way, because Pedro translated to English is Peter) is one of the hardest working guy's that I ever met, and truely elite in his category/ trade's, even though not yet liscensed by the State of Texas (of course because of his immigration status) is like a master at electrical, air conditioning/ heating, plumbing, carpentry, etc ... he been a contractor for several year's, advertising on his pick up truck and in local small businesses with ad's/ flyer's, word of mouth etc, etc ... a real hustler and go- getter. About a year ago when Pedro was working a neighbourhood contract, I asked him how much he was making, which was a part time couple month contract, he told me, which was astonishing to me as far as his wage's due to his qualification's and work history/ resume ... I calculated that he was getting at least 40% to 50% below what he should be getting in this region of the country pay- wise, considering cost of living, etc. I talked to a woman that I know that manage's a large properties complex here in Dallas to make this short, who was in need for someone with his skill's ... needless to say ... I highly recommended him to her ... she hired him on full time at a fair payscale for the first 6 month's for probationary evaluation, she and the property owner's have been more than pleased with his work and frankly blown away at that! He still has his lil contract side business as well, now able to help his familia in Honduras who have suffered much from a flood that destroyed their home and damn near their town.

Whether or not these politician's highlight and discuss any of this or not before this election probably doesnt matter, but they will have to address it sooner or later. I realize the issue's on the border, and border resident's who are angry because of how border crosser's used their property to stay/ layover and even in some cases trashed the property. I also realize that there is a price to pay when you break law's, etc ... too bad that our own law- maker's cant even abide by the law's that they themselves even write, legislate and pass, or even hold major corporate interest's accountable for their racketeering action's. The thing is, we have been going in circle's on this and it just keep's getting tossed on the back burner, and when American's are under economic pressure's, it flare's anger's, which in turn affect's those who are the victim's of all this and make's them retaliate and at least want to be heard out for a change. The existing law's do not work that we have, and are in need of changing and more protection's/ right's for these new American's, even though, many who are behind influencing the law's and enforcement are part of the same hypocrisy that feed's the problemo. And breaking up these familia's is all parties fault, whether it's blaming the parent's for breaking law's, or blaming those who enforce law's, because it's the children and familia's that suffer the most, it is enough to break your heart when you sit down and talk to some of these kid's who even go to school with all our kid's on the fear that they live in not knowing what will happen if they lose their parent's, it certainly was very emotional for me.

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