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Ki- Suk Han (New York Subway murder victim)

This will start another series that will be sort of a companion to the "Self Defense" series of this journal, and a look at the reality of the other side of society the majority of us live in, victim's of violence and our vulnerability to such. The title of this series "Peace On Earth Without Gun's" is inspired by the Holiday Season and the popular phrase of such, and because there is a segment of society that think's gun's are the reason for alot of the murder rate's and dont mention the "murderer" very often as being the cause ... saying if we outlawed gun's of course, we would be more safe or whatever ... perhap's in this case, they would like to outlaw subway car's, eh? I have often wondered just looking at history, archeology, and the nature of all animal's even ... was there ever such a thing as "peace on earth"?. Of course according to some fundamoralist religious folk's, there was a time approximately 7000 year's ago where dinosaur's and human's co- existed, and lived in harmony and love, etc, etc ... at least that is what they put in art/ portrait such as the creationism museum's and book's ... Yet even those have a Hell of a past history of violence themselves, despite their unconditional love of human life and all living creature's, etc, etc. So you can see how I question so much.

The clear murder/ manslaughter of Mr. Ki- Suk Han ... inspired this series as my first reaction to this news, and of course being a former resident of the City of New York and daily subway rider, I have alwayz kept a distance from the track line on the platform, because of a possible accident or something like this ... I mean ... even if a large crowd push came for any reason and unintentional, it can be tragic, and this sort of thing has happened before. The familia is outraged when the NY Post published the picture of the man trying to escape the uncoming train, as well as the fact that not one person tried to help the man climb out, while a reporter/ photographer stood by just capturing them last second photo's of the death of Mr. Han ... and I expect the familia to be outraged ... any of us would be with half a brain. The Mayor and super nanny of New York Bloomberg acknowledged it's a "tragedy" ... a man of course that is also strongly anti gun and self- defense ... who at the same time, send's out a goon type squad of tactical force NYPD to bust the head's of your children who protest the corruption and legalized racketeering that plague's Wall Street and their pre- paid government representation. Perhap's Mayor Bloomberg would like to forgive and hug the vile piece of shit that pushed Mr. Han onto the track's as well ... and point out how he's the victim somehow, or just has a bi-polar disorder or whatever.

Enough said ....

Man Pushed In Front of Subway Train in NYC ... Thanx to ILPVIDEOSonline

***** MAILONLINE: Why did no one help him? outrage as commuters stand back while man desperately tries to escape path of New York subway train as suspect admits to pushing father on tracks

***** NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Widow, daughter of man pushed to his death on subway tracks outraged by New York Post front page photo

***** PD/ RCJ: "SELF DEFENSE" (a companion series of sort)


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