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JIMI HENDRIX (PT.2) 2013/ PEOPLE, HELL, & ANGELS: "Foxey Lady", "Hear My Train A Comin", "Somewhere", & "Earth Blues"

***** BILLBOARD/ AP: Jimi Hendrix' 'People, Hell & Angels' Gives Final Taste of Unreleased Works .... after going over a few reviews, I chose to post this one here as well

Part 2 of Jimi Hendrix for this journal's music/ art's honour roll society, will be to highlight and explore the unreleased studio worx of Jimi, some of which was released in different version's before, with a refreshing taste on these, and some new work as well ... and what a sweet engineered piece of work this came out to be too! I been excited about this new release and couldnt wait to do a posting on it myself ... and let me add, that Jimi has been the most difficult artist to keep posted in this journal, I have had to replace video's sometime's at least once a month in Part One, due to copyright and being taken down off YouTube, I never had to experience this with any other artist ... so I expect this as well to be not much more easy. Due to these take downs for copyright or whatever, I had to replace the first video "Inside Out", because they were all removed from YouTube, so I just chose a favourite, not off the 2013 album, but a nice live performance of "Foxey Lady"

What is really nice about this selection on this new album/ cd, is that it was during a time (1968/ 1969) of a major transition between the two band's of Jimi's ... "Jimi Hendrix Experience" and "Band of Gypsys" ... an experimental stage if you will as far as what direction he was looking at ... and Hendrix was alwayz unconventional and experimenting in a way from the getgo, doing thing's and devising method's that no one else was touching at the time, he was just open around the clock it seemed, and constantly searching for something new. I only wish there could have been more interview's with him concerning his method's, research, etc during these time's, such as like todayz workshop's, etc. But then, he was still a young man and artist despite the load of music he already put out when he accidently passed away in his latter 20's. He was a genius and landmark artist and guitarist and a very crafty lyricist as well ... just a bundle of talent exploding at the time, and a left handed guitarist that strung his string's in reverse too.

Selecting song's here to post was difficult for me, and I didnt want to post the entire album here as one piece, yet everything here on it had it's own unique flavouring too. Some of this album seem's to embrace some of his early root's and influence as when he played with Little Richard for instance, and some of those smooth progressive rhythm pattern's he done so well, I also liked the sharp sax work from session buddy Lonnie Youngblood thrown in and outstanding percussion's, keyboard's, etc ... just an overall well done full orchestrated type worx, yet still raw enough to not be too watered down and overproduced, yet simultaneously, laying that foundation for the transitional guitar work that led to what today would be categorized as metal type lead's, etc. Then some other piece's that really stood out instrumentally and touching into some of the backing vocal blend's as well.

Enough from me ... cause I wont shut my goddamn mouth up ... Enjoy! {: )





The Jimi Hendrix Experience- Foxey Lady (Miami Pop 1968) ... Thanx to JIMI HENDRIX VEVO

Jimi Hendrix- Hear My Train A Comin (lyrics video) ... Thanx to JIMI HENDRIX VEVO

Jimi Hendrix- Somewhere (Audio) (2013 release) ... Thanx to JIMI HENDRIX VEVO

Jimi Hendrix/ Berkeley, CA 5- 30- 70 soundcheck "Earth Blues" (photo w/ music) ... Thanx to JORDAN LACOMBE


Jimi Hendrix guitar, Little Richard vocals (1965)




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