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GLOBOWLSHIT 2012: Skeptic's vs Alarmist's ... & the SKEPTIC'S of the SEPTIC'S ... When Bullshit lead's to BOWLSHIT (GLOBAL WARMING PT.19) & (POLITIC'S OF PRO- POLLUTION PT.3)

This posting will serve both the "Global Warming" & "Politic's of Pro- Pollution" series for the journal. And Thanx to PBS NewsHour for putting these up back to back this last week ... since most of the bloody biggest news of the week was that Mitt Romney finally showed his income tax paper's, which I give a shit about as much as seeing President Obama's birth certificate, or Paul Ryan's hunting/ fishing liscense. This here is another issue that there can never be enough coverage of. First the video's, then I wanted to elaborate a tad on what the reality is here after.



Artic Ice Cap shrinks to record level ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Skeptic no longer doubts human role in Global Warming ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

I make my point's here clear as day, to where there is no question or bullshit to smokescreen anyone who read's this ... I'm certainly not an alarmist as Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma would like to call folk's like myself, and none of us that look at global warming in a rational balanced way DO NOT think or preach that it's the end of the world Senator.These debate's are great and all the analysis, etc ... Lord know's I have discussed this with countless folk's over the year's in person even. Again, the arguement for skepticism alwayz boil's down to mainly politic's, the economies ... and the power's who go severly under- regulated at the same time, keep us in desperation with their monopolies, to where all we can think about is the political shit they feed us, and worrying if we will have job's ... they say that all this filth and reckless behaviour, lack of regulatory reform, etc, etc create's job's and strengthen's the economies, yet statistic's show, even though we are doing record drilling, mining, fracking, and production of these pollutant's, we are as a whole becoming more in a financial bind, and even the gas price's are exactly what I was saying they would be like over 4 year's back when I started this bloody journal. And only those dictating this shit by buying our government representation are benefitting, bottom line. To be honest here, regulatory reform's, inspection's/ monitoring, etc as well as the creation and use of green technologies create's an abundance of job's as well ... so cut the bullshit, on one hand they say they want to do business as usual, on the other hand since their so cheap when it come's to profit's and investment's, they wait and buy out everyone and thing that they can concerning the new greener tech's, while still ONLY focusing on their rape venture's of every bloody element that can be dug up that they can make a buck off of, whether it's damaging or not.

For the last goddamn 20 year's we are still having these skeptic's vs. alarmist's debate's, and trying to analyze who's fault it is ... human's or nature's, and you can bet your ass, there IS NO fault in nature? It dont even really fucken matter anymore, we cant change the bloody mess that we made ... and some percentage of it had to be caused by human's and these fossil fuel's burning (and more likely the larger percentage), and the bottom line is that someone need's to clean out this septic system ... because frankly, even if we werent having global warming experience's and this crazy weather, we made this planet into a fucken toilet bowl. Would ya'll who deny that be skeptical of that? Hell, 90% of the population are thinking that were doing something wrong at time's, as Stanford Prof. Krosnick also point's out  ... why? ... their not scientist's? ... because bloody nature is shoving it up our asses and giving us a clear and fair warning ... go ask the farmer's or other's who had to deal with the "mild" confrontation's that the weather and mother nature been dealing us ... I say mild, because if we continue our reckless shit and action's ... we will get hit even harder ... like a sudden massive heart attack!

Why do we need stricter regulation's they all  want to know? it's government intrusion of free market business, etc, etc, or other clever bullshit they feed us ... the reason why, is the same reason that ya'll regulate us more than ever, and look up our asshole's with a fine tooth comb to citate and fine the shit out of us ... this isnt a one way street, everybody need's to be regulated more, especially ya'll, because we are increasingly reckless as a species, especially those who control these so called free market system's with their monopolies of politic's and wealth. Dont even ask someone like me if I believe that global warming is real and what's my arguement, IT'S REAL, and there is no arguement that when you throw million's of ton's of carbon's/ pollutant's into the air and water's, that it has an ill result, on our health as well as the earth's, period! ... ask me if I believe in the Easter Bunny, would be equivalent bullshit!

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