Sunday, January 13, 2013

GLOBAL WAR'N'ING 2013 ... THE NEXT PHASE: Desperation & Distraction's ... PAY TOILET'S that Leave us SWIMMING in Our Own SHIT (GLOBAL WARMING PT.20)

Part 20 of the "Global Warming" series is just some recent update's on the event's now all over the globe. And this need's to be hammered and hammered over and over and over and over ... so that is why this one of million's of us will CONTINUE to keep posting these event's, stat's, and whatever else concerning this. And YES ... I will continue to call it "Global Warming", fuck all this new wave pop culture sugar- coating it has been labeled with for political reason's ... as like this "climate change" labeling ... cause the only goddamn thing that's past due for a change, is the current cesspool of leadership, politically and financially that run this goddamn toiletbowl we created.

Once again we have been made desperate by those who rule with the Almighty Dollar, such as these austerity measure's and all the other crap were spoonfed ... to make us struggle to keep up with this plastic rat race of their's, and all the political influence and distraction's they have ... and the lousiest thing to all this, is ... IT DOES NOT have to be this way, and believe it or not ... we wouldnt even go broke or put one energy provider, oil company, or any related corporate interest's out of business ... it's THAT SIMPLE ... and THEY ALL know it. It's like a pay toilet, being we pay more to simply clog up the sewer line's and end up basically swimming in our own shit as a result ... if that isnt one of the most damndest dumb thing's ... I dont know what is. I have covered plenty of this though in this series, so enough from me for now.

***** EURONEWS: Weather ... A link compilation of various unusual weather news piece's from around the globe

***** THEGUARDIAN: 2012 expected to be ninth warmest year on record

***** THE WEATHER CHANNEL: Record Warmth: Spring From January?

***** WUNDERGROUND.COM: December 2012 Global Weather Extremes Summary




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