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DNC vs. RNC 2012 Highlight's and Point's of Concern, Know when to say "NO" ... will LESSEN your chance of getting BURNED (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.13)

This is a looksy at a few highlight speech clip's from the Democrat National Convention that I thought were importante to at least hear out. I done a posting on these convention's recently that I just trashed because I done it strictly from only reviewing some highlight's from 3 dayz of the GOP/ Republican's and only a half of the first day of the Democrat's ... so it wasnt very full and mainly done in sarcasm, since like million's of other's, I dont really keep up with convention's much, primarily like other's, because it is basically a pep rally or political marketing tool and entertainment, bullshit/ beer & barbeque talk, etc ... so this is the most time I reckon I ever paid atencion to these sort of convention's. The sarcasm I was focusing on, was how the GOP showcased a schlew of set's that included thing's like talking about how poor their root's were and blues stories that could put BB King as a warm up act, and what really blew me away that I didnt expect, was the huge showcase of GOP women for women ... I mean ... like, I didnt really expect that so much, I did expect of course what I highlighted in Part 12 of the GOP preview, looking for the sales- ad's to turn over large portion's of Social Security to investment firm's and replace Medicare/ Caid (not quite sure if there is a difference between the 2) with these voucher's to shop state to state with for insurance ... after all ... it's huge money ... and especially the $2.7 trillion reserve of Social Security ... you can bet that make's these mega entities of investment banker's mouth's water : )  But I also did because this election is at a very critical time as I pointed out in past posting's, and reason to highlight these 4 basic video's of the Democrat's, although there were actually several that I wanted to highlight, but it was a tough choose.

Bottom line is that I noticed that the GOP showcased that our economic concern's stem from an incompetent President/ Administration and their reckless deficit spending, and accusing the President of being a sort of bully and not being bipartisan and only extreme socialist left- wing, and the solution of course to them would be to turn over basically all our social reserve's and such to these investment icon's to better the economy and let it trickle down to the rest of us, etc, etc ... I pointed out the pitfall's of this though or let's just say "gamble", because that's all that basically is, and the consequence's of such chance's with no security measure's legislatively ... again ... like giving dope addict's (Wall Street) a couple pound's of high grade dope, putting them in a room with no supervision and asking them to control and limit themselves, which you can see the consequence's that most likely will come at some point ... failure and death ... and we know from experience already that these entities are already too big to fail without bringing down the whole deck of card's, okay? I am fairly conservative for instance when it come's to business, alot like the President, and the fact is that President Obama has been truely bipartisan throughout this whole term of his, so this is a 110% lie by the GOP. They know damn well that they damn near all pledged to one, take down this President at whatever cost's as a priority, and secondly to NEVER raise any corporate tax especially and to only cut their taxes of what little they are responsible for.

There are many issue's, but I need to point out here that all this sugar- coating and highlighting of the GOP as being the party for successful women or whatever is another massive snowball  ... I mean I had to wonder how the fuck did they come out with that ?, c'mon now, eh?  it is so clear as day bullshit ... let's face it ... they are heaviily recently attacking hard, women's right's to choose and every other thing ... especially this small GOP offshoot cult in Texas that has made some harsh proposal's, okay? I call these type conservative's a cult, because to me, being a voting conservative for many year's, letting religious doctrine's dictate our democratic government, and giving all our funding/ money/ taxes to international investment banker's to manage/ control, is far from democracy, free enterprise/ market, or even very American at that. I also have daughter's and a granddaughter ... so, I have to be concerned when I hear these talk's coming out of their own mouth's, not their opponent's ... the GOP has made their agenda perfectly clear as day ... and there is no lying from them on that part. All the evil's they been pointing out about this President are false, and clearly false. I have documented since the beginning of this journal myself as well as many other's ... what they are doing, the reality of the condition, and especially all the work it is going to take to clean this up, and certainly no one in one term can clean up this cesspool which took a couple decade's to create. Again, throwing in a new President and Administration in the middle of the job cant do any long term significance, especially with the polarization we already have in our overall political climate.

I know that alot of this convention is targeted at prospect swing voter's and is a marketing tool of sort, I myself in 2008 when I voted for President Obama, knew I would have to also vote for him again in 2012 just to get some kind of a sound foundation without flip- flopping every 4 year's from one to the other, I had pointed this out time and again and why ... and there is no strong alternative at this point in time, which will change in time, but not tomorrow, so we have to go for now with what we have ... and tossing out everything we accomplished in the last 4 year's which has been significant considering the obstacle's, and starting over again from scratch while pissing in the wind again, taking another chance on another strategy, that is mathematically with alot of odd's against it, couldnt even show anything solid in another 4 year's out of a Romney Administration even if we gave everything to corporation's and investment banker's including our paycheck's ... it WONT do anything for the average American entrepreneur, small business/ company/ corporation of any significance and cut the middle class down even more.

Beside's, like I pointed out before, this guy Romney is simply a "yes" man ... sure, a great hubby/ companion, dad, grandpa, neighbour, swell guy, nice haircut and cute etc, etc ... but the fact is, he's not a leader type, and/ or has displayed them strength's/ qualities, if he did ... I would have noticed it like I did with Congressman Paul Ryan ... who actually is and hold's them strength's/ trait's ... Romney is rather weak in some area's basically, if he was of "true" leadership qualities, I would have noticed it and wrote it, okay? President Obama for instance has those qualities and is a winner. And I am actually so sick and tired seeing our President have to run state to state around the bloody damn clock in these time's, having to waste his time and energy trying to defend himself from this clearly stupid ranting about him ... especially like this past stupid shit for instance ... does he have a birth certificate? ... c'mon now ... geeeezzz ... grow the fuck up! That's about as stupid, petty, and sissified as worrying over two men getting married! Do you not think that whoever even run's for an election of Presidency in a nation as detailed as this, they hadnt looked up a candidate's asshole with a fine tooth comb ahead of time? Which clearly show's you also, that if they raise these stupid petty issue's with us, what they really think of us who pay atencion to them and the shit that they say ... you got it, they think were equally as stupid! Were not "born" stupid, we "choose" to be for the most part ... again ... stupidity breed's stupidity in mass ... and following the blind will not make you see any clearer.

The GOP has a strong reputation of saying "NO" on everything that the President tries to do ... we as voter's need to also know when to say no to them. Enough said ... Word Out


Benita Veliz remarks at Democratic National Convention ... Thanx to DNCCONVENTION2012

Small Business Owner speaks to Democratic Convention in support of President Obama ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards address Democratic Convention ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

DNC 2012- Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer speaks ... Thanx to WSJDIGITALNETWORK


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