Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MIYAVI/ TAKAMASA ISHIHARA (PT.1): "Survive", "What's My Name", "Selfish Love", "Torture"

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This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is another that is really past due for this journal ... Mr. Takamasa Ishihara/ Miyavi. Miyavi is a favourite of mine as far as guitar work and composition, with his unique flavour in both. Yet a sound that is heavily influenced obviously in many genre's of classic sound's, from punk, metal, folk, to funk, R&B, and jazz fusion to pop ... and blended so well giving it a unique flavour ... so I cant really place this into a specific genre/ category, beside's simply ... "Miyavi" : ) ... so I'll just leave that up to the listener. Originally out of Osaka then later relocating to the Tokyo area of Japan ... everything across the board impressed me as well of this artist, whether it be the composition, vocal work, outstanding guitar work, persona, visual concept's, theme's, etc, etc. very business savvy as well and in control, which is very importante in todayz hectic industry with all the shafting many musician's can get if their not sharp on that end ... with an impressive resume to accompany his worx I may add, with earlier project's that went off very well under his direction too. But he is a very hand's on type too, from the production, writing, arranging, engineering, performing, etc ... plus highly polished as well fitting into a first class act category, but keeping it raw enough to fit into just about any type venue with success at the same time, whether it be small or large ... high end arena production or a local "do drop in" joint. Another of course that was difficult for me to only choose 4 piece's for this posting, because of so much work of this artist that is deserving to highlight. But 4 favourite's of mine that I wanted to post here below ... and Thank You Miyavi for all the great worx you gave us! ... Enjoy!



Miyavi-- Survive ... Thanx to MIYAVIVEVO

Miyavi-- What's My Name? ... Thanx to MIYAVIVEVO

Selfish Love ... Thanx to TIMOTHYNJH89

Miyavi-- Torture ... Thanx to MIYAVIVEVO


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