Thursday, September 27, 2012


This posting will serve both "The Awakening" and "Public Patriot's" series for this journal and to listen to a man who is popular for all the non- importante reason's it seem's at time's, Mr. Jesse Ventura. So it will not spotlight him for the "Veteran's Spotlight" series (at least at this time), his Navy Seals career, acting career, including of course his pro- wrestling career (which is mainly acting/ show as well), or even his political career such as Governor of Minnesota, and beside's, I never really kept up with the man much (which I sort of regret now), so cant tell much about those anywayz ... but this is not to look at him as much is it's about the message he has ... which is straight up as you can get, trust me. Many even consider the man a "conspiracy theorist" ... but ... to me ... to question ... is NOT being a conspiracy theorist, it's when you have those who never question or have frankly any independent thought and call him such out of pop culture herd thinking ... those are the one's who are really screwed in the head's, yet they dont even realize they are, so trying to explain to them, is pissing in the wind basically and a waste of time.

What Mr. Ventura has to say is straight up and to the point as it get's, and anyone with any balance and who is somewhat frustrated with this nonsensical bullshit of a plastic political sytem we have with it's gang mentality, corporate communism support, fear card buffet's, hate mongering- pigeonholing, half assed democracy, neo hypocrisy, American lie, will see the reality for themselves and what this man is saying as far as the substance of it. Again ... this old school way of  "corruption as usual" is on the way out the door, bank on it, and we know, as even I pointed out throughout this journal for over 4 year's now, that we have a failed system, period. We even have a great President right now with so many truely bipartisan idea's, proposal's and plan's, etc, etc ... but even he cant get half of what he want's or tries through, with even key player's in his own party who are betraying him ... too much corporate/ religious money/ power has robbed us, enslaved us, lowered our standard's and most importantly our thinking and morale, then after basically raping and buttfucking us, used our money to buy what lil government and representation we have left.

So I dont look so much at Mr. Ventura's Viet Nam and Navy Seal career or his acting/ wrestling/ art's or even Gubernatorial career as his most importante strength's or contribution's to America ... but what he "sayz" about where "we are" and "need to be looking at and going", which in my eye's make's him a "public patriot" of sort, because he is using his popularity and showcasing to bring importante thought and "awakening" to the public. This doesnt matter with these type's whether you agree with him or not on everything or anything else, but give at least some thought to what the man has to say. I myself am not left or right, never really have been in any of my life, but only again vote democrat, because their opponent is much worse, and only one of these two polarizing side's is going to control the next four year's, and hopefully by 2014/ 2016, most of this what we have now will be even more clear and exposed for what it truely is, to those who still have faith in this current bought and paid cesspool of a dog chasing it's tail, and will begin the new era of actual reconstruction of this country to be a better place.

Word Out ... give the man a listen ....

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