Monday, October 1, 2012


Thomas.H.Pickering (and daughter) aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This will also serve both the "Global Gold Rush" and "Yall Street/ RC'S Spending & Budget Cut's" series. This is not the most popular thing to be writing I know at this time ... but it IS an issue that will have an impact on everyone, regardless of class, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc, etc. Put it this way, we can label ourselves any way we want ... being it ... left or right, christian/ jew, muslim, atheist, ... black, brown, yellow, red, or white ... gay, straight, bi, or transgender ... whenever you reach rock bottom and/ or end up in a local Mission soup kitchen line ... your label's are gone and your as naked as the day you were born ... being you could throw us all in a meat grinder together, and you would still end up with nothing but flesh, blood, and bone (equality by nature : )... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and the last place you want to end up especially if your an atheist, is a Gospel Mission soup kitchen ... cause you will have to sing song's of praise at that service before chow line ... no bow ... no chow : )

These again are thing's that I have covered since the start of this journal, and stating the importance of knowing what to expect and also staying one step ahead of the 3 entites that rule, for they alwayz are 2 step's ahead of you. This will update where all the gold is going, why, and what to expect, and keeping your head above water is all ... it's not to bring panic, but ... awareness is all ... I dont panic ... I'm simply a master of reality you can say. And let me make clear here, since this is political season ... NONE OF THIS WHATSOEVER is connected to our President Obama ... NONE! This man is about the best thing that happened to this nation and he has bent over backward's to try to do everything possible to try to get thing's smoother, you can credit though much of this push for austerity and the growth of corporate corruption to the last Administration, something the GOP opponent's WONT EVEN TOUCH ON ... yet trying to blame this elaborate calculated mess on President Obama! Some recent news and video's below, then a few additional word's from myself.

This posting will also be added in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" **** this posting has various link's to posting's, etc .. that will give a more clearer picture of this and what to expect on some avenue's.

Why are China and Russia buying all the Gold? ... Thanx to UKspreadbetting **** this is a new video

***** CBS/ 60 MINUTES: India's Love Affair With Gold ... newsread and video link's

Fed announces QE3 ... Thanx to RTAMERICA



The reason to be aware at least and give focus to this as avoiding "Strife, Misery and the Pursuit of Austerity", is because we are too absorbed at time's ... with too much thought of old school "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", and constantly not paying enough atencion to what is happening around us, until it's too late. As when I told Joe and his wife Elida to hold on to their gold a few year's ago ... they did, and tripled it's worth ... or when I told Elida to get her money out of a mega bank and put it into a local credit union, she see's she now get's better rate's, fee's and even service with a smile and yet still insured by the Fed ... or telling my son- in- law about diversifying his investment's for retirement, so he doesnt take another hit with his wife (my daughter) like the loss they took on their 401K's back from the 2008 hit, or something simple like when my neighbour Raul the other day asked me to check out a pick- up truck he was fixin to buy, to see if he was getting a decent deal, etc, etc ... I'm liberal sure on many simple thing's like sexuality, art's, etc ... but when it come's to what money I do have ... I'm very conservative. Sure you can sell your gold now, and make a pretty nice sum if you bought it several year's ago, or you can hold even more because of it's "solid" value that it will maintain ... but also a new obstacle you will face of chance/ gamble ... is what will become of the economy and the value of currency? This is why it is importante to not get too greedy thinking to sell all now and cash in, some greed is good and financially motivational, but extreme greed will take you down every time ... sell a portion, and only what would be of need to you as far as any expenses ... yet save the largest portion ... to let some of this play- out for a few more year's, because again ... what we will face in 2013 and beyond may shock some of us, so pay atencion.

My neighbour Suzy for instance crying over how Bank of America is milking the Hell out of them ... like I told Suzy ... ask yourself why you bank there? We actually still have a free enough country and system to make choice's ... and all your tax dollar's and economic bailout's go to strictly their livelihood and strengthening, not your's/ ours ... dont worry about them, dont do business with them if you can avoid it ... I sure as Hell wont ... for Pete's sake ... if the bloody complex government cant solve them and their issue's ... at least try to do what we can to dissolve them, it's simple. And most of these mega international giant's invest them dollar's abroad ... not here unless absolutely necessary, which could be a reality, but we have such a weak and divided government representation across the board ... who dont legislate a damn thing contractual to make this happen damn near, and owe the entities for their financial support from the last election. These mega entities are our biggest issue and problemo ... a pack of wolves dont feed those who just are weak and live off the rest of the pack, it is natural order to feed the hand which feed's and is strong first ... you keep feeding these entites, they will keep taking it ... especially if were that stupid to do so. When it come's to this international aid we dish out, especially defensively to create this global type military complex ... you take care of your home/ domestic issue's first, THEN ... you be charitable to other's, after all, how charitable can you be when your broke and cant even do for yourself?

