Sunday, January 6, 2013

DICK CLARK & 2013 NEW YEAR'S Greeting's From the Ranch!! ... In Honour of the Master Blaster MC of Contemporary Music and Entertainment

Jerry Lee Lewis aka "The Killer" with Dick Clark

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is a tad past due, but never more appropriate to introduce in the New Year 2013, from a master blaster MC that doesnt need much introduction ... Mr. Dick Clark. So well known of course as bringing in the New Year for many year's with his entertainment line up for the Big Apple (NYC) Times Square event, and for those old schooler's like myself, a definite childhood memory if your a fan of contemporary music. There was a time year's back where video, MTV, or any of what we have now wasnt around ... you had to catch everything on the radio, even AM radio when I was a child, back before solid state circuitry, FM stereo, etc, a time when we bought 45 RPM record's (who my grandkid's had no idea what vinyl was : ) a time when hi- fidelity was the hippist or grooviest thing ... even back before classic Hip- Hop to time's of Sock Hop's and Doo- Wop's : ) Dick brought those classic artist's into the mainstream light for million's of people with his American Bandstand show ... he also hosted tele and radio across the board and was business savvy enough to put together his distinctive creation's for entertainment ... a man who done so much for so many musician's of contemporary music with his work ... and had a Hell of a great time doing it ... this guy just loved the industry and art with all his heart! I was saving this posting specifically for New Years Eve ... but didnt get to post it on that day, being out of town for a week or so without being online at all ... so Dick will open the New Year for this journal as well! Dick ... I love ya guy ... and Thanx so much for all you have done while having fun! : )



Nightline from ABC News: Dick Clark: Farewell to a TV Legend ... Thanx to ABC NEWS .... **** click on YouTube icon at bottom of video to view this ....

Danny & The Juniors- At The Hop (American Bandstand 1958) ... Thanx to ROGERRUBIN

Sam Cooke interview with Dick Clark 1964 ... Thanx to EYENEERTV

KISS- New Year's Eve Special with Dick Clark (1996- 1997) ... Thanx to KISSOLOGYVIDEOS


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