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KIMANI GRAY KILLING in East Flatbush/ Brooklyn ... Cop's are Brisk on the Stop & Frisk ... LOCKDOWN on BROOKLYN TOWN ... (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.12)

Kimani Gray

Part 12 of the "Police Brutality" series will be concerning the case of the NYPD killing/ shooting of Kimani Gray the other day in East Flatbush. Another area of our country that is rather sentimental to me, where as a kid myself I ran the street's and stayed last just a bit northwest of there near Prospect Park, where Washington and Flatbush Avenue's meet (I also lived in Buffalo). Brooklyn has alwayz been sort of an immigration melting pot too, today is more culturally different than back year's ago when I stayed there, which was then saturated with European immigrant's ... today much more immigration from place's like Haiti and Jamaica ... yet still a working class part of the New York area for the most part. I may sound kind of blunt to be calling it a "killing", when some say these were spit and polished, previously decorated police heroes acting in self defense ... but when you have bullet's that entered through the back confirmed ... I would have some question's too. And Thanx again to RT America for staying on top of this so well. Anywayz some video and newread first, then my 2 cent's on this ... and concerning the reaction of the community over this, which is why this will be in the "Police Brutality" series, not to say that it was police brutality of the victim though, cause I have no proof of that yet ... but the tactical method's of todayz NYPD.

Brooklyn protester news thrives on social media; ignored by mainstream ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** MAIL ONLINE: 'It sounds like a war zone': Chaos in Brooklyn as 100 teenagers 'riot' on the streets following vigil of 16- year- old who was shot to death by NYPD plainclothes cops

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Officers who shot and killed 16- year- old Kimani Gray in East Flatbush have been commended for acts of bravery on patrol

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Enraged protesters battle cops in Brookyn streets during third night of rioting after it's revealed that 16- year- old Kimani Gray was shot in the back

***** NEW YORK POST: Blame Kimani Gray ... The cops were doing their job

NYPD unleash their own laws on Brooklyn? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Actually I read several piece's on this already beside's what I chose to post above ... yet still there is not enough info being released as to what happened here. In fact report's contradicted each other ... getting in some that there were 7 shot's fired or 11 shot's fired as example. And NYPD of course is tight- lipped while it's in progress ... but it's confirmed from what I gather that there were back entry wound's to the young victim, and the only get around I can possibly see in that for the officer's defense would simply be, since 2 officer's were supposedly firing, when the victim was shot with a first hit, it could have made him turn to try to avoid the fireline he was in, meaning that in a spin (or even a nerve reaction spin from the first entry) could have made his body in a second or two turn to where his back was where the next slug's had impact ... I mean to fire that many round's from 2 gun's is just a few second's, but I sure as Hell wouldnt just blindly buy that either without some real investigative work done ... I'm just saying how bullet contact's and bodies/ victim's may react from a hit ... just like when a first shot is fired, the victim may naturally try to put their arm up as a reflectionary reaction which is natural, or even turn to try to take off and flee the line of fire ... this shit happen's so quick though.

As far as the pistol that the victim was alleged to had, that you see in the photo's ... I dont know nothing either without some print/ DNA confirmation, if he fired there would also be residue on him, etc, a simple photo of a .357 or .38 (?) (I had a .357 once that looked exactly like that though) ... dont tell me or anyone else jack, for all I know, it could have been a "throwdown" piece ... which is a firearm that some cop's have, not very traceable, that they keep stashed, in case of an accidental or intentionally foul kill, that they throw down or put in the victim's hand to claim the victim was armed, etc ... so again ... zilch/ nothing. It's easy to get a throwdown and not even try to go through confiscated properties to ... just randomly picking up illegal arm's here and there during raid's, searches, chases/ pursuit's where suspect's toss piece's, etc ... get it, and clean it enough to make the trace difficult ... no registration, etc.

