Sunday, October 25, 2009

"LOTTERY SCAM" and ..... "Self Checking" your Lottery ticket's ....

Texas Lottery Winner Willis Willis is represented by Howry Breen in Austin ... Thanx to ANDROVETT

***** HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Man sues Texas Lottery Commission after being cheated out of ticket ... (newsread)

I wanted to post this video in particular (updated, video replaced) ... because this is yet another scam that is very widespread in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex that you just never hear about because most of it is never investigated because the amount's are significantly smaller ... but it is widespread.

I play the multi- million Texas Lotto drawing only ... and I play every drawing ... which is on wednesday's and saturday's. I've won a few thousand and lost a few thousand here and there ... I enjoy it ... but I dont play the array of other lotto game's, and I will play number's on NFL football game's as well ... but that's the extent of any gambling that I do ... just small time entertainment. But for year's ... I have alway's checked my own lotto number's. Back over a decade or so ago ... I could see the scam's that were played by store clerk's ... that were basically no different than shortchanging customer's. Many simply DONT self check their ticket's ... they go into a store and ask for their ticket to be scanned by the clerk ... the clerk can tell them anything they want ... UNLESS you ask to VERIFY the ticket ... they will tell you if and what you may have hit. They wont tell you nothing ... because they would have to return the non- winning ticket to you ... so you may have a $500 winning ticket ... and the clerk can just tell you ... you hit $10 buck's or so ... they give you the cash ... your happy because it cost a buck for the ticket ... you walk away with a smile or buy a couple more ... but you just got shortchanged for $490 buck's.

Believe me ... this happen's all over the metroplex daily ... just not for million's. By law ... I believe the cap limit for cash payment's from store's/location's is about $600 still ... anything over ... you have to take to a "Texas Lotto" claim's center ... present an ID and they write you a check ... I won a couple thousand a couple time's ... I went to the location on Stemmons Freeway/ Empire Central to pick up my check, my small winning's I alway's just pick up my cash from the store ... I had a couple, that did not correctly read my ticket ... but I smiled and politely said ... "please check again" ... little did the SOB know that I already checked my bloody number's before I came in ... and was just there to get my money and split! But about 10 year's or so ago ... I was at the intersection of NW Hwy and Webb Chapel ... (one of a few cases I directly seen) and a homeless panhandler who was spare- changing happened to tell me he found a ticket on the ground ... and if I knew how to read them ... and asked me if it was a winner ... I checked it ... and told him it was $100 buck's ... he went crazy ... couldnt believe it ... it was about as dirty looking as the clothes he had on too. I told him to take it in the corner store there and they will pay him ... in cash ... the next part will require another paragraph to explain what this low- life clerk told him.

He start's to come out of the store ... looking disappointed ... I asked him what was up? he said according to the clerk ... it was only a $10 winner ... even tough he argued with the clerk that he thought it was $100 ... the clerk got angry with him, told him to take his $10 and get out or he will call the police for trying to cheat him and causing a disturbance ... the homeless guy didnt want trouble and bought it, and left the store with his $10 voluntarily. Obviously this flea bearded rag headed bastard clerk, looked at his homeless situation and his worn out dirty attire and shrugged him off! ... the homeless guy was also African American ... which really got me pissed, because this clerk (non-American) ... disrespect's American's daily in this store that look poor or especially those of colour. I told the homeless guy ... "hey man ... come in here with me" he asked why? and told me that the clerk said he will call the police ... I told him ... "he just made a mistake ... let me talk to him ... I'm sure I can explain the ticket to him" ... the guy agreed to come back in with me. I went in and told the clerk that I seen the ticket and read it correctly ... and to show me the ticket. He said he didnt want trouble and will call the police ... I told him to call the police .... because we werent leaving till I seen and verified the winning ticket or the police came. He soon gave in ... then said he was sorry ... he made a mistake.When leaving ... I went into the cooler cabinet's and asked the homeless guy what he wanted to drink ... he chose a Pepsi ... and I had a Coke ... the clerk told me the cost of the drinx ... I told the clerk ..."No ... these are payment for your mistake ... if you have a problem with it call the police ... I have plenty to tell them as well". He said nothing and let us walk. The homeless guy outside offered me half the money, I told him to forget it ... the cold Coke is fine, and one day I may need a favour from him.



Rita said...

I wouldn't of thought of that. Mainly, because I don't play the lottery. If I ever do though, I'll look up the winning numbers on line & not trust grocery clerks to do it for me.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes...absolutely Ms.Rita, because no where in America you are immuned from scam's.It's less like ly to happen in a smaller town, but it happen's. Folk's can get a print out from any retailer, I played in LA as well...and it's basically the same as Texas in California,and my guess is probably Oregon follow's suit fairly close,I didnt play in Oregon...but was in PDX for only a week...I played in NYC as well,but no matter where I played ...there was alway's scammer's somewhere's. As I pointed out the print out,or it's in the newspapers usually,they have result lines by phone,or watch on the tele,etc. So there is no reason just to trust anyone if you dont know what you have.Notice in this video...the one who got burned by the clerk was a regular customer of ticket's at this particular retailer, which mean's the customer/victim probably trusted the clerk anywayz.It's not being rude to ask even a clerk if you see them frequently even to show the number's on a print out, or if they said you havent won...return your ticket.

Thanx for your drop by and word's Ms.Rita!