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SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN for President of the United States of America 2016 ... A "Ranch Chimp Choice" (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.3)

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Senator Elizabeth Warren

This Part 3 of "Elizabeth Warren" will be a sort of Ranch Chimp, Warren campaign endorsement thing ... and this time to highlight and promote Sen. Warren for the Democrat nomination to be our next President. I know this is early ... but too ... I was doing the same thing over President Obama back when he was a Senator and hadnt even had the nomination yet or was in the race at that. Since so many in political circle's are talking about "who, what" etc ... for 2016 ... I figured I would just throw in my 2 cent's and choice right now too.

Of course the popular talk over the last couple week's has been former Secy of State Clinton (and bless her heart due to the disrespectful lashing she took up at Capitalism Hill last week from these ingrate's in Washington, in particular the GOP bunch), such as in the major media's, "Meet The Press" and so forth, and the talk that 2016 of course is the year of the woman and other politipop related fashion show stuff, etc. But I DO understand these folk's that "long" to get someone in office beside's a white male ... since that is all you have had for year's ... in my opinion ... women, people of colour, etc (even gay/ GLBT) should have been in the thick of it way long ago, before it was even a fad or fashionable to be. So my "choice" for Senator Warren hasnt much to do with the reason of simply getting a woman for President, anymore than my choice for Senator Obama was because he was a black man ... it's a "nice" thought and such ... but understand that my choice's are due to the current condition and crisises that this nation face's ... Senator Warren for me ... is the best choice of available people in current politic's that we have.

Also as I pointed out throughout this journal ... if we want to at least keep a sliver of any credibility, trust, or anything else of importance with any of these 2 polarizing parties we have that dominate our politic's ... we WILL HAVE to really start to change the way we select candidate's and why ... we NEED new parties and choice's or to at least restructure what we do have to work better ... because what we have currently and collectively is a hopeless dysfunctional group now that are pretty much washed up as a whole, outdated, and outgunned by special interest's and corporate lobbies, campaign finance, etc, etc. People like Warren ... are the kind of folk's that you want more of in our politic's, and you certainly dont want her talent's to go wasted ... she is a true leader type, a hard- ass fighter, and can be a real winner. Now I know the talk that she isnt an establishment enough person, dont have the experience, etc, etc ... but that's not importante as it is to get more and more fresh idea's from people that truely advocate some kind of change and have direction and discipline ... Warren has what it take's ... however ... that "choice" can ONLY be her's too. I mean ... the worse that can happen if she was President, is not a goddamn thing getting done ... which sometime's ISNT such a bad thing, since we see too often when thing's "DO" get done too quickly, it seem's that they alwayz shove a few more inches up our asses ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... which is the only time's when we do get quick result's. Same as I was writing a couple year's back about when President Obama get's re- elected and Congress get's their seat's of GOP, etc, etc ... not much will get done anywayz ... which of course you can see clearly now with all the game's and bitch- fight's of current.

As far as the Fed not liking it, or the CEO's of the major finance/ lending institution's, petrol/ energies giant's, these Capitalism Hill "gang's" of 4, 6, or 8 or whatever, or the rest of ya'll's Wall Street affiliate's ... frankly I dont give a shit what ya'll think or like, anymore than ya'll would give a rat's ass what we like (which ya'll made clear as day) ... as far as I'm concerned ... you have a voice and a vote ... like the rest of us ... you can post that on the internet ... and during election's, get in line like the rest of us and cast your vote/ choice ... because if it was up to folk's like me ... you WOULD NOT be allowed to bribe and hold hostage our political representation like you do now ... and trust me ... those dayz are numbered too. Just be grateful that folk's like myself arent proposing a real nightmare for ya'll ... like putting in Senator Sanders of Vermont as her running mate! That would really make ya'll knee jerking plastic elitist's quiver! So Senator Warren is my choice and endorsement for the next President of the United States of America.

***** HUFFPOST/ POLITICS (Stephan Richter): President Elizabeth Warren **** a good read here that I selected that's straight on it ....




Elizabeth Warren DNC Speech Complete 'Corporations Are Not People'-... Thanx to ABCNEWS


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Infidel753 said...

A Warren/Sanders ticket? I love it! The teabaggers' heads exploding across America would sound like the Fourth of July! Especially if they beat Ryan/Rubio (those two seem to be the emerging conservatard dream candidates at the moment).

The talk of Warren being too much outside the establishment and too inexperienced will be less of an issue in 2016 after she's had four years in the Senate.

The financial parasite class has fought harder against Warren and her ideas than against almost anyone else. That pretty much tells you what you need to know.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good point Infidel as far as the "experience" thing after 4 year's in the Senate.

No, they dont like her much, and frankly she ISNT anti- business as alot of these folk's paint her ... I like her, dont consider basic consumer/ customer protection's, and protection's on the enviroment as being extreme or anti- any damn thing. Their such tightwad's and get all extreme and bent out of shape if they have to pay a fee or tax or anything ... it get's disgusting just listening to their whining and bellyaching at time's.

Thanx for your input here Infidel ....