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TOO BIG TO FAIL BA(N)KERY PT.1: More DOUGH Than The Pillsbury Doughboy ... EQUITY & AUSTERITY with Sequester Gesture's (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.13) (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.5) (NATION OF BS PT.10)

This posting to serve 3 series for this journal first of all ... but ... I havent kept up with the sequestration shit as much as I would have liked to, but sure as Hell wrote plenty about this game throughout this journal. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a long enough layover at the ITC train station in downtown Fort Worth to catch some lunch and watch the President's speech he gave at the shipyard on CNN there ( ... and he said a mouthful that I applaud him as well ... because ... it's the truth! And Congress reverse's the gameplays with their spinning twists to blame everything on the President, they're figuring that pressuring and spotlighting the President ... he is bound to give in, and they of course havent a damn thing to lose, because they will make sure they have enough bullshit and lies to cover their asses for the 2014 mid- term's. One of these dayz ... the President may surprise them all, and not budge ... then what will they do? ... Well ... they'll whine like the entities that they support to not pay any taxes and bank their money offshore. These games are so frequent these dayz, that they became a quarterly event ... and frankly much of the American people are getting sick and tired of the bullshit.

The way we toss around billions these dayz, the $85 billion or so in cut's doesnt make most people anymore flinch, and too big to fail has become too frail to prevail without our generosity in every respect. Just the $83 billion ALONE in mega bank subsidies that Sen. Warren below talk's about, is enough to cover the cut's they want to push on us. And dont think that these are different entities, they all feed together from the same pool (us), like a "gang" if you will ... whether it's the mega bank's, pharma/ medical, mortgages, etc, etc ... they all sleep together. The fact's here are that the only downsizing idea's and moves that these mega bank's are doing, is thousand's of layoff's in their system's, yet raking in record profit's and devouring more and more, yet at the same time with their affiliates, sitting in our government and suggesting why the people need to be cut more from entitlement's (that we pay for, not them), education, services, government representation, and everything else that we SOLELY pay for ... and on top of that ... how the tax increases need to go to us ONLY ... this is fact. As Senator Warren point's out below to Bernanke ... not a bloody thing has been being done ... period, to do a damn thing about downsizing, dissolving to some extent, etc, etc ... something I been pointing out as well since the start of this journal ... five year's later ... as I suspected back in 2008 ... it's like a carbon copy.

Basically these too big to fail entities once again are building equity/ value off us, while pushing our austerity (and the globe), then they have their political mouthpieces come in like Congress and toss these sequester gestures around like nightclub flyer's. The fact of the matter is, these SOB's got more goddamn $$dough$$ than the Pillsbury Doughboy, and are more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant ... yet ALWAYZ whining to "Help me -- Help me!" I really believe in helping those businesses that truly need help, but these folk's DONT need help ... really. Frankly I'm sick of giving them anymore generosity on a damn thing ... I actually stopped dealing with many of these entities several year's ago now ... and know damn well we can make better choices on how we do business and MOVE into the 21st century ... because just like the political system they infiltrated and contaminated ... they are just as dysfunctional ... without us ... they're nothing. Which is exactly why they're all milking us, cause they know they and their wayz are relic's of the past and will fail unless they control everything ... they cant do much of anything on their own and get it straight.

More below from Senator's Warren and Sanders ... who I really enjoyed posting these two on the same posting ... they got it clear as day with no bullshit to try to sift through ... Word Out ....

***** NOTE: Senator Warren's original video has been taken down off YouTube ... so I updated this posting on  03/ 14/ 2014 with a replacement video of her Q&A of Bernanke below ....

Elizabeth Warren Ben Bernanke Q&A. 7- 18- 2013 ... Thanx to MICHAEL SAVAGE SHOW UPDATES- MEDIA ALERT

Sanders on Sequestration ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** PD/ RCJ: "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" PART'S 12 THRU 1



Taxpayers subsidize big banks handing out $83 bln annually ... Thanx to RTAMERICA **** an added video here just posted by RT America, that I wanted to add because I think Mr. Randazzo here sum's it up simple to explain how this worx, so we dont just think that we "hand out" $83 billion cash every year, this explain's in simple term's what's happening. The fact again, is that these insurance guarantee's or whatever you want to call it/ them, only build's the institution larger, although it's meant to ONLY secure it for investor's ... BUT ... the point I want to make here is when these entities do get too much more larger, the fall can only be that much harder when they do fall ... this is what were missing to address. And history show's that it is inevitable that they will fail here and there at some point ... it's simply how these thing's work.




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