Friday, March 15, 2013

SCAMMED BARGAIN 2013 ? ... The Progressive Caucus/ Ellison "Back To Work Budget" vs. The GOP/ Ryan "Path To Prosperity Budget" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.20) & (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.14)

This posting will serve for the "Truth Or Treason" and "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" series both, and the reason I call it the scammed bargain with a "?" mark ... is because it is widely known as the "Grand Bargain" ... and I dont think anything grand about it, if it end's up like I been writing it may in my last posting's related to this ... but, I want to be optimistic here and be fair and give the benefit of doubt, that our President and so many Democrat's will stand their ground and NOT cut and dice up Social Security, slash benefit's to our disabled veteran's, slash our elderly, medicare/ medicaid, etc, etc, etc ... you know ... all the stuff that the President and fellow Democrat's "promised" they would not cut at "our" request for our support last year, eh? Were counting on ya'll ... dont welch on your promise, okay? ... it's simple. I mean, I know what the Republican's are going to do, and they damn sure are as honest as you can get about it, and have KEPT their promises to the 1% as promised 110% ... which is to cut us on everything, privatize our Social Security and turn over alot of it to Wall Street, shut down our USPS, no tax increases to the largest corporation's, bank's, and the wealthiest, and even still planning on turning Medicare into a voucher programme to shop from state to state with your lil ole $7000 a year or whatever to spend on their inferior care/ insurance ... the Republican's I must say here have been VERY HONEST. But so far ... too many key Democrat's from the President on down have been talking kind of shakey ... not nearly as firm, let's just say. Even Nancy Pelosi NOW talking about slashing our entitlement's and other's on  the left who just month's ago ... vowed THEY WILL NOT ... so this is why I said a year ago that 2013 will be the shaft and moment of truth. I mean, I dont know what kind of Willie Foo- Foo type mindset's and people they deal these package's to ... for me, I make it simple ... which is ... tell me anything you want ... but NEVER tell me what the fuck I'm/ your gonna do with my/ our own goddamn money ... hear what I'm sayin? This aint Wall Street's money, retirement, benefit's/ entitlement's, or a goddamn thing else ... THIS IS OUR'S ... so ya'll get that shit straight.

This is also why I focused so much on Congressman Paul Ryan last year, while many Democrat's were just busy entertaining themselves cracking joke's about Gov. Mitt Romney, dog's in cages or some similar related shit on his vehicle, etc ... and ignoring the REAL threat in their entertaining state of mind, I mean I'm all for fun and game's too ... but when it come's to money and the serious shit ... I dont fuck around. In fact, if Paul would have been the Presidential candidate as I have pointed out last year ... believe me, he would have given President Obama a tighter run ... Paul is a winner, a hustler ... a man who as you can see ... dont waste no goddamn time ... he lost the election, yet is on a hot rail to Hell now in 2013 in the limelight, making move's, designing plan's, and in your face ... and like I said, he would run thing's in a Romney Administration, because he is a major "asset" to Wall Street ... and sharp as a straight razor ... but also as deadly. Romney wasnt even worth me writing much about ... he is kind of weak, bland, etc ... nice guy and personality and all that shit, but not for real, and basically nothing but a mouthpiece and gofer ... all talk ... and no action in other word's ... you see who is running this budget negotiation's here in 2013, eh? ... not Romney, nor Boehner, etc ... but Ryan ... I rest my case and point. And look for Ryan as a future Presidential candidate as well.

I especially do these series to point out real winner's, and being a leftest sort of political guy here, I want to highlight Congressman Keith Ellison (MN) ... listen to the man ... there is nothing shakey about what his plan's are and his crew of Progressive's, he's straight on target and pushing a plan that is very competitive, which can really also run Ryan some competition if it came to a people's choice, Ellison is no lightweight in finance either. These posting's are to highlight just to show that ... "Truth or Treason". And to dismiss some of the bullshit and Democrat fear ... like because Congress has such a strong Republican hold, that everybody else in Congress must kiss up to them ... NO .. there are some BOLD progressive's that are going to stand up to you straight on! ... and dont mix us up with some of the popular pussies on the mainstream left ... were a different breed if you will ... and will NOT BUDGE or sell- out! ... no matter how hard you make it on us, and many like myself will walk in a heartbeat if ya'll fuck around and get too weak when push come's to shove ...  hear what I'm sayin? And those on the left who are ... you can bet I will highlight them here as well for their weakness and incompetence ... in trying time's like this, with so much on the table ... YOU DONT halfstep and start fucking around and display weakness, okay? any other time or on simpleton social issue's, etc, etc ... it's fine, but NOT in  situation like this. And of course, my man Bernie's input below as well .... Word Out ....

**** TIP: And dont pay much atencion to all this Willie Foo- Foo shit in the news about how great the Dow has been doing this week, 200,000 job's this month or that month, etc ... all that's tellin ya'll is that the wealthy are getting alot more wealthy, and their happy with all this austerity talk and such ... the minute that shit drop's a few month's down the road over some silly buzz phrase or international terror threat or whatever ... ya'll will feel it big time on ya'll 401K's and related. None of that shit create's any goddamn job's, it's all pipedream shit ... the people and small businesses are feeling the pinch in recession ... the big money dont feel shit ... okay? Nor should their jubilee's mean jack squat to us.

Rep. Keith Ellison's Budget is Driven by Facts! ... Thanx to THEBIGPICTURERT

Sanders on the Cycle ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS










James Joiner said...

It Is comical if it wasn't so tragic to the truth as to what we the people and our America need to survive but it is obvious Ryan has no concern for us or our version of America.

He simply wants it eliminated and have his Reagan's and Bush's reconstituted.

What is sick is now that we are getting what we need and want through Obama that Repugs think we will let it go.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim ... I feel that Ryan is more hardcore in his vision's and principle's than Reagan or Bush even ... this guy is a financial engineer of sort, believe's in the ole trickle down theory and think's America is going to Hell in a handbasket, feeling like a hero that will save it's fall. But I explained as well in my past posting on him and related, why his vision could only mean disaster for year's to come for the working classes (while we wait for the trickle down), and unlike him or his maybe personal business ethic's, who he support's, or think's he is supporting will not hold up to their end of any bargain ... recent history and action's by them show exactly what their about ... and no ... they DONT want to share their pie or ANY prosperity once it's in their grasp ... when we lose it in other word's ... the chance of getting it back is slim to none. But that's just how I see this. No ... Ryan's version of America, is a future Yuppian Utopian picture, where everyone is doing well, etc, etc ... which is supposed to trickle down and create itself through the very people that burned us (Wall St) and lost big time on risky betting in our last rescue of them ... you and me guy ... will be livin on pork & bean's if were lucky to be able to afford something other then Sam's Choice (WalMart) dog food ... that would be our treat, while were waiting for the financial rescue calvary to pay off ... better not hold our breath though {: )

Thanx for yor voice here Jim ... finally we are getting some 70's, sunny dayz and beautiful weather after this long winter! Hope ya'll get a break from the snow storm's too.