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GUN CONTROL/ The CCCP (Corporate Communism Corruption Party) vs. The PEOPLE ... When PANIC should Turn into PREPAREDNESS ... SUPPORT your local MILITIA'S (SELF DEFENSE PT.19) & (THE AWAKENING PT.28)

(Thomas Hudson Pickering) Ranch Santa and his buddy Charlie (dog) Christmas 2012 ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

First of all, since several folk's been asking me (rubbing it in : ) locally about my so called SuperBowl prediction where I picked New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons to be in it, but instead it ended up to be the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers ... YES!! I lost my A$$ ... okay!!? Geeeezzz ... even the bet line's were picking that, and all the NFL stat's throughout the year, showed who the best team's were ... it was simply an upset (and I AM a big 49ers fan) ... and I probably betted more than I can afford, but ... Oh  Well .... SHIT HAPPEN'S, eh? Which bring's me to this current posting ... as far as ... expecting the unexpected, eh?

Again ... I strongly support the President's crack down on gun law's 110% ... something HAD to be done, plain and simple, the man IS the President ... he has a bloody job to do, and part of that job is trying to defend us in any way he can ... the pressure on him has been enormous and to top it off, these freak's with chip's on their shoulder's are NOW targeting lil children with high powered arm's. And NO ... me or my neighbour's dont need 100 round zine clip's or such ... I live in the city ... and most of my neighbour's dont even have a bloody gun, or probably ever fired one for that matter, most of my friend's dont even have gun's either ... there are probably more gun's in a town like Central Dallas in the hand's of the hood's/ thug's, gang's, and dope slinger's/ dealer's than anyone else's hand's (including the cop's) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) But RURAL area's of Texas are saturated with gun's, and that is where many of our militia's are. I wish more of my neighbour's and friend's were armed, but unfortunately that's the way it is, when you live in a big city.

The part of the title where I put CCCP ... was inspired in humour by the original CCCP ... but a Corporate Communism Corruption Party is what more than ever has too much control over our politic's in this country, and no matter how nice they are, and cheerful sounding in their tele commercial's, advertising, or whatever else ... they cant be trusted, so never let down your guard. Why is this in "The Awakening" series, that is primarily based around the Occupy Wall Street movement? ... because this is also a part of that awakening that need's to come about and will simply. Your Militia's are as much importante to the preservation of our liberty as the Occupy movement's are ... VERY importante! I WANT these militia's to be well armed ... as Ice T point's out in the last "Self Defense" posting ... the 2nd Amendment wasnt meant for duck hunting or whatever ... it was created to defend OURSELVES from the police, government that's corrupt, etc, etc ... that IS THE only reason it was made a right ... beside's ... in them dayz ... many household's depended on a gun just to eat in many cases ... so it was common to have a gun for hunting ... today ... we go to the market.

The kind of video's I chose below are to educate, enlighten, and to bring awareness more than panic ... too much panic can be as harmful psychologically as too much unconcern can be ... BOTH can make you weak and vulnerable. The gentlemen in the video's below are more disciplined type men, the kind that are NOT likely to go out and start blowing people's head's off because they feel insulted or intimidated or cant control their bowel's or whatever ... REAL MEN, NOT babies ... who know the importance of the 2nd Amendment and instead of just whining when gun law's get tight ... they ACT, think, and prepare ... these type's are defender's of democracy and our neighbourhood's. No I DONT think the President is a commie, and everyone want's to disarm us and/ or are going to take us all and put us in concentration camp's, etc, etc ... and beside's ... they could never disarm a nation like this so embedded with gun's ... it would be pissing in the wind. And a BIG THANX to these gentlemen for the video's ....




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