Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MARS ROVER "CURIOSITY" PT.2: "We're Here!!" ... Post Card's from the RED PLANET ... & Where in Hell is BP when we need a Deep Drill most? (ABOVE & BELOW PT.11)

NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars Sunday. An image from Curiosity,  through a wide-angle lens on the left-rear side of the rover.

A Post Card from the "Red Planet"

This will be a follow up of Part One of the "Curiosity Mission" on Mars, and Part 11 of the "Above & Below" series. This was a thrill for those at NASA/ JPL for sure, they been pounding this for month's, and some worry was if there was not a successful landing, they may be on the budget chopping block too ... so a victory for all those hard working folk's on this too ... and Congratulation's ... job well done! Now ... where in Hell is British Petroleum (BP) when we need a deep drill the most? (just kiddin : )

***** CNN/ TECH: Images of Mars landing show "exciting ride," NASA says **** newsread/ video's/ photo's




Infidel753 said...

BP? We're just hoping to discover life on Mars, not poison it when we find it.....:-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... I hear ya Infidel ... Thanx for your comment