Thursday, December 6, 2012

FISCAL FAIRYTALE- FEAR CARD # 53 ... Senator Bernie Sanders present's the UNcomplicated MATH to avoiding super- hyped Fiscal Cliff ... without the MADNESS from MONOPOLIES (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.8)

While member's of Congress were taking off at noon wednesday (05 Dec 2012) to get a head start on vacation off- time, Senator Sanders was preparing a briefing to explain as well in simple term's/ math, what it take's to avoid this next phoney fiscal scare card, a man who no doubt earn's his paycheck, and Thank You Sir! No doubt there is a spending and deficit issue in this nation,  but what you have seen in the media's over this last week is this constant touch and go/ good cop- bad cop deal being played, over a bloody few precent tax increase for those who have more than they could ever spend, even if they spent full time around the clock ... and of course, the stock market's jumping and dropping at every newsflash and political phone call made to each other. It wont impact the majority of people the way it will affect the pocketbook's of the wealth though, rest assured, like all the other financial fairytale's they lay on us after they max out the Peoples Credit Card Service ... and their balance is past due. But I certainly wrote plenty throughout this journal on this ... so onto Bernie from the foxhole!

National Press Club ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


***** PD/ RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2013" PART'S 19 THRU 1 **** this series is a sort of companion

***** POST RANCH CHIMP RESPONSE/ ANALYSIS: Lord know's that I have tried to break this down as simply as I can in this journal and to every voter or concerned citizen who has asked me about this and these thing's on the street locally or elsewhere. I may even sound anti- business at time's or even advocating socialism, but I am not anti business at all and even like the idea that Texas has no state income tax ... however ... this "tax" thing or "fetish" in this nation has gotten insane (and YES, I'm willing to pay more) ... and NO ... I DONT trust what I hear when all of the sudden some hardline anti- tax politician suddenly sayz that they will support taxing the wealthy, playing the "hard to sell (get)" game ... nor do I trust when some hardline liberal throw's in the towel so quick on it ... I want to know "why?" ... why the sudden change of heart in other word's ... dont give us another 3 part show series to justify cutting into the social programme's that we pay for and secure ourselves. The question is "what do they WANT in RETURN"? I have been more than fair in support for those who represent and stand their ground, and kept my promise's and or commitment to those who I support, no matter of any difference's I have with other issue's they address, such as President Obama and fellow Democrat's. I have no doubt that we can solve so much spending issue's as the Senator simply point's out above in the video ... but too many want their cake and to eat it ... they dont want to give and only receive, okay? There are certain expenses, budget's, that do not jack shit for American's or America as a whole, that they dont want to touch with a 10' ft pole ... and WONT unless their pressured, we dont pressure enough is my point and pay these folk's salaries to do what is the best interest of America and it's majority ... and EVERYTHING being negotiated and put on the table is after all ... from OUR money, work, business, and taxes ... ALL of it ... so for Pete's sake ... your/ were NOT asking TOO MUCH ... we have been more than patient and more than generous with these folk's totally ... and especially forgiving of mistake's ... all that is, is simply asking for some accountability and our back's washed in return is all. And YES ... we need social safety net's, and consumer and even enviromental protection's ... just as much as the local neighbourhood bank need's armed guard's and/ or surveillance camera's ... is any of that "socialism"? We are so guided and hypnotized with word's and bullshit at time's.

A friend Suzy has brought up to me that I may ask too much and am being sometime's too cynical of these folk's at time's ... and bless her heart, she is a straight up American hard working gal with a heart as big as Texas, full of love and compassion ... but understand ... you have to be, when you are dealing with such a group that have proven time and again to have habitual handicap's when it come's to TRUTH and INTEGRITY. And YES ... we should expect MORE and bang for your buck ... we do as consumer's and thrive for nothing less in our daily performance on our job's and career's ... so IT IS in order. If I didnt think and act the way I do ... I would be either homeless by now eating in a soup kitchen or dead considering the background I came from as a kid. I teach my own children, grandchildren or any kid for that matter, to think and especially question ... even question me, and/ or the teacher for that matter. Progress is moving FORWARD not BACKWARD'S, okay? ... we have NOT been moving forward is my point ... as a matter of fact looking at the last quarter century we have done nothing but gave more and expected less, time after time ... and have not reaped any of the reward's that we rightfully deserve for our hard work and support ... none of these representative's are asked to sacrifice a thing of their salaries and benefit's ever or these international lobbyist's who smother them at work ... nothing. Those who line their pocket's and control these new oversized monopolies dont even do nothing, and even their money/ profit's is generated by itself/ money, not from achievement's, accomplishment's, etc. being elite or good at if anything playing Polo or something, they even ask US for bailout's, so who are they to feel so privileged or "entitled" as they love to put it, when they have contributed nothing, is what you should question?

Some folk's who are liberated such as myself on certain thing's like rights for gay/ lesbian's or women, folk's of colour, may say we have accomplished much on that ... and we have accomplished some ... BUT NOT ENOUGH ... in other word's, dont sell me some cheap offer that you will let me proclaim in public now that I'm a foot fetishist or something that dont have any affect on anyone but me ... in exchange for me to give you more of what I have, own, and worked for ... because I am the type who will stand my ground and proclaim what I am regardless of your permission and live the way that worx for me ... folk's from my generation have experienced what ya'll constantly take more and more of from us ... and that's freedom and will ... a grassroot's American spirit that you CANNOT take and wont, and as long as were around, or until were 6 ft in the ground ...we will CONTINUE to teach our children the imortance of such and inspire them as well. Because all these entities do to us, is move from one generation to the next trying to get us to give more and expect less ... and that is exactly where we have went over the last quarter century.

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