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WALL ST/ BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE CEO's: The "ROUNDTABLE ROUNDABOUT" ... Going further than the GOP ... Proposing to RAISE the Eligibility AGE of Social Security/ Medicare to 70 (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.10) & (MO OF YO MONEY PT.10)

Part 10 of "From the Foxhole with Bernie" and "Mo of Yo Money" series will be to look at the latest proposal's from the Business Roundtable of about 100 of the top global and American companies CEO's and their indirect request's to our political representation to raise the eligibilty age for us now to draw our Social Security and Medicare to 70 year's of age, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... kind of a "roundtable roundabout" of sort {: ) Of course were partially stupid enough on one end to actually support many of the frail politician's who lip service their idea's with support (and partially locked into this support with the way our voting system has been contaminated) ... and these CEO's are stupid enough to think we actually believe their "game" ... so the whole thing is as silly and mindless as you can get ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... American politipop culture at it's best! Also you can bet they had some input in the new tax payroll increases that just went into effect, not that I'm against taxes at all, as a matter of fact, I'm for tax increases across the board, as long as it benefit's the country and not just CEO's and their pet project's only ... but you have to wonder, where does it all go to, eh? get my drift? (which I wrote plenty about in the past linked posting's too, kinda like wondering what happened to that nearly $20 billion in shrink wrapped US currency that went to Iraq at the beginning of the invasion and ended up LOST {: ) This is also why I call these shenanigan's "neo corporate communism" and label this as nothing but the "deceptive influence's of such". Check out the buzz name they came up with to sell this crap ... "reform and modernization" proposal's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) with all the money and brain's ya'll have ... you would think that such folk's could be more "creative" or "original" eh? {: )

Basically what's happening is what I pointed out in some previous posting's throughout this journal, and the one's (posting's) over the last couple year's in particular about the shaft that we were going to start getting up our asses 2013 regardless of who win's ... of course if the Republican's won the Oval Office, it just would have been harder and faster ... and no lubricant at all. I would love myself just to have 5 to 10 minute's at one of their board meeting's of these "greatest mind's" (CEO's) as far as business and economic's, to have an input myself and ask a couple simple question's of them. You also have to wonder, where do these people come off telling us WHAT in Hell we NEED to do with our own bloody MONEY!!, eh? ... I mean ... your not our fucken financial advisor's, do ya'll's CEO work and stay the fuck out of our social and governmental affair's ... this is bullshit, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) What would this Citizens United posse do if they slipped million's and billion's into our political campaign's, then our representative's go south on them and not even touch their proposal's, and walk out on them all? ... they would whine complaining that's "theft by trickery" ... but it's ALL mostly our money to begin with, get my drift? ... taking it back, make's us heroes and patriot's, not criminal's ... it's restitution in other word's, and frankly they would deserve it, but they wouldnt like it either, and complain that they got tricked, used or some other crap ... and it can happen ... there's no contract ... you get money and walk, they dont have much legal ground ... but I'm sure there are all kind's of tax break's and such on some of these large contribution's too ... I mean, all this stuff is rigged, because their attorney's draft all the legislation ... long story though, and too much to get into here. What do you think some of them done to us, time and again? They constantly figure out wayz to burn us ... I mean, that's the business some are into, plain and simple. As far as what I think of some of these ingrate's ... well ... Thank God for thing's like abortion/ birth control to try to eliminate as much of these type's as possible from being reproduced, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... but frankly ... these worthless type's ... I wouldnt piss on if they were on fire {: )

And Congratulation's to Senator Bernie on his new job as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs ... veteran's can really use a patriot like Bernie in their foxhole's too {: ) ... especially with the cut's their fixin to try to shaft them with.

Enough from me, and onto Bernie and the link's below ....

***** U.S. NEWS: CEOs Propose Raising Retirement Age, Means- Testing Social Security ... you have to wonder and ask ... where in Hell does CEOs of the private sector get off deciding or legislating what we do with Social Security or our OWN MONEY? I mean ... do ya'll tell your neighbours how to spend their own money or balance their budget? ... do we tell any of these CEO's how to spend, invest, or whatever? Then why the fuck are they into our social programmes of our governing representation at that, we pay good salaries to our Congressional and Senate members to do a bloody job, we DONT pay CEOs to do the job in the "peoples" government, they have NO BUSINESS sticking their noses into this. NO ... they DONT want to "CUT" Social Security ... I mean, if you proposed that they would turn chicken and beg not to ... what they want to do, is keep folks paying into it, but not drawing the benefits, so they can invest it all in their offshore ventures and gambling games ... THAT'S THE REALITY! (**** this was updated 22 april 2014, since the original link, more interesting with details from this so called "business roundtable" seems to have vanished)

***** WASHINGTON POST/ WONKBLOG: CEOs want to raise the retirement age to 70

Brunch with Bernie ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** PD/ RCJ: "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" PART'S 9 THRU 1





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