Wednesday, July 18, 2012

.380 Compact Micro Pistol Review ... SootchOO Review's & Compare's the "Ruger LCP", "KelTec P3AT", "I.O. HellCat", & "Taurus TCP" (SELF DEFENSE PT.13)

Part 13 here of the "Self Defense" series will be a recent run through by an expert sootch00 on what has been becoming more and more popular as far as concealed carry weapon's, of the .380 familia, that he posted within the last couple week's and I was excited that he actually chose to do this with this particular group of 4. I feel that .380's are a great choice especially for urban concealment, and all this gusto being made more and more compact in smaller package's is a plus these dayz, as he also mention's about the newer 9mm sub compact pistol's being turned out. I also recommend these to the ladies and my daughter, even though my daughter is a tomboy type gal, who worx out alot and has a grip like a guy ... my whole point here is "concealment" in those urban setting's, for me it's great to have these choice's, I'll be damned if I want to pack a Ruger .357 mag with a 6"in barrel in my waist band when out and about on the town ... get my drift? ... a fair amount of power in the smallest and least obvious package is suitable to me.

I never had either one of these particular model's in the past, but been doing some local gun show window shopping and sure like these ... the thing is also of course $$price$$ ... all of these are under the $300 range which is also attractive. They arent what you would want to spend a day on the range with for plinking or fun, but serve their purpose. Out of all the point's that he make's in these comparison's ... I would probably want to at least try the Taurus TCP as a first choice here, I really like it, but figure I would want to do a tad of personal modification to the sight, but that's just me. And Thanx to sootch00 for this detailed comparison! Enjoy ....

Battle of the 380 Micro Pistols ... Thanx to SOOTCH00




Beach Bum said...

I have a Hell of a time with small pistols. My hands are big and they tend to engulf those type of pistols making them hard for me to hold and aim.

Needless to say when the army switched over to the M9 (Beretta
9mm) it was perfect for me.

But my new favorite that I would like to buy if I had the money is the Sig MK25.

Ranch Chimp said...

I recall you talking before on your blog I believe about the Sig MK25, which is a top notch arm actually, a great one to have. I certainly can uunderstand if you have very large hand's how difficult it can be handling such and a real pain as far as a decent grip, I know your a large tall fella, so it wouldnt be ideal for you, I am just average as far as my hand's and only 5'10" in height, it can get a lil tight for me, that's why I only think of it as for a urban concealed piece, or maybe a nightstand extra for bed, perhap's an ankle brace piece, etc, etc ... my hand would be devastated from the recoil if I had to go plinking on the range or something with one of these.

Thanx for your input here Bum, hope ya'll are enjoying the summer on that beautiful South Carolina coast! : )

Beach Bum said...

hope ya'll are enjoying the summer on that beautiful South Carolina coast! :)


Hell no, damn heat is relentless. Went to breakfast with my wife Tuesday morning and around 9:30am it was 89 degrees.

Of course my sorry attitude would be different if I lived on the coast, any coast, but being marooned where I know the rest. I'll just be glad when October gets here.

Ranch Chimp said...

I know how you feel when it come's to that early morning dew Bum, with all that green still burning off and the humidity factor of it, which will burn alot of itself off as the day progresses and heat's up. But your closer to the coast than I am, and ya'll's coastline is really beautiful over there, but YES, October is really a beautiful time of the year over that way especially.