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ADHD Prescription CONVICTION to Long Term ADDICTION ... "Mother's LIL Helper?" ... "Thinking of the KID'S?" PT.2 ... (PHARMACEUTICAL CASH COW'S PT.4)

Part 4 of "Pharmaceutical Cash Cow's" will look at recent news from ABC on the ADHD prescription drug issue, the abuse of the drug Adderall, and I use the word "abuse" because as a former user of drugs as a young man, I alwayz have said that I never abused drug's, but they have abused me. Mrs. Betsy Degree in the video below got addicted to the drug's they prescribed to her kid actually, she stole her kid's dope out of addiction, so they first fucked her kid up and it trickled down to her, then when she couldnt find Adderall, she just simply started smoking meth, which is gonna happen one way or another eventually, I know, because drug's is something I know about as much as music, whether it's using them, mixing/ manufacturing/ cultivating them, or transporting them, etc, etc, my issue's in the past came from cocaine and opium for instance, not pharmaceutical's, but as I pointed out in Part 2, the only time I actually overdosed was from a pharmaceutical drug in an Underground Atlanta rock nightclub I was playing music at. Cocaine and Opium/ Heroin are more natural for instance too ... these "designer" pharma drug's of today are specifically designed to alter the mind, more or less like designer meth, XTC, PCP, etc, etc ... that's all this is ... and the most nauseating thing is ... these drug's are being pushed on million's of children as "good" drug's, the kind of shit that you would consider giving a street drug dealer life in prison for ... and we accept this nonsense? This is a fucken business man, this isnt about helping children as much as it's about making a quick buck, okay?

My point here is that what we are creating now, is million's of future drug addict's/ speed freak's simply because of how loosely we are diagnosing (legally) all these children with these so called disorder's, it is so easy to get drug's these dayz for dieting, emotional issue's, or whatever, it's incredible. I was joking around with my doctor one day, without him knowing I was, because of my strict dieting and lifestyle change I took on, he was asking about my mental health state, how do I feel?, etc, etc ... I told him "awful", it's driving me crazy, having mental issue's etc, etc ... he wanted to prescribe drug's to me ... I then laughed and told him I was joking ... he was so quick to give me anything I asked for ... I then told him ... "Fuck no I dont have any issue's, nor would even want to take any of that junk, all that shit will do is addict you" he actually agreed with me.

And rest assured with these new healthcare reform's or whatever they call them, prescription drug's are going to come out of the woodwork for just about everything, we basically have a huge population of people that are medicated, addicted, and increasingly children and their mother's big- time ... I shit you not. To think that this will NOT be a huge social issue year's to come after year's of this loose regulation's and abuse is being either naive or simply not knowing about drug's is all ... we have this mindset that there are good drug's and bad drug's ... to be frank here ... drug's are drug's ... and I'm not talking about critical need's like for anesthesia, pain, or whatever ... these drug's are being manufactured to alter your mind and mood on the simple up's and down's that come with everyday life, to get restless and/ or bored children to conform and behave a certain way, etc, etc. Several college student's that went to school with my daughter at her University were addicted to Adderall, and pressured to the point where they couldnt pass through their courses and the pressure's without it (*** See link below "Drugs 4 Grades"). Today we have worker's/ labourer's lined up every morning at convenient store's getting energy drinx just to make it through the day at work, which are putting wear and tear on your heart worse than smoking 3 pack's of cigarette's a day, on job's that are paying less and demanding more, and this has become the pop culture mentality of urban survival.

The most stupid part is that children who are a lil restless these dayz, or just plain bored by teacher's who are frankly boring or trying to just rush as many kid's through the programme that they can to meet quota's or whatever, are considered to have an atencion deficit disorder ... I mean, you got to be fucken kidding on some of these diagnoses!? Did ya'll ever think that alot of your shit just bore's kid's?, that you are the one who lack's creativity skill's or the talent it take's to get their atencion and to make teaching them interesting to them? ... it's half of ya'll adult's who diagnose them with this shit that has the real atencion deficiency, with your self centered thinking and stupidity. This is what we flap our mouth's about as "thinking of the kid's"?

Part of the posting's title of course was inspired by the Rolling Stones 1966 classic "Mothers Little Helper", an old favourite of mine, which was basically a song about this, so the LYRIC'S are fitting. So I wanted to add the song as well below to dedicate to Mrs. Betsy Degree, who doesnt look old enough to remember the song : ) ... and Congratulation's to her for getting clean and best of luck! Some video's and read/ link below.

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Supermom's secret addiction: stepping out of Adderall's shadow ... Thanx to HAZELDEN BETTY FORD FOUNDATION

***** ABCNEWS: Prescriptions for ADHD drugs increasing, says new FDA

***** SLATE: "Drugs For Grades" The Tame, Constricted rebellion that is Adderall Addiction


***** PD/ RCJ: "THINKING of the KID'S?" PT.1

Rolling Stones- "Mothers Little Helper" ... Thanx to REDHOTCORNFLAKES  **** this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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