Monday, October 19, 2009

The Long and Winding Road ... of the latest twisted BS ....we are being "spoon fed" ....

I wanted to post this particular video as an example of the "new BS" that I keep writing about in previous posting's.To especially show the true face's of those who negotiate on behalf of the People.This video show's two opposite faces of the exact same with Mr.Michael Cannon, and Ms.Jennifer Palmieri ... both who probably bought each other round's of drink's after this display of a well calculated conjob I will explain after the video..........What the Hell does this anchor journalist mean by "Compromise for the sake of saving reform"?!! There is NOTHING to compromise... the people/consumer's have spoken...made clear what the majority wanted since last year and prior...and ya'll been paid to do a goddamn job and deliver the product "ordered"...period!

Unplugged: Is A Public Option Off The Table? ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

Let me explain here. What you are seeing here is the muddling and watering down that I was speaking of coming in past post's...where they will start to "change" the definition of what "public option" is...or meant...their goal's,and what they will eventually try to twist it into.This is also sponsored by the corporation's behind healthcare insurer's and pharmaceutical's ... dont be so naive to think it doesnt happen...or one wouldnt want to invest so much in this destruction of "true" public option and competition...people will kill their own family for a fraction of this...$100 billion dollar's for instance could influence a halocaust type scenario in these day's if they wanted it to. It wouldnt suprise me at all if I could guess who the sponsor's were to this segment as well.These thieve's and lowlife's are in every party and wing of our system, simply because of money...they even control the people's dont think you can run to them for solution's...their part of it as well,as you can see how they bought the majority of republican church going people and brainwashed them.

Out of desperation...since they already tried about everything from teabagging to programme's on how "big government" is going to destroy capitalism, and free market...and set up euthanasian death panel's for senior' how high your premium's will go as well as the national they are resorting to having even democrat's negotiate behind closed door's this week(NO C-SPAN) ... with these so called "moderate" Senate democrat's...and these two faced flip-flopper's who are putting on a show ... with alternative goal's of how to sustain business as usual with simply a face-lift or a "tigger-plan" or other twisted delayed horse crap that they are spending hour's creating. And the nerve of this show host asking if "republican's and libertarian's are being left out?",OH ....BOOOO HOOOO we are heart broken. And both Cannon and Palmieri are as full of crap as even Sen.Snowe here. They are now sugar coating with a few from all parties and interest's, because they have all had their backside's buttered so to speak with million's for themselves and their parties...and they simply "owe" .. and have to give something in return.Another reason why I am a big advocate for "NON-HUMAN" government representation. Let computer's/technologies debate and decide on our behalf? Absolutely!! Why the Hell not!!?

And NO!! .... Canon and Palmieri ..."Co-Op" is NOT government option ... and too many hardline liberal's and other's can see through ya'll's soft talk.The longer ya'll delay...the more American's are getting keen to your game's and tactic's...and the endless appetizer's in between entree's of BS! And trust me...all these two faced bastard's will pay eventually in the voting booth's or elsewhere's ... heh,heh, heh, heh, heh's just a matter of time! Ya'll's idea of "HELL"...will become eventually a reality you will face! YOU CAN BANK ON THAT!!



concerned citizen said...

I can't watch it. I'm already disgusted. Television media really sucks. I figure in the end i'll just end up with what I've got anyway, which is nothing. I agree with your assessment of the situation. The Insurance companies of course are going to try to spin it to their advantage.

Ranch Chimp said...

I understand CC ... please understand...regardless of how disappointing my assessment's and opinion's may be...that is not my objective.I am only trying to hopefully say something that can enlighten someone who may be so busy or pre-occupied with other thing' be alert to what is happening or may be happening and to be forearmed and aware is all.

Thanx for your input CC .. have a good un.........