Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Gator ..... Later! ......... : )

I just had to add this short clip to this journal for memorabilia .........

Actually this area(Livingston)is roughly 60 mile's up the Eastex Frwy out of Downtown Houston...and it is this area that I done the majority of my hunting in my late teen year's when I lived in the City of Houston(I dont hunt no more ... or at least havent in year's)...but weekend's in the wood's between Ruby and Woodville anyone that know's the area...about 16 mile's outside Livingston ... is where I done much hunting throughout mile's of wood's in the Big Thicket. One of my most memorable experience's to this the one time I came face to face with wild Boar ...and he was certainly a big boy! :)

I know this may not appeal to some when the boy say's that next year he will even kill a bigger animal...especially at 5 year's old...but this is actually a way of life in these region's...even 5 year old's hunt,shoot,etc.Beside's...I can assure you...with the size of that gator...that boy would have only been one "gulp" :) and ended up on the side of a milk carton with his picture asking ..."Have you seen this boy?" Nice "kill" little man! :)

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