Friday, December 28, 2012

CHIMPANZEE'S: Going through HELL to Get to H(e)AVEN ... The LIFE & TIME'S around the STRIFE & SACRIFICE of Our INVOLUNTARY Heroic Cousin's (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.4)

Part 4 of "The Other Tenant's" will highlight Chimpanzee's, and those who many patient's in our nation and elsewhere view as heroes, for the service that these chimp's have gave to finding cure's for many disease's or other medical problemo's and issue's we face ... and no doubt throughout recent history, chimp's have been ... let's frankly put it here ... "USED" ... for everything from that, to space travel, to entertaining us for snack's on our tele show's, even in some African nation's meat to kill, sell, and consume, or what have you. Some in other nation's view them as a violent species even ... documenting time after time when chimpanzee's attacked human's ... however ... they themselves are ALWAYZ under attack ... either from other animal's, other tribe's ... and all the human's that are out to capture, confine, sell/ trade them even for consumption ... so ... it come's with nature and the territory too, eh? it's just common sense ... treat them "right" and maybe they will treat people "right", eh ... get my drift?

For the reader of this that dont know me, or never read a thing in this journal ... I am NOT an animal rights activist ... in other word's being involved or representing any of these organization's like such, so I am NOT motivated by any obligation's, like anything else in this joural, this journal is simply a lil ole online personal journal where I voice my individual opinion, nor is it supported or sponsored by anyone. As a matter of fact, as a young man and kid I frequently hunted various animal's myself (I dont these dayz). A guy the other day (Randy) told me that my percentage may be wrong on the header of this blog as far as chimpanzee's having 98% the same DNA as human's ... I told him ... "No guy ... it's within 1% or so" ... he didnt think that it was that much, found it a lil hard to believe it seemed ... but scientist's I told him confirm's this. You see ... in my opinion here, chimpanzee's are just like human to me ... but that's just me, and I'm sure many folk's would even agree with me in a sense.

I remember once as a child going on one of them field trip's in school to a zoo, and asking the guide ... why some of the ape's were in "cage's"? (I wasnt even 10 year's old at  the time) I was told something like ... because they were a danger to people ... in other word's for our protection or whatever ... but THAT stood in my mind since a lil boy ... seeing animal's/ ape's put in cage's for us to view or be entertained or whatever ... as a kid, it seemed rather confusing, wondering as well, why were they brought to the city for this as well? So this is something that goes back to childhood with me. Of course ... zoo's have really changed alot since the early 1960's, and are a tad more animal friendly. Watching video after video of documentation as well of these folk's (chimp's) ... even convince's me more because of their habit's, that they are just like us.

I realize how loved they are especially by many patient's as you can see in the PBS video below, for their medical research service to us, and are honoured as heroes, etc, etc ... but I dont condone to it, period. This servitude, sacrifice, or all the other crap it's labeled as to me is nothing but involuntary and wrong by nature's law's, period. I dont believe that these folk's/ chimp's have any goddamn obligation to human folk's, any more than they would with any other tribe of their's or species ... but that's just me. But having to go through this life of captivity and miseries of all kind's just to later enter this sanctuary of sort to live their final dayz, is NOT my idea of going to heaven or getting any treat ... but simply bullshit. Enough from me ....


***** PD/ RCJ: "THE OTHER TENANT'S" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

Chimp Haven Short Documentary ... Thanx to LLMDAVID

Chimpanzee Testing: Is it the Beginning of the End? ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR **** Transcript/ read here



Infidel753 said...

Unfortunately, after the lives they've had (experimentation in decades past was much more cruel than what's described here), a place like Chimp Haven is the best that can be done for them. They certainly couldn't adjust to living in the wild back in Africa -- that's been tried.

Inflict suffering on chimpanzees for research, or allow much larger numbers of humans with diseases to suffer? Unhappily, life does force such difficult choices upon us.

It's too bad we can't use captured jihadists for such experiments.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infidel! Maybe if I were one of those patient's that had some illness/ disease that it benefited me, I may feel different I reckon. I feel that by now, we are further along in science and medicine to be able to use other method's for research, while still within budget's of reason. As far as doing this to the mujahideen (spelling?) ... I wouldnt even want to do that to them ... but that's just me.

Thank You for your input here Infidel ....