Dont worry about the politician's, the mega banker's, the mega religious compound's (the 3- Entities) ... they all only thrive because of you/ us ... without us feeding them and buying into them constantly, their worth not much more to us than the dog piss on a light post ... nothing. This isnt about getting wealthy and making money as much as it's about staying out of those soup kitchen's if you can avoid it. There is plenty in the link's here about this ... Word Out ....



Infidel753 said...

and the last place you want to end up especially if your an atheist, is a Gospel Mission soup kitchen ... cause you will have to sing song's of praise at that service before chow line ... no bow ... no chow : )

Since charities can legally torment people by making them recite gibberish as a condition of giving them food, I wonder if just anybody can get in on the game. I could start a charity and require people to sing Lady Gaga songs before giving them food, or demand that they give readings from Dawkins and Hitchens. There are endless possibilities.

I moved my money from a bank to a credit union almost a year ago. It's a good deal.

an average patriot said...

Great job Tom and excellent picture! You are the Master! You do a great job you know whether you realize it or not.

I happen to agree with you as always but especially that Obama is the best thing that happened to this country.

Before he even decided to run I said he was the shining light to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush had us in.

Trouble is Repugs do not want us out and want to bring us back where Bush had us. Excellent!

Ranch Chimp said...

Congratulation's Infidel as far as getting your fund's away from the giant's, also remember that those giant financial entities are also going to be vulnerable as far as their service's as well here and there in the future, such as the other day when someone hacked into the biggest US bank's from the Middel East and people were not able to access their account's or info, we have alot of those who would love to disrupt our system's just because were America, the capitalist's or whatever.

I havent even thought of all the possibilities that you mentioned here, as far as getting folk's to chant and sing various different thing's ... but I sure as Hell dont want to run any service's or flock follower's, regardless of what it pay's to me ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Thanx for your voice here Infidel ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the compliment Jim ... as far as the photo ... I just got a haircut a few hour's prior to it, it was nearly halfway down my back, and had it styled and some mousse put in it, that why it look's slicked back : ) (my daughter said ... damn dad !!, get it cut!!) (nag, nag, nag : ) ... it was actually just randomly done (photo), by believe it or not ... one of my grandson's with a bloody phone the other night last week, while going to the car, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... man oh man, what technologies can do eh? I dont even use my goddamn camera on my phone at that ... but like having it handy in case of an accident or need to photo something of importance I reckon.

But as far as the writing Jim, I appreciate the vote of confidence of course, what I was referring to though, is I actually LACK real formal education as far as even simple writing skill's. as far as punctuation's, commas's, or whatever, and I lack knowing how to write what I want to say in fewer word's, an experienced and well schooled writer dont make them error's or whatever. I wasnt joking Jim when I said that 8th grade was the last grade I completed in school Jim, sure as Hell nothing to be proud of especially around my grandkid's and daughter's who are college degree educated etc ... but the fact's are the fact's Jim ... and I shouldnt be ashamed either ... I just got to live with it. But yes, because of my literary handicap's like such, I sometime's word thing's a lil too much fearing that I am not getting my point across if I dont ... so it's easier for me to write pretending that I am just talking to a person(s) one on one and not actually writing, if that make's any sense (?)

Anywayz Jim ... the Chicago Bears are on the ranch (Dallas)to take on the Cowboyz tonight, which you can catch on ESPN's Monday Night Football, bout 30 minute's I reckon ... it ought to be a good un Jim ... both are 2 win's, 1 loss going in, and Chicago is no cake walk either ... so Dallas better get off their asses tonight, and especially stop them bloody penalties they do and those turn- over's like Tony Romo's (QB Dallas) trademark for bloody interception's, but yeah guy ... my adrenaline is in high gear on this one tonight! And the weather here in Dallas is drop dead gorgeous for a game, so they should open the roof tonight ... we had constant rain all this last damn weekend, and all goddamn day and night of it! I'm lucky I didnt get a bloody cold or somethin, I was soaked saturday.

Later Jim ....