Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MITT ROMNEY vs TOM PICKERING ... A Low Income, Under- Educated PROUD 47/ 99% AMERICAN who feel's he is a "VICTIM" & is "ENTITLED" to Government Protection (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.15)

Thomas.H.Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This will serve as Part 15 of the "Truth or Treason 2012" series for this journal, and will be concerning one of the 47% of the 99% of American's who is low income working class, under- educated, being his last completed grade in school was 8th,  get's an income tax return, will vote for President Obama no matter what, despite he is bipartisan and has voted republican most of his voting life, and feel's he is entitled to government protection and support ... MYSELF ... and PROUD OF IT! Some recent popular newsread and video below, then my input here.

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Romney comments rock campaign, latest setback in shaky stretch (newsread and video's)

Mitt Romney on Obama Voters (47%) ... Thanx to MOTHERJONESVIDEO

Mitt Romney explains '47 precent' leaked video ... Thanx to BLOY


This is one big news piece where I must agree with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney ... and Thank You for your honesty on this one Sir. Actually despite my low education level and low income ... I am an American who would love to debate with you one on one, face to face to let's say .... see how elite you truely are ... or say ... how competitive you are, since you like the pulling on your bootstrap's slogan of course ... I also love the competition Sir, and of course like you, I know how to make money when push come's to shove ... I would be even willing to compete with you, for both of us to be dropped on a street corner in any major US city, both with no money at all and nothing but the clothes on our back's, and see who can raise money and survive better first ... and am not shy about it either, not even camera shy. Also I want to add, that this posting is partly inspired because Mr. Romney is in Dallas as I write this, and it's all over the Dallas news media, that we can eat with him for $5000 to $100,000 a plate, and we can get our picture taken with him for $25,000 ... so this is what bring's me to the street corner survival scenario offer. Because I know that he has an "edge" on me there as far as how to make money ... I mean ... I couldnt frankly get someone to pay .25 cent's to take a picture with me, let alone $25,000 ... so I just figured to level the competitive playing field a tad and see what he can do in our world is all ... I'm just a good ole boy Mr. Romney, tryin to pick up a lil education, you know ... a bootstrap's kinda feller : )

Yeah ... for 4 decade's I have worked at moderate wage's, paid all my income taxes (including all my other daily taxes and fee's), and only got refund's at the end of the year, because federal law require's me to file my earning's and such ... and got refund's because they simply said ... "I paid too much" (they/ IRS said, not me) ... so ... I took it, after all, I'm not crazy. You can understand ... I'm sure you would and have as well, eh? I'm an American who you dont even have to explain a thing to me, I see exactly what you are saying and agree with you on most of it. I paid into my social security as well all them year's ... and also believe since I been a team player that I am entitled to the benefit's of such when I become of age, I DO NOT draw any assistance from the government whatsoever, except using the library and the public school's for my kid's and grandkid's, fire/ emergency service's, etc, which is part of the taxing deal in this nation ... you know, being a pro- business guy like yourself ... one hand washed the other, eh? I also believe that I'm "entitled" to health care when I am forced to buy from a pool of insurer's of say 100 companies, who basically are under the same board of director's, believing that you should be protecting us by law from the scam's that they pull on us consumer's and the cheating and such that goes on daily for year's ... by ya'll ... I mean, that's what were giving ya'll all them salaries and excellent benefit's for, eh? And NO ... I would not want to put my social security on the stock market to gamble on some foreign investment's to see if I can win or crash, I'm somewhat conservative when it come's to what money I do have, like most of us 47/ 99% who actually have to work for what we get ... like yourself I assume, eh?, since ya'll claim to be bootstrap pulling up folk's. ... beside's, ya'll already take a large portion of our tax dollar's and give it to special interest's contract's and investment's abroad as it is.

