Thursday, February 25, 2010

MUDDY WATERS and SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: "Got my Mojo workin" .... SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: "Keep it to Yourself" ....

In this posting for this journal's music sector .... it's past due that I post these two gentlemen/ artist's in particular .... and because they are the major influence of almost all of the music in this journal .... and part of my spirit since day one.

My love for music was all inspired by Jazz, R&B, and Soul early in my childhood, such as James Brown. All of the classic rock from the British Invasion of the 1960's of such icon's as The Yardbirds to the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Animals, Clapton, etc .... to the American legend's from the New York Dolls to Aerosmith to Hendrix .... were all partly influenced by these two gentlemen, as well as Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt who I posted in an earlier post who was also a major influence to Led Zeppelin's great composer and string master Jimmy Page.

Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) 1913-1983 of Issaquena County,MS the legendary blues guitarist/ vocalist/ writer and Sonny Boy Williamson (Aleck Ford) 1899/1912- 1965 (his birth year has been questionable) of Tallahatchie County, MS. the legendary blues harmonica/ vocalist/ writer, are the cornerstone's of the rock music evolution that fan's cherish today .... and were the "sparkle in the eye" of so many of today's icon's of the art and industry early in their lives. Thank You so much gentlemen for your art and contribution's to our Art's Culture and America! And a couple of my favourite's below.

This first piece is "live" .... of the two together performing "Got my Mojo workin" .... Enjoy ....

Sonny Boy Williamson II- Keep It To Yourself- Live in Europe- 1963 ... Thanx to SZKAPELEK



Tim said...

This posting was a gift! Thank you Dude.

Ranch Chimp said...

Your welcome, Mr.Tim!