Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VOTER ID LAW'S (PT.1): Sugar- coating AMERICAN'S Right's under the Umbrella of FAIRNESS ... & The REPUGNANT RIGHT WING RAPE of AMERICA (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.14)

Part 14 of the "Truth or Treason 2012" series is to look at TRUTH as far as this Voter ID push that has blanketed the nation like a February blizzard in Buffalo (NY). First of all ... usually when you "hear" the word "fairness" from these type folk's on top, especially those in politic's who havent even been able to raise a decent candidate with a really competitive arguement, beside's blaming their opponent as usual for all the evil's in the world, you know somethin is up ... these folk's believe in fairness about as much as I believe in Santa Claus okay? The Republican Party has made themselves again ... perfectly clear as far as their agenda, which is about as American and truely free and conservative as much as I'm Micky F'n Mouse, they became so desperate and saturated with corporate wealth and pushing/ running the clock in this last 2 minute drill (such as in the 4th Qtr of a football game as I previously pointed out) that they dont realize just how easy they are to make ... and that's downright carelessness, as well as a display of weakness.

This is clear as day bullshit as far as putting this all under the umbrella of fairness, and has been a issue that has saturated Texas media for long now ... the same folk's of course that are quick to make sure that no illegal's vote, are the same folk's that jump over each other to make sure they are not questioned too much when they hire them to cover their own illegally motivated asses. For example ... you know why it's illegal in Dallas to ask latino's for proof of citizenship if their pulled over? ... not to protect their right's ... but because if there is too much deportation, they will lose a bundle of money that they make off of cheap labour ... THAT'S THE REALITY! ... so all this bullshit about fairness is Willie Foo- Foo talk to distract the masses from their agenda's. And Thanx again to RT America for covering this right now, there can NEVER be enough coverage of this sort of crap. I agree and have no problemo with showing ID, I have to show ID on every damn thing as it is ... but this recent highlighted bum- rush on this is for one reason only. Meghan Carpentier below in the first video also sum's up the reality as far as folk's trying to get proper ID, the threat of taking off of work etc, etc ... ask any minimal wage's worker how easy it is to get time off for anything, and look at the pressure's they are under just trying to make it ... why do you think they want to keep them that way, eh?

They all say their about fairness ... well to be fair here, the whole fucken voting system need's to be overhauled, especially safeguarded from their corrupt repugnant action's ... Word Out ....

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Infidel753 said...

Of course it's an effort to suppress the vote. All these voter ID and similar laws are being imposed by Republican state legislatures and are specifically designed to affect blacks and poor people who are less likely to have standard government-issued IDs of whatever kind.

It's a scheme to bring back Jim Crow, and the federal justice department needs to come down on these people like a ton of bricks.

Demeur said...

Glad I live in a "blue" state where most votes are cast by mail ballot. It's funny how the right can scream about building an electrified fence to keep those illegals out while all the while employing them, paying them next to nothing and avoiding paying taxes on them. No wonder Texas is broke.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: Of course it is ... I have never been asked for ID when voting myself, but wouldnt mind showing it, I show everybody else it anywayz, so I'm not too sure the point otherwise, because for instance ... my voter's registration card is "mailed" to be every year or two (cant recall which), so that must mean (if it's sent to you by mail) that you must be registered, so why would they need ID to begin with? I dont know, dont give it much thought, but when they pull this shit I know what the score is.

Thanx for your input Infidel ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Demeur: I dont know much about which colour of state vote's by mail or whatever, or even what state your in, you say near Seattle, which could be anywhere's from Portland to Vancouver (BC) but would have to be in Washington or Oregon. I actually am one that "like's" voting in person myself, and like seeing it check in and such when I run it through the scanner, or the "vote" check if I'm using the touch screen (different precinct's have different system's here). As far as the mail voting in Texas, never done it, but from what I gather you have to be over 65 or disabled, out of town, or in prison/ jail to use that type, I known a few con's locked up though that used that.

As far as Texas being broke ... and I'm Micky F'n Mouse ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Thanx for your comment Demeur ....