Friday, July 20, 2012

DISCLOSE ACT & CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT Agenda to Defend American Democracy (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.3)

In a way were between a rock and a hard place, and I'll explain that in this Part 3 of "From the Foxhole with Bernie", because even though Bernie know's this too well, and he also get's some of the same support or rejection from these entities who have way too much control of our government, Bernie keep's at it, whether he feel's he's pissing in the wind or not. Our first fuck up as American's was when we let the GOP gain a majority in Washington in 2010, and they already even got democrat's on the payroll as well with similar financing and lobby control, that's why I was pointing out the importance of that election, it was technically more importante than the 2012 election ... again ... the ball (football view) was on the 50 yard line and both team's (people and entities) had all 3 time out's ... now these mother fucker's got the ball on the 20 yard line with all 3 of their time out's remaining and all we have is our defense and one time out trying to stop these mother fucker's from making another goal, and this time all they need is a field goal this November ... just a lil bump at that, that's how close they are to total domination of our government, or what lil we have left. What these misfit's dont realize though in their recent self intoxication, regardless of how much they DO win ... is the rebellion and resist to this will be harder than they envision ... thinking they are going to just mozy on in and run this fucken country over, they got another thing comin! ... bank on it, especially with the new breed's of youth that are more politically inspired than in decade's today ... and even the right wing or the Tea Bagger's could agree with us there, because even THEY wont put up with this shit either when push come's to shove and they see the light, as many right now are starting to.

But yeah ... this citizen's united crap is and was just being ran through as I wrote they would pull a couple year's ago, because simply, they have gotten that close to their final goal, so their going for the gusto and pushing, ratholing, and raping everything they can in those final yard's ... so anyone who's been keeping up with this like I have ... know's what the deal is here. Frankly at that, these Super Pac entities at this point being so late, DONT really care right now if it get's over turned or not ... WE ALREADY BEEN HAD ... all they wanted was for it to be in place specifically for this one election, which they got, to funnel all the money they can into IT and ride november controlling both parties with their financial power and advertising, basically you have two power's of the entities, one feeding the left and one the right, so the battle is against themselves, our concern's arent even included in any of this, not unless we battle over morality shit and same sex marriage, two issue's that none of them give a rat's ass about, any more than they give a shit about human right's or life, they could care less whether we got married to a fucken antelope or pray to a teddy bear, they dont concern themselves with petty shit like that or religion, or race/ culture shit, or the common daily shit that impact's most of our lives that we blog/ talk about, right's, liberties, etc, etc ... they care about asset's, wealth, and control. All over the media here in Texas for the last couple month's has been bullshit ... basically republican's spending million's in ad's slamming other republican's as if this state only has one bloody party ... each of these mother fucker's accusing the other of being a commie and supporting outsourcing of job's and kissing China's ass, when in reality all these mother fucker's have been kissing China's ass and outsourcing ... so cut the bullshit (and no criticism meant here to China, I want this country to be  tight allies in the future, even have a nephew that live's there, and I know that the Chinese people want just as much the same that we do here) ... these same entities are fucking the Chinese government and their people as well, and every other damn major market country on the planet!

First, this disclose act like Bernie said is a step, then it's very importante for the Constitutional Amendment move, even if this dislose get's turned down and again, keep at it, over and over and over, never throw in the towel, no matter how many of these weasel's in Washington decide to with their scared shitless acting. And those politician's who decide to not ask for disclosure and support this trash which is really nothing more than federal criminal activity, same as buying a fucken jury, black list their ass and do everything you can to vote them out, period ... those who go along with this, remember, are traitor's any way you slice it, and can never be trusted again.

Enough from me ... Listen to Bernie ...


Disclose Act ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS



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Super Pac $pending ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

White House for the Highest Bidder ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

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