Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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Part 4 here from the President will be the President's pre inaugural press conference, lengthy of course, but well worth the listen and to have in this journal at that. As a voter I am proud of the President in this particular press conference over other's in the past and commend the President on this one 110%. The President here is not up for re- election, hasnt politically anything to lose, not even regardless of affiliate's in his own party, and has nothing left but to try to finish a job and at least try to bring some honour to his integrity and preserve a legacy. Despite whatever issue I may disagree with the President on at time's, this is about as straight forward as you can get on fast forward in some of the most politically stagnating and dysfunctional time's in Washington's history. Much of this crap our President has had to endure while trying to do his bloody job, I have covered throughout nearly 5 year's now of this journal ... in less than an hour, he sum's it up here. I know well that the President is sick and bloody tired of all the shenanigan's and bullshit, he has bent over backward's and busted ass double time riding time after time into a roadblock of obstacle's, being mis- labeled on all side's of spectrum as well ... and relentlessly hammered by the Republican's, even most recently hammered by his own party for nominating Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary ... what in Hell did we expect him to do? what in Hell does he have to choose from? Sure ... I would love to see some hard ass in there like Sen Elizabeth Warren or the like's ... just to give Wall Street a boot in their global cyber trading asses that is long past due ... but how do you get hand's on in the business or with any business without people in the trade? The President IS NOT whining here, but giving a clear picture as to what the reality is ... listen to the man.

***** "PRESIDENT B.H. OBAMA, JR" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

***** POST NOTE: Again, as you can clearly see in the statement's of the President here, you CANNOT change any of this until you get rid of alot of what we have now ... we have a lack of good help basically ... that has in turn created a mindset of left/ right only, bitch fight's, with no accountability being expected or enforced, meaning NO CONSEQUENCE'S ... which promote's incompetence, weakness, and lack of credibility across the board, even election's have became nothing but a buffet of freakshow's and nothing else. Even alot of political blog's that are on a small level like mine lack actual substance, being nothing but shenanigan's over and over about petty ranting over issue's that are less importante. The President sez that we are NOT a deadbeat nation ... however ... we have too many deadbeat's in politic's ONLY. This man (President Obama) has really earned his paycheck and tried to be balanced and bipartisan time and again. And he is trying his damndest to get along with this bunch ... who too many lack any real leadership qualities, strength, and especially ANY discipline ... if our military personel were to act like this, we would have lost every war of actual defense, if any of us performed like this in our job's and career's ... we would get terminated in a heartbeat, or the business would simply go under.

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