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HANNAH SABATA/ ADULT TEEN AMERICA: "Victim of Government" or "Rebel with Cause"? ... DIGGING OUT OF A RUT (LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.5) & (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.16)

Hannah Sabata aka "Chick Bank Robber"

This post to serve both the "Incarcerated American" series and "Ladies a lil on the Hot & Spicy side" series as well. It will look at the recently covered story of Ms. Hannah Sabata (aka Chick Bank Robber), but it's gotten quite a bit of coverage, and after reading up on Ms. Sabata, I realized there was more to this than just the robbery show thing and a picture of what is too common in American society, a typical story that can be associated to the many issue's that young adult teen's in this nation face and deal with. It's not only today in America, but has been for year's, it's just that today the rut for these young people to dig out of is much deeper and difficult than back in my generation, and being a father and grandfather, this has been one of those thing's that I'm a tad more aware of, and of course I was one of those teen's who found more than my fair share of trouble's as well. As far as those goody two shoes online pussy ass geek freak's and such that criticize Ms. Sabata over her stupidity or whatever ... most of ya'll havent a fucken clue about the condition and reality, or lived a life of being spoiled suburbia brat's and frankly wouldnt even be able to handle what she has yourselves, nor even have any ball's or real voice in many cases ... so while sitting on your flat asses ... put a dildo smothered in Tabasco Sauce on your seat while your at it, and do yourselves a favour by sitting on it (fuck yourselves).

Newsread and video below, including her so talked about 7 min. or so YouTube video, which BTW, I only posted since it will do no damage now whatsoever to her defense since it as well is also going to be used by the prosecution. Also add here that Ms. Sabata is innocent until PROVEN of guilt in the court of law, regardless of any even self incriminating deposition, testimony, etc. Then I will add my input on this and address to Ms. Sabata.


***** STARCASM.NET: Teen girl bank robber arrested after posting Youtube video bragging about it  ...  a few select journal entries from her online blog included here

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Teen bank robber from Nebraska brags about crime on YouTube video


Chick Bank robber ... Thanx to JELLEEBEANIE **** this is Hannah's piece, if you cant playback, click to view on YouTube, no tellin how long this will last before someone whine's about it or whatever



First of all to Hannah ... being a sort of music connoisseur myself if you will, excellent choice of song's by the crew Green Day in your video, another crew actually that's been long on my list for this journal's music/ art's honour roll society (I'm just so bloody behind : ), and the theme of it well done, very raw and unpolished and straight to the point, too bad this wasnt done in another way (as an art production ... my buddy Joe, an inde film maker would have loved it ) and can only bring you misery this way though, which tell's me you have good taste and potential as far as art's : ) You feel a victim of government? ... well government like anything else dear has more than one side to it, and could actually play to your advantage as well, the system is a good design and workable for our society ... it's the contaminant's in it that are the issue, being the "game" as you put it, which you know well from your experience's and those corruption element's that taint it, which can make anything that's intended to be good ...  lousy at time's ... but YES ... I agree that it's a game and fucked up in many wayz ... you would have to be blind or brainwashed not to see that. And all the drug's that they put ya'll on (mind altering drug's designed to take away your natural thought and make you conform), are bloody worse for ya, than the shit your smoking in the pipe, no doubt. Your knee deep in shit as it is Hannah which you know well by now ... and be grateful for any leniency you get, but NEVER expect too much. The hardship's that you went through over the last few year's is a slippery slope thing (Charlie Manson is a sort of American poster child for what this society can help make of a person), and the deeper you get, the harder it is to dig out ... in a strange way ... getting some down time like this and getting busted can work to your advantage, being that continueing at the pace you were going, it would only be a matter of time before you would do something else that would be more serious, let's say something that you might not want to do, but would be left in a last minute decision that you would have no choice, and once you do something, it's make's it easier the next time to repeat it ... such as when the wolf get's the first taste of blood if you will.

Being philosophical like yourself, I also have strong value's as well ... which bring's me to the car theft thing ... I am strongly opposed to stealing from people, in particular those who work for what they have, so I feel it would have been no more than right and balanced to have at least returned the car that you stolen after your usage, and have put at least $350 in an envelope to be found by the owner if anything being $200 for taking and using it and of course another $150 to cover the cost of their weed/ marijuana. As far as the bank thing ... well ... as far as still stand's I reckon is a federal offense, threatening to have a weapon even though you didnt, wont help much as far as defense ... it will still be considered as an armed bank robbery ... other than that, nothing to add as far as bank's. And of course all the side dish charge's that they can and most likely will rustle up add's to the stretch. Even though you didnt blame it on drug's, god's or demon's, or the usual stuff that many may say made them do it ... no doubt looking at the shit you went through over the last few year's really had an impact ... and I know your rebellious and frankly dont give a shit which is clear in your video, not that your stupid, and that make's "cause" and sense. I know you have integrity as well, with your sincere honesty and also being that your first intention's with the money was to pay down your college loan money (financial aid) you owed ... and your strength being that even when incarcerated and offered a GED, you were determined to not accept it and instead finish high school on your own and continue your education going to college and perhap's getting into law and politic's, which tell me you care about this fucked up society and believe in change ... these and other nitbit's display also your strength and ambition. Taking your baby/ child Hannah, they had no choice, there was too much potential danger's it could face, although I am sure you love your child ... and you will ALWAYZ be your child's mother, that can NEVER be taken away! As far as the guy who gave you the HIV shit, telling you AFTER ... that's too prevalent these dayz, but also understand that the newer drug's keep making way and the life expectancies are greater than ever now for HIV. I only wish Hannah the best outcome for you here and perhap's to even be able to get through this and channel some of your energy and talent in a beneficial direction, you proven you have the strength to go through this, so it's your "choice" and to exercise your "will". I hear you loud and clear and am with you in spirit, for you have much to say ... your video alone is a statement to this nation ... look at it as a political contribution as well!

Word Out ....


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