Thursday, March 21, 2013

CHROMIUM- 6: ... America's HEAVY METAL(S) HINKLEY Reality and their RENT- A- SCIENTIST'S ... "Have A DRINK ON ME" (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.22)

Part 22 of the "Global War'n'ing" series is posted in this series because it is an enviromental issue, and the series was originally started to focus on global warming, but is intended to cover all enviromental issue's as well, so therefore I also am changing the series title from "Global Warming" to "Global War'n'ing" to be a tad more fitting ... but yes ... I STILL believe global warming enhanced and accelerated by human's action's IS REAL ... so I'm not trying to sugar- coat the title of the series either, and part of this posting's title was inspired by the 1980 AC/DC classic "Have A Drink On Me". Again, these posting's are not to inspire paranoia and panic, but simply awareness and to enlighten is all.

One of the thing's I brought up time and again over the year's whether in this journal or face to face on the street in small chat, is this new issue of today of "rent- a- scientist's" ... why? ... because it's also a mucho problemo in our nation ... I have noticed it over the year's contaminating everything, especially with the new social media tool's they have utilized, to spread some of the clear bullshit and run around that we get, of course inspired by our recent contamination of mega corporate and banking communist's and friend's, again ... a worthless bunch of goddamn parasite's ... who keep us in financial desperation so they can buy us out and truth with a few $$ dog- biscuit's $$ they throw our way.

Like most ... I would have thought that the Hinkley incident by now would have been cleared up ... but nope ... it isnt even close it appear's, and I realize how complex this is and it cant be done overnight ... but what your telling us though while you do these thing's to our drinking water's and nation ... that it will take about a half century to get a good handle on, eh? ... the usual drag and snag that come's with so much of this and other related issue's to every damn thing that we buy/ pay for and consume from these folk's ... yet still feeding the fire while putting the rest of it out. But this just isnt an issue in Hinkley (CA) ... but all over the entire nation as shown below. Many of us these dayz drink mainly bottled water (I drink several bottle's per day for instance) you may say ... but this tap water thing impact's at least 70+ million according to these folk's ... which is not too skimpy of a number. Some link's and stuff below ... and a short video series from PBS NewsHour ... That's the REALITY ....

**** NOTE: When I use the term "rent- a- scientist's" throughout this journal or here, let me be clear that most scientist's are not bought and paid rent- a- scientist type's, but there is an increasing handful of them, usually some that are simply in some sort of financial strain or whatever, and can be swayed by the almighty dollar instead, who may be paid by some mega corporate interest to research ONLY to "their" benefit. Most scientist's would never want to even engage in this crap ... and not strictly because of ethic's or such ... but simply because of their lifelong quest for truth and discovery that started early in their childhood.


***** WORLD NEWS: There's still too much toxic hexavalent chromium 6 in Sacramento's tap water

***** PBS NEWSHOUR: How to Get Chromium- 6 Out of Your Water

***** CDPH/ CA.GOV: Chromium- 6 in Drinking Water: MCL Update


Science for Sale ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Decision Delayed on Dangerous Chemical in Drinking Water ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR




MY RUIN- Have A Drink On Me ... Thanx to MYRUIN **** I wanted to close this posting with the classic 1980 AC/DC tune ... but done here as a new cover from L.A's own "My Ruin" ... with the most dark and lovely Tairrie B on vocal's ... who really kick's ass as a singer and bundle of talent ... and her unmatched beauty to top it off! {: ) ... this will also be added to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"




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