The fact of the record track that the victim had, make's it not look good for the victim too, and if they confirm gang affiliation's which in any urban area like that isnt hard to do, they can tie that just to a one time casual association if anything, if they want to play hardball. However, if this is a street smart kid ... it isnt likely that he would have pointed a gun at a cop, especially in a neighbourhood like that ... not unless, he didnt know it was cop's and they didnt identify themselves, but usually a street kid can sense a cop, or there would have been some warning like somebody saying/ yelling "5-0", or some term that let's folk's know that there is heat/ cop's around. I just dont see this kid pulling a piece on the cop's, especially 2 of them side by side, and with people around, having a record on top of it ... just dont add up much. The "suspicious move" shit that the cop's say he made is weak ... believe me ... just breathing is a goddamn suspicious move if they want it to be. And cop's in this kind of working poor area, dont nearly use the same restraint and respect as they would in another precinct in a more well off neighbourhood ... right's are violated more than the goddamn breeze blow's on a daily basis in them neighbourhood's, because they know that most people cant afford attorney's to contest it. It's just fucked up man, if you have to live in that enviroment. The same reason why a kid 16 would be carrying a piece around, even if he wasnt with a gang ... he may have to protect himself ... and sure as Hell cant count on the cop's to protect you. This so called "stop and frisk" law to me is disastrous to have, these anti- gun folk's think that keep's the street's clean of illegal gun's and shit ... all it does is open a door to frisk anyone at anytime and get away with it ... it's bullshit and should be unconstitutional in my opinion, giving that kind of authority to a cop can just end up in abuse, because you can bet ... they will be brisk and frisk quick anybody who even dresses a certain way or style of clothes, it can contribute to too many incident's like this happening with cop's shooting first and investigating later. I mean ... alot of young urban kid's dress a certain way as a fashion statement of sort, or to express themselves and style or whatever ... so much of it could be easily mistaken for "gang related" style or whatever, and all a cop has to do if questioned about his stopping and frisking ... is say ... he "suspected" the attire was related to gang's or an anonymous complaint/ tip, etc ... it give's cop's a free ride to go beyond the limit's of legal authority of search.

Which also bring's me to the police brutality part ... which is too common these dayz, the tactical method's these dayz is like nothing from my day as a kid, and cop's in New York today shoot like they did in Texas back in the 1970's, and carry fire power today like 1970's Texas ... weird how Texas and New York has almost reversed their role's it seem's, having lived in both, California today the same almost, with such problem area's like Oakland up in the Bay Area. The restriction's, law's, searches, lockdown's, etc are really strict as well these dayz in place's like Brooklyn. I never connect these looter's with these protest's ... looter's is a small fraction that you alwayz have to expect when any area has a sort of uprise where there is such a lack of wealth ... most of the people are sincere though in protest's and want justice for the victim's and want to be heard simply. The sad fact is ... if you live in one of these lower income working class area's today, your more or less looked at as a menace to society instead of a citizen, and if you DONT raise Hell ... you will NEVER be heard ... or have to wait some ridiculous amount of time to get justice or a decent impartial and fair investigation. These folk's have to look out for themselves and their interest's, since no one else is likely to. I'm sure Mayor Bloomberg is busy with his nanny position restricting soft drinx and kissing ass downtown on Wall Street (Manhattan). On Wall Street cocaine exchange is as common as stock trading ... in East Flatbush ... cocaine will get you endless time behind bar's and targeted for life after, with much stricter penalties because of your low financial status ... again ... it's just fucked up.

And that's all these thing's are is lockdown's ... the same way they treat prisoner's when they want to restrict and isolate them ... so whether your on the street or in jail/ prison ... you still feel like a prisoner of sort, since your not free to move about or other's to come in freely. One thing feed's the other ... and despite all the decent cop's that dont take their authority overboard ... because of the pressure's these dayz, you have too many that abuse their authority. No one downtown give's a shit, just as long as their appointed goon squad type cop's keep the working poor and inferior's away from them and their district's. So in my opinion ... these protest's and anger are justified 110% ... otherwise ... no one will listen or give a shit and sweep it under a rug.

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