Friday, December 14, 2012

DOOMSDAY 2012/ THE SILLY SOLSTICE: "What Do You Do If You Wake Up Dec. 22nd 2012? ... Know You're One Day Closer To Getting FISCALLY SCREWED In 2013" (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.3)

Doomsday 12- 21- 12- Preparing For "End Of The World"!!! - Mayan Calendar 2012 ... Thanx to MASS TEA PARTY- WAKE UP AMERICA!  

Well, it's that time again, so I felt obligated to do this posting again as the end draws near for us ... and as you can see below in the video, folks are even camping out in France preparing for the apocalypse ... folks are even taking pictures of themselves at this French campsite for memorabilia ... it's not like they're going to show them to friend's and familia for Christmas/ New Years ... if they're all dead, eh? But Mayan culture/ art is something I'm a little familiar with, the Mayan findings (scrolls) dont say it's the end of the world ... basically it sayz a life cycle change ... which you could also associate with environment/ ecosystem, global warming/ climate change for that matter. Also understand that only a small percentage of Mayan art and such been recovered, because the forest's are so dense around these area's, that human's havent even recovered about 95% of what's to be found ... many of the writings have also been destroyed as well for religious, political and social reason's over the centuries due to folk's panties getting in a bind and censoring what we can read or view, such as the generation's of religious fundamoralist's do ... like burning Elvis Presley or Beatles record's in the past here in America cause their "evil", etc, etc

One thing you can bank on though ... is that Wall Street or Washington sure as Hell doesnt think the end is anywhere's near ... or they wouldnt be rigging this deck behind our back's with this politicized "fiscal cliff" bullshit planning wayz to cut everyone and push austerity on every goddamn one but themselves. So if you do wake up on the morning of Dec. 22nd 2012 ... at least know your one day closer to getting another few inches shoved up your ass via your representation in Washington come 2013.

Mayan apocalypse believer camps out at French peak ... Thanx to The Telegraph

***** NASA/ EARTH: Frequently Asked Questions- Beyond 2012: Why the World Won't End ... this should give enough straight detail's to the reader to doubt this ridiculous nonsense and the claim's that NASA has been predicting some planetary line- up or other related rumor's.

***** NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/ DAILY NEWS: Maya Calendars Actually Predict That Life Goes On


Mayan End Of World Fashion

jana knauerova topless



an average patriot said...

I love the Mayan end of world fashion, send her to me will ya? You know, you see so many Doomsday dates pass by with the believers left looking like fools it just blows your mind that anyone can possibly believe it. With that said, we as the Nations of the world seem bent on bringing it about ourselves.

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as the believer's Jim ... it's just one of them cult following social thing's I reckon, eh? ... you know, just like the folk's who camp out nearly a week in front of these store's waiting for the newest phone or whatever is on sale ... black fridayz, getting caught in traffic on a freeway, when all they have to do is getb off the freeway and take side street's, but would rather sit in it, look at each other, etc, etc ... other's like to imagine thing's like that flick (movie) 2012 or whatever I reckon ... sort of an art if you will subconciously too : )

Interesting point you make as far as the nation's of the world bringing it on themselves ... I dont think I could have worded it better Jim ... cause that is exactly what so many are Hell bent on : ) we sure as Hell display that in how we run thing's, eh?

Indeed Jim ... she is one Hell of an attractive young lady, of course being professional as a model make's it look easy, so they are exceptional as far as beauty is concerned. But the fashion layout I thought was great myself (from Mexico) as far as the setting being at the temple itself and of course the female being topless, which would of course be tradition of the ancient time's there (before man contaminated it's own brain thinking now that it's not proper, etc), the staff she is holding, yet the polyester or pvc manmade material's of the current time, as far as clothing, really a nice blend as well looking at the art of it, just an excellent piece all around.

Some folk's Jim are already predicting as you may know for the Pats to go all the way to the SuperBowl this yewar and win it too ... we'll see guy : )

Been raining steady all day long here, and this is the first rain we had in Dallas in like 32 dayz, beside's the snow the other morning, only an inch or so, I think monday or tuesday, got a bit nippy here, min the upper teen's, low 20's.

Thanx for your input here Jim ....