Monday, January 14, 2013


Rizana Nafeek

This posting is another widely publicized case that I wanted to add in two series of this journal ... the "Human Morality" & "Arab World Tension's" series both. I unlike some, dont have any issue at all with any child murderer being punished for their crime's, as far as execution's are concerned ... I support the death penalty for the familia's of the victim's, however ... in America, too many innocent people have been executed on shady and questionable conviction's, so I also support especially in Texas ... for ALL execution's to be indefinitely suspended until something at least can be worked out, and/ or at least  to be sure that it is justified across the board with compelling evidence, and depending on each individual case/ defendant ... so I have no problemo either with abolishing the death penalty. And I'm only doing this posting because of the publicity around it ... not that it's my business what the Saudi Government and Justice system does as far as their rule's/ law's are concerned. This is also why I'm a self proclaimed segregationist as well as you can see in my last posting on "Arab World Tension's" ... frankly, what ya'll do is ya'll's business ... but I am sort of prejudiced you can say ... meaning I simply dont like ya'll, period, wouldnt even want to do business with ya'll for that matter, or have you anywhere's around my daughter's, granddaughter, children, my neighbourhood, or anything else ... I simply dont like your kind at all and despise organized/ institutionalized religion's that are incorporated into law as well, and the list goes on. I'm just basically a redneck attitude, gun- loving, fag loving, sex loving western pervert, that is morally corrupt by ya'll's standard's ... and I love for my women to dress like whore's, as ya'll would put it ... so I am partially biased on this, being I just dont like much of anything about ya'll, and that's my handicap and the kind of  person I am, so please dont mistaken me for these loving American new wave liberal's, or the conservative's who kiss ya'll's asses like an ass fetishist for your oil, money, or friendship ... despite all the great business deal's you make and the great thing's that you do as far as ya'll's own infrastructure and such. I wouldnt give you the time of day, and deport all of your kind out of this country at that, just based of where you stand on certain issue's alone, especially with women in particular.

The age of Rizana I also have no issue with, I mean ... if you just kill kid's and dont give a shit or have any remorse ... I wouldnt give a shit if your 15 year's old ... your old enough to know better. You can understand why so many would be in question though here, especially concerning the trial, her defense and what it was allowed to present, her deposition and/ or testimony (if any), the talk of physical abuse and interrogation, the evidence, etc. It's almost hard to believe that this young lady just intentionally killed this child by force feeding to cause choking or whatever ... I mean ... she went there for a job, I'm sure like most, she's one that this system keep's impoverished and desperate enough to have to go to countries as maid's and slave's just so their familia's can eat back home ... and that's what alot of this is about. The history ya'll have as far as these execution's of foreign servant's or whatever ya'll call them, bring's alot of question and concern as well ... perhap's since ya'll have such an issue with these imported servant's that you take into your country, maybe you shouldnt accept any more, perhap's have your own citizen's be maid's, servant's, or whatever instead, eh? ... you know ... real up and up puritan type's like ya'll, eh?

But I figure that ya'll can "understand" why so many around the world are in question as far as this kind of justice or execution of foreigner's as well ... I mean for example ... what if our western nation's were to take some of these religious fundamoralist's that migrate to our nation's and decide to blow up our building's and citizen's in the name of religion (such as the Arab's did on our 9/11 attack's), and we started just giving them kangaroo court type trial's and conviction's, and publicly beheading them, or some of those who come to our countries and rape our women using the excuse that they couldnt control their action's because our women dress like whore's, etc ... if we convicted them and perhap's castrated them in public ceremonies ... ya'll would be in question yourselves, eh?

Enough said .... news link's below ....

***** INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES/ WORLD: Rizana Nafeek Beheaded: 50 Foreign Maids Condemned to Death by 'cruel' Saudi Justice

***** CNN: Saudis defend Sri Lankan maids execution, hit back at criticism

***** SAFE WORLD FOR WOMEN: UN 'deeply troubled' by irregularities in Rizana Nafeek trial






Infidel753 said...

This stinks to high Heaven. The circumstances of the baby's death are unclear, Nafeek said her confession was coerced (highly credible in a place like Saudi Arabia), she didn't have a lawyer -- the problem of "shady and questionable convictions" is a thousand times worse there than here. I doubt most Saudis would have much hope of a fair trial, much less a foreigner.

Ranch Chimp said...

I sure as Hell agree with you there Infidel ... Thanx for your voice here ....

Demeur said...

Funny how we rail about the human rights violations in China all the while we support Saudi Arabia where they've been cutting off heads and limbs for many years.

This almost sounds like Texas justice. Hang em first and ask questions later.

Ranch Chimp said...

I dont even know where you stand on this from one posting to the next or every few month's Demeur, and I take it your Arab, or at least you write/ type in Arabic, although I have asked you, but you never answered that either. However ... I made my point very fucken clear as to where I stand on this.

Thank You for your input here ....