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TRANS- PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP (PT.1): "ANGUISH & FEAR" ... The 2nd HELPING ... Feeding from the Breast to the People of the EAST & WEST (Deceptive Influence's of CORPORATE NEO- COMMUNISM PT.4)

Part 4 here of the "Deceptive Influence's of Corporate Neo- Communism" will look at what I'll just call the 2nd helping of the breast feeding were getting. The first meal of course was the milking and draining of the majority of the world's wealth to strengthen the monopolies that are known as the too big to fail entities, the push of austerity measure's and tightened employment worldwide and all else that put's the mass population of the globe in desperation without being able to know what is happening to them because of all the media and political deception, while so many can only think of anguish, fear, despair, etc, etc ... basically to try to break morale as well of the people ... which in turn will make you more dependent on them for answer's, but they are solely dependent on us is what so many miss ... again ... they need us alot more than we need them, okay? Part of this posting's title also was influenced by the 1985 classic "Anguish & Fear" from the great 20th/ 21st century composer Yngwie Malmsteen, which is fitting here for a closing song, and of course an ole favourite of mine as well : )

Also let me add here for anyone who may read this, who never read a thing in this journal before ... I am NOT ANTI corporation, energy, capitalism, etc ... as a matter of fact, I am very PRO supportive of these system's, and even conservative on alot of it, including the liberties of our democracy which I am very liberal on too. The problem here is not the structure of our government (at least in the USA), or even an icon like Exxon/ Mobil, JP Morgan/ Chase, or any of the other huge icon's at that ... beside's being the lack of regulation, competition, talent, and being a tad too large, causing our largest problem, which is a handful of the few known to us as the 1% that control these entities solely. You see ... this 1% have let's say ... lost their mind's to an extent and became intoxicated as even former President GW Bush perfectly put it for instance when he said that "Wall Street got drunk" ... like a junkie/ dope fiend in desperation, they are just out of control and beyond logic and reason, and actually on a self destructive mission that they dont even see, so in a way, they are even more blind and desperate than us ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Bottom line here is that this so called TPP is another crock of shit to gulp up like a scat fetish buffet, with not a thing free about it's trade policies, or even the idea that this make's us one big happy familia globally, or being that it will solve any of the many social issue's that our population's have worldwide. To top it off, both China as well as the USA will eventually get screwed on this big time ... even though China is NOT officially part of this agreement, but because of it's mass trade and new manufacturing with U.S. ... will get hit in time ... it will have an impact on all major trade countries that are intertwined, how can it NOT?, or not have a major impact or how trade, regulations, banking and everything related globally is done? ... and both government's are so played like mark's in this, they are also in somewhat of a panic. This so called "free trade" talk only applies to those who sell you and legislate the law through lobbyist's and related avenue's. About the only place left where there is actually free trade is the black market's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Example: Saddam Hussein for instance traded freely, selling oil under the table on them, while the icon's with their newest technologies estimated he/ Iraq was sitting on one of the largest of the world oil reserves ... he was then overthrown by the entities through our government's for NOT playing ball, tried and hung, of course for crime's against humanity and his country, which is true, he certainly wasnt a lightweight and ruled with an iron fist, but that IS NOT truely why he was taken out, or this nonsense about WMD or Iraq being a terrorist hangout, and his country now a major drill country with a new western directed dictatorship, and mostly all at the expense of our tax dollar's, borrowed money from China and other's, borrowing our Social Security monies, and lives of our troop's, a nephew of mine done 3 tour's there as a Marine Sgt.

This of course happening is to finalize their mission 2013 and beyond, to rape and control basically all resources and trade on the globe ... it is also detrimental environmentally any way you slice it, especially with lack of regulatory need's ... to lowering wages and labour rights globally, and our standard's of living, and allowing largest corporations to take advantage of our government's and taxes. Nika Ankou in the first video here of the "Awakening Series" sum's up shortly and perfectly that from a political end, this cannot be solved anymore from the inside out, as you see by now that our political representation is held hostage as well ... so it is those like OWS and their offshoot's globally, who will in time inspire, enlighten, and push the actual change that is needed. Melinda St. Louis below in the RT America video give's some much needed food for thought here as well on this, then a couple link's to update this for the series.

China- America's Scapegoat Forever ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

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