Thursday, October 4, 2012

THE WILL CALLERS (PT.1): "Dark In Dallas", "Dallas Deep Studio Sessions", "87 Miles" (for Justin)

The Will Callers

The Will Callers

This posting for the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to highlight some of the work of a local fresh group based in the Fort Worth sector of the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, who has been gearing up recently doing more appearance's and work in Dallas' revitalized Deep Ellum scene, Greenville Ave district, etc. Mr. Justin Elliot is the newest addition to this crew on guitar, who's been I reckon with the crew for about a year now if I recall correctly. Also as I recall, Justin said that they just finished up on some master's for an album/ cd, which is in the production process right now and soon to be released ... and congratulation's to ya'll!

Over this last weekend I had the opportunity to have some one on one chat with Justin in Arlington, just going over small chat and our influence's in music ... going over nearly 100 year's back from the Roaring 20's and Ragtime to the Sun Records artist's (Elvis's early era and label) to Hard Rock, Progressive Country, Soul/ R&B, Metal, Punk, Pop, etc, which is alwayz fun, and his knowledge and love of such tell's me alot ... but was curious to know where The Will Callers are looking on going, because I frankly cant even tell or even pin point any few key influence's, since the crew seem's so versatile and in so many direction's, I mean, I can listen to a couple tune's and probably name off a dozen or so influence's, yet not pin point a direction or genre ... so trying to categorize a genre is tough for me. Well ... from what Justin sayz as to direction or whatever ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... they dont even bloody know, dont really give a shit either, but just have a ton of influence's, idea's, and want to have fun doing whatever make's it's way. So in this crew's work you may hear blue's, rockabilly, rock- n- roll, country, or whatever ... it all play's a part in their worx.

After going over a few piece's I told Justin that I would like to highlight them in this journal ... Justin said "Yeah ... great ... just do whatever you want on it ... although I dont know how popular it would be (chuckle : )". But I was never about choosing music on popularity to begin with ... instead, just great music and artist's to highlight, in my opinion Justin is a well rounded guitarist as well, and Jake Murphy's vocal work I really admire with it's smooth blend ... whether it's a home garage band and piece, to hardcore, underground, nostalgic, to a pop artist. So I chose a few piece's below to highlight, with an excellent new original piece that they done earlier this year called "Dark In Dallas" ... and wishing ya'll the best of the best, looking forward to catching ya'll live in Deep Ellum sometime after your new album release as well ... Enjoy!

**** Also a lil somethin here I wanted to add for Justin : )





The Will Callers- Dark In Dallas live session ... Thanx to THEWILLCALLERS

The Will Callers/ Deep Dallas Studio Sessions ... Thanx to DEEPDALLASMUSIC

The Will Callers - 87 Miles ... Thanx to THEWILLCALLERS


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