I am one of those who write about it constantly in this journal how we as American's ARE VICTIM's of this corporate communism as I call it, 110% ... as well as a bunch of career politician's that speak out of both side's of their mouth's ... politician's like including yourself Sir ... who's salary is paid by me/ us, BECAUSE ... you are supposed to do a job ... that's what were supposed to be paying ya'll for,eh? also meaning that for that pay, you are required to look out for us as well ... and supposed to legislate law's that protect the interest's of us ... the share holder's you can say. This legislation should include also minimal protection's for our health and enviroment, our children and grandchildren, our school's, our consumer protection's, etc, etc ... after all, we all have to live by law's and regulation's ... do we not? I mean ... frankly Sir ... what would we be paying ya'll for (being fiscally conservative) if you do nothing but serve the interest's of the largest money doner's, money of course that was made off of our work and consuming and tax paying, then take the rest of our money and bail out Wall Street gambling junkies, a bailout remind you Sir, that was engineered by the Bush/ Cheney Administration at the end, for the 8 year's of their failed policies, lack of leadership and regulatory reform's, the same Bush/ Cheney Administration that I voted for in 2000 myself. Who then take our money mostly offshore to buy into business venture's that dont even support economic domestic growth in our nation, with no real rules imposed on them, or even taxes for that matter? I could go on and on here ... but I made my point and certainly have included plenty of it in this journal and series.

Word Out ....



Infidel753 said...

This horrible little man is a slimy tapeworm within the body politic. If elected, he would serve only the interests of others like himself. He has no more awareness of the lives of people like you and me than any parasite does.

I would be even willing to compete with you, for both of us to be dropped on a street corner in any major US city, both with no money at all and nothing but the clothes on our back's, and see who can raise money and survive better first

He'd starve in a week, like a tapeworm pulled out of the host body. He knows nothing about surviving outside the environment he's used to.

(Neither do I, but at least I'm aware of it, and I don't object to paying taxes to provide a soft landing for people -- me or others -- if they fall on hard times they can't cope with.)

Ranch Chimp said...

That's the thing Infidel ... all those like Romney and some of his clan get a "soft landing" at OUR EXPENSE ... folk's like you and I DONT : ) So ... we SHOULD feel entitled, after all, it's our money as a whole. I dont even have a problemo with paying more tax than I already do actually, if it bring's more financial social stability in our nation, after all I have to live here like million's of us. The day may come where I DO need gvmnt assistance, and believe me, if I do, I will take it!

Actually what partly inspired this posting Infidel, that I forgot to add in the post, was that Romney was here in Dallas as I was writing this, it was all over the news here in Dallas, that we could eat/ dine with him for I think $5,000 to $100,000 a plate, and they said we can take a picture with him for $25,000 ... that's when I thought of the dropping us on the street corner broke scenario, because I thought he had an "edge" on me when he can actually do that, being that I dont think I could get someone to pay me .25 cent's to take a picture with me let alone $25K. I mean you know what a low budget guy I am Infidel ... you even took a picture with me before year's abck, and you didnt even give me a dime ... heh, heh, heh. heh, heh : )

BTW ... the song "Tapeworm" by the music group "Pigface" is an all time classic favourite of mine. And true story here, my grandpa (mom's dad) died of tapeworm's, while sitting on the toilet! Hard to notice when one's taking a shit, they just sneak up on you : )

Thanx for your voice Infidel ....

an average patriot said...

Excellent Tom! Keep them coming. He is a worm! He is one of those 47% himself.

He has managed to shut it up at least till the debates but one of his own people say he went 10 years without paying taxes.

Do not worry Infidel him and other Repug leaders have already gotten Obama reelected. Even Independents see how dangerous they are.

They want Bush's elitist America not ours. Tom do you network your stuff? You should and get things like this wider read!

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim! ... This was just done in a lil humour. The "network" thing you asked before sometime, this may sound a lil dumb Jim, but I dont really know what in Hell a "network" is or whatever your talking about as far as this cyber space stuff. I know a we folk's, familia and stuff locally that view this and a couple online is about it, so it's cool like that ... I'm not really a writer or schooled in this sort of thing at all. But yeah ... what I write is for real, it's not fictional shit either.

But ole Romney just get's knee deeper into shit I reckon everytime he sayz somethin ... I reckon he need's a lil more education like myself, eh? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Thanx for your input Jim, been enjoying this beautiful weather here on the Ranch, sunny, dry, brezy, upper 70's, etc ... it was so cool the last couple morning's to me, I went out without my shirt on and just short's and sandal's ... like a chicken shit, I had to run back in the house to get a bloody shirt! : )