Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pregnancy and Birth Control .... Right to Life? ...or Right to Self Destruct? ....

I wanted to post this video and some added opinion's of mine to this journal because I havent wrote enough about this ... and it is one of our very serious issue's. I really admire Ms.Velez- Mitchell (HLN/ CNN) here for really slamming it to the point of the reality of the current condition ... this is something that all teen's across our great nation should really be concerned with and discussing more.

CNN Blames Bush, Anti- Feminists, & Procreation For High School With 115 Pregnancies ... Thanx to GREG HENGLER

I certainly couldnt stress enough the importance of this.I sure as Hell dont like abortion any more than the pro-life American ... never did. There are many thing's that I dont like though ... such as our troop's dying daily in these corporate and fundamental radical muslim group's manufactured war's ... I could go on and on. But to just tell our young to use restrain ... or abstinence ... is obviously not working ... and never did throughout human history. Year's back ... it was essential to have as many children as you can ... for instance to help work the crop's on the farm ... or to have enough defender's in battle ... and to replenish those large number's that simply died from diseases or other life threatening complication's when we not only had no medical cure ... but no actual medicine's ... and you simply died.

In recent month's past even the Pope of the Vatican visited some African nation's trying to send a message to not use contraceptives ... yet some of these nation's have some of the highest birth rate's amongst poverty stricken folk's with corrupt government's who do much of nothing for the people ... and even large HIV/ AIDS related problem's and death's. A christian woman who is devoted to her belief's once told me that the Bible say's to be fruitful and multiply ... this is so ... however look at the time that was wrote in the Old Testament and folk's died alot younger than they do in these times. Put it this way ... we have been very fruitful and have multiplied beyond God's expectation's I told her ... and now is a time to use common sense ... because of the changing times ... and perhap's take a break.

It's very easy for older conditioned folk's like myself to talk to kid's about abstinence ... but we all know that,that is very difficult ... after all ... we were kid's ourselves ... remember? Even though how strict you may be with your moral standard's or belief's ... a true believer know's the flesh and how it react's seperate from one's spiritual self ... or moral values ... as Mitchell point's out in the video above ... adult's cant even control themselves! And Mitchell is so right on the money about the "drumbeat" of society ... on "pro-create" pop culture talk ... and this campaign from all those (3 entities of mega religion's, corporation's, and government's) to do so, because of this "consume, consume" mentality that they foster on us. I have posted about this so many time's about getting an overabundance of cheap labour and people to consume more than they need and to be in a lifetime of debt to these institution's.

I recall a very troubled experience in detail a few year's back (I briefly touched on in some earliest posting's) ... I was at Parkland Memorial Hospital one night (Parkland is a Dallas County hospital ... that deliver's more babies than any hospital in the nation annually, the majority of those to non english speaking immigrant's and people with low income) to deliver something to a nurse there who is a family friend. She worked graveyard shift in maternity ward. While I visited the newborn's department just to look ... my eye's focused upon a baby in such horrible condition, it looked like legalized torture to me, probably one of the most awful sight's I ever seen. A baby with tubes coming and going from it ... sore's, undernourished, etc. I asked the nurse what was wrong with the baby? She said it was born to a mother who is a combo cocaine/ heroin addict and the father is unknown. Last I checked then ... it cost the County about a half a million to keep that baby alive and suffering in it's horrible state of existence ... yet ... the State of Texas would not pay (about $500 or so I gathered) for the girl to have an abortion which she wanted from what I heard. I then wondered to myself ... which is truely inhumane or an atrocity? Personally speaking ... I could never put a child through that, no matter what the pop culture morality may say. I simply dont have that amount of cruelty and lack of regard inside me I reckon. They say God is one of mercy ... I must say that I too am. The medical problem's I found out from the nurse that this child was going to have were awful ... downright horrible by my standard's ... and hopefully they would be able to find adoptive parent's ... if not ... I reckon the child goes into that life surrounded by poverty,crime,and drug abuse (if the child does live) ... since the child was born addicted ... it will never even be able to use prescribed opiate's or clinical cocaine ... because it may trigger automatic addiction.

Every era throughout our civilized history has it's own challenges ... no different with our 21st century challenges especially in our highly overpopulated areas. But also we have adjusted our morality thoughout the centuries to work for the best interest of the challenges of it's times .I can list off a number of thing's ... that were at a time considered morally unacceptable ... that your most devout religious people do today as common as eating breakfast cereal ... and even your churches condone to it. Why? ... Because even the church know's that it has a responsibility to try to preserve our well being, and Self Destruction is not Life ... it is anti- life.

Because of these experiences I mentioned above ... I strongly support birth control/ contraceptives ... with a mindset to embrace and love life ... not put it in misery and harm's way.



Infidel753 said...

it cost the County about a half a million to keep that baby alive and suffering in it's horrible state of existence ... yet...the State of Texas would not pay(about $500 or so I gathered) for the girl to have an abortion which she wanted

Conservatives are always harping that government entities should not pay for abortion, because they don't want anti-abortion people's tax money going to it -- yet in cases like this, far more money ends up being spent -- even if the half million was not coverd by tax money, it all comes out of the community one way or another, in the form of higher medical premiums or service costs because hospitals need to cover the cost of services they don't get paid for.

Personally I neither like nor dislike abortion. That would be like liking or disliking the idea of someone else getting a haircut. The issue is not whether it's a good thing or a bad thing; the issue is who gets to decide whether to have an abortion or not. In a free society, it has to be the pregnant woman's decision alone.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I want to point out that the half million I was talking about is for that first YEAR ... yes ... that was the figure's I gathered at the time,out of curiosity.

Make's sense on not having a "like or dislike" about abortion and the haircut comparrison. I reckon most of my dislike comes from my deeply rooted morality....and the fact that I have children.It's just too delicate for me emotionally.But I have to be practical as a man also in 2009 ... so I must suuport abortion for various reason's...and the fact also is what you said about the woman's "right" here ... I mean...what if the woman simply cannot have a baby for any reason? Where is her right? It took the opposite gender to get her pregnant...yet it is not solely his choice.

Thanx for your comment's Mr.Infidel .........