Sunday, February 17, 2013

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN/ The "Clean Up Woman": In her 1st Banking Committee Hearing ... AMAZING Blazing GRACE & In Your FACE (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.4)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)

Part 4 here of the "Elizabeth Warren" series will simply be to highlight a clip/ news from the Senator's first Banking Committee Hearing ... and ... of course as I expected no less from her ... she came straight to the point with no bullshit day one ... while I hear that Congress took off again the other day for another couple week's of R&R to cook up some new bullshit I reckon, play a few game's of golf or whatever ... the Senator is hard at work, yet making it look so easy ... why? ... because it is ... that's what made me think of the song "Clean Up Woman". I mean ... hardly anyone ask's those simple yet "importante" question's, unless their campaigning and it's directed at their opponent only. It is folk's like Sen. Warren, Rep. Grayson, and Sen. Sanders to name a few, that has made me such a strong left supporter after year's of voting straight Republican ... she and they have what so many seem to have lost ... some integrity! Thank You Senator!

Elizabeth Warren EMBARRASSES Bank Regulators At First Banking Committee Hearing ... Thanx to LES GROSSMAN

***** MSNBC: Watch out Wall Street: Warren comes out blazing in first hearing (newsread)




Betty Wright- Clean Up Woman- live in London 2013 ... Thanx to DOMINICMCLEMAN **** I wanted to also dedicate this song to Sen. Warren which partly inspired this posting title, from Betty herself "live" the other day (02/ 15/ 13) at Islington Assembly Hall doing her 1971 classic!




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