Sunday, September 2, 2012

PRES. OBAMA/ FORT BLISS TEXAS: The President visit's with Troop's and their Familia's August 31, 2012 (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.26)

Big news here in the Lone Star State of course this last week was our President meeting with so many troop's and familia member's at Fort Bliss. And this President has done so much in support for our troop's as it is, and Thank You Sir! This was a suprise of course to many troop's, being because this election campaign stuff that's been going on ... while most would expect him to be in some political battleground state such as his opponent for this November's election, instead he took the time to visit here in Texas again with our troop's, something that his opponent this last week never even addressed, in his convention speech in Tampa. My niece (U.S. Army) for one, is already out of Afghanistan and currently in Western Europe, and will be back home here for good before Christmas/ New Years holidayz as well, and on her way to college after!

***** THE WHITE HOUSE BLOG: President Obama Speaks to Troops at Fort Bliss (newsread)

President Obama Speaks to Troops at Fort Bliss ... Thanx to HELMUTZERMIN



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