Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PAUL RYAN- GOP VP CANDIDATE (PT.2): "Honesty Vs. Bullshit" A Fact of the JACK & Singing PRAISES of Sacrificial AUSTERITY (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.11)

Part 11 of "Truth or Treason 2012" will also be Part 2 of Paul Ryan. This thing hasnt even been going on for a bloody week yet, and already it is getting showcased and twisted into the most complex horse shit that one can imagine ... why did I know this was going to happen? ... because I been following and writing about this shit for over 4 year's ... Geeeez! And as usual the complex smoke screen's are being thrown in our face to get us frightened, angry, twisted and everything else, because they actually view the majority of American's as downright fucken stupid, okay? ... and you cant blame them ... we act at times like a bunch of frightened little wimpy jackasses. Again ... BOTH side's like it or not are going to bring up more sacrificial shit starting 2013 than you can keep up with ... BANK ON IT! Reason's that we need to sacrifice more and more, this shit never end's, and it's all being funded in large by this so called United Citizens (Citizens United) posse that just formed ... I mean ... you dont actually believe that Mitt Romney sat down one day and chose/ decided on Paul Ryan to be his running mate, eh? Of course he didnt, Paul was chose by the money, period! Paul is an architect of this kind of thing, he also bring's libertarian folk's and some questionable republican's back home, he's a winner and a hustler who you wont catch coming, get my drift? This is the kind of engineered plan that the entities who took all of our wealth want to sell the people, and the democrat's they DO BUY on the other avenue, plead and push the austerity sacrifice hymn book after the hard sell from the GOP, it's their strategy. okay? And it's like religion basically ... promising you that if you waste your whole fucken life sucking their asses, you'll get a reward when you die : )

Of course again, Paul really believes in what he is doing, and Romney really believe's in his plan as well, because Romney couldnt sell a lemmon car at half price to begin with, he's a lightweight, his money hustles for him, not the other way around. And believe me, Paul will be the star in a Romney administration and call alot of the shot's/ moves, just like Cheney did for Bush, who was equally almost as worthless as Romney on these sort of thing's. Again, we DONT have a crisis that they are showcasing, we have a crisis, but it isnt any of the above, we are being hustled ... our Social Security is already sound, just like our Medicare/ Medicaid, Post Office, etc etc ... kind of like how they push to eliminate an earmark, then devise some other avenue to milk the money under a different title. Paul's vision of a wealthy Utopian future society as far as economical prosperity is nice thinking ... and we will of course naturally prosper ... but this approach doesnt do a goddamn thing here and now for the issues that American's actually have, and only fuck's us out of more that we already own and have secured for ourselves ... not these financial dictator's, we dont need to worry about them, they need us a Hell of alot more than we need them.

While FOX below in their article put's their clever twist on this, and every other media is now pulling out their calculator's, pie chart's, pencil's and paper to round up fact's and figure's to present to us ... there is only one fact that we need here to see, and that's that were getting jacked (screwed). Anyway you slice it, we will give more and get less, so it's a matter for us to see through this shit and be what they want us to be as they say ... "independent" and "sharp" buyer's/ consumer's ... I mean ... that's what they alwayz say they're about, eh  ? ... freedom/ liberty, less government input, smart consumer's, shop around, etc, etc? Well, that's what we will be doing which is truly liberated and American, by rejecting this bullshit. And NO ... this isnt about our children and saving their future, they dont give a shit about that, or else they wouldnt be fucking our children the way they do as it is, they have an "agenda" period. Supporting this shit doesnt only make us more of passive jackasses than what we already are, but as VP Joe Biden said the other day in a campaign speech that he was criticized for being politically incorrect toward's people of colour ... "putting ya'll back in chain's", because that's all the Hell this is about. Bernie Sanders and other's below show the real impact fact's of what the reality is on this, in the video's who oppose this.

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***** FOXNEWS.COM: Fact Check: Ryan Budget Plan doesn't actually slash the budget **** this is a piece from FOX, that admit's that Ryan's Plan doesnt even slash the budget to begin with.

***** LOSANGELESTIMES/ NATION: A Closer Look At Paul Ryan's Budget Plan (CBS video and newsread)


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Beach Bum said...

Only speaking for myself but Paul Ryan seems like the Antichrist to me.

Ranch Chimp said...

That would be a great point to make on a large scale Bum! ... being that if this kind of word could get out to the mass voting population, it would be a big plus for Democrat's, you know? ... because all them right wing fundamoralist's would be almost forced mentally to NOT vote for a Romney/ Ryan ticket. That didnt even cross my mind, but Thanx for bringing it up, that would be strategically ideal as far as campaign stuff, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Ryan is also Catholic, and so much of that folklore come's with that denomination too : )

Later Guy ....