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Thomas Hudson Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

Part 9 of "Yall Street" and Part 11 of "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" will look at a stealthy way to rustle up a few hundred billion dollar's for the government/ country, that for many, especially conservative's would make sense and work ... why? ... because in mid to late 20th century theory it would work actually ... similar to the "trickle down economic's" theory which would have also worked in that era, and has proven itself in practice and history. And the idea that we can save our government budget through trimming excessive spending is great ... ESPECIALLY if doing so ... another few hundred billion dollar's or so isnt spent on new corporate manufactured invasion's of nation's during that same projected 10 year spending period, eh? whataya think, eh? ... that's it ... NO WAY JOSE! {: ) But this is why I been writing about this for so long and their plan's once the 2012 election's got out of the way, the connect to those who pumped million's into the election's, why, and what to expect. This posting is inspired by so many folk's locally over several month's now ... who frankly have not much idea what this new "buzz phrase/ title" mean's ... of "Chained CPI"? Well, it sound's sweet, just like "global warming" is now "climate change", etc, etc ... but it's the same bullshit that we alwayz get fed, regardless of how sweet the taste has improved ... which amount's to basically attorney's figuring out wayz to manipulate cost of living adjustment's (COLA) and a new dish of cat food instead or regular food. Some read and view below, and Thanx to ALL of them ... then I will elaborate a tad to enlighten here.

***** NATIONAL JOURNAL: What Is Chained CPI? **** this piece is a decent read to look at how this worx ... or at least in theory, to get a lil understanding of how it's done.

Sen. Whitehouse: Chained CPI would hurt RI'ers on Social Security ... Thanx to SENATORWHITEHOUSE

Hands Off Social Security and Veterans' Benefits ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

These posting's I do on this are geared more toward's the younger people, such as my kid's and grandkid's, than to older folk's like myself, and is why I try to enlighten so many locally when these subject's come up ... and am amazed as to all the interest young people take in these thing's when I talk to them and answer their question's, as well as get their opinion's/ view's ... no doubt, that their far more enlightened and hip than back in our generation's of the 1950's, 1960's and such ... and partly because the shaft that been being shoved up their asses ... in other word's ... "experience" ... we got the shaft back then ... but today, our young people are really getting rammed big time ... and frankly, they know it, this will have a major impact on them that will make our past look mild, especially when it come's to age eligibilties and other proposed so called "modification's" cloaked in bullshit like "modernization". This is nothing but a slippery slope whenever you let these thing's slip by without a fight, and the cut's become easier for those imposing them as they go ... yet our/ your cost will never decrease, which is why I call it ... "pay more and expect less". Also ... make note of politician's that support this quickly and jump onboard with it ... they should be rooted out, even if it's unintentional and they believe this theory will work ... and it does make sense, just like the trickle down thing ... but in todayz global market, it's not likely. Yet the billion's that we paid out in bailout's was made back and repaid in a large part ... however ... the fist's that hold it ... remain tightfisted and NOT letting any of it flow into the economy, ratholing all the wealth domestically and offshore, and the list goes on. To avoid all the expenses and taxes that they can ... they have their accountant's and attorneyz look at everything that can get cut that doesnt have any impact on their investment's ... which is detrimental to business and the economy in these economic's transitional time's, and will indirectly impact even their own investment's in time ... which of course is the slippery slope that pushes the global austerity proposal's and related.

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In this immediate term though, the seniors will get hit substantially, and there is NOTHING to offset it, no balance whatsoever, and adjustment's and assessment's that simply dont even apply to folk's that are already retired, as you see in the above video for instance ... senior's are not in the market for large flatscreen's, laptop's, iPad's, fashion wear, and the list goes on ... so you make an adjustment on manufactured fantasies and make it "just"(?). And this horseshit is endless out of Washington, even as Senator Whitehouse point's out above ... it keep's getting taken "off" the table, yet keep's getting put back "on" the table. Just like both parties stepped down off it back in december 2012 if you recall ... you shouldnt need much explanation to know why though ... it was december, which is a mega consumer month due to the holiday season ... they took it off the table, because they wanted everyone to think all is well and both parties are reaching compromise, etc, etc ... to gain "consumer confidence", eh? ... that's the real deal, same way they pull this quarterly fiscal crisis junk, kicking it down the road to re- use again and again. But the way this is calculated and the presentation of such is what make's some folk's even on the democrat side think it will work, and will stall inflation, and maybe it will some, however, it will have an immediate negative impact on every small business in this nation as well as (un)employment and on down the line, which will outweigh any benefit thereof ... which "then" lead's to "reason" to try to so call "reform" social security ... which of course I explained the proposed privatization of it here, as well as so many other linked posting's ... just so these mega financial entities can get their paw's on that $2.7 trillion reserve's in it. And they want to privatize everything that the people's government own and make go bankrupt to sell to the highest bidder, and who do you think can "bid" the highest, eh? ... you got it ... the one's with all the money, then THEY BECOME your NEW GOVERNMENT, get my drift?  And dont buy this stupid mush- headed shit they tell you, that Social Security will be broke in 21 bloody year's, cause if you buy it, they will next year propose some other horseshit saying a new and improved analysis sayz it will now be broke in 15 year's ... these people dont even goddamn know what the fuck they are going to be doing in 5 year's from now let alone 20 year's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... and their projected figure's are as much horseshit, brewed from manipulation and speculation feeding your paranoia ... it's downright stupid to believe any of this, period. They even manipulated Medicare to milk that more without even touching the actual problemo's of the health care industry, excessive billing pratice's, etc , which you can link to more from any of the link's below of these series.

There is also some confusion to many Democrat's of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi (just 2 example's of key Democrat's), as to "why" they would embrace this proposal suddenly ... first of all, understand that all this was drafted by conservative's ... neither of these two would want to propose or even go with something like this ... which show's you how crafty this was drafted, just like everything else they put together, same as when they twisted health care reform and trimmed the public option from such ... and managed to even twist Medicare through lengthy negotiation's and bargaining ... this is why you HAVE to cut the source of this, because it's too corrupt and contaminated by those special corporate interest's ONLY. It's all just a crafty sales gimmick ad packaging with manipulated figure's ... add the hostage game's that they play on both parties ... and you got the big picture, eh? The only way to eliminate this ... is to ignore their request's and break ties ... which is hard to do when your ball's are against the wall ... and these same entities endorse you in campaigning with financial support (which I also detail throughout this journal as far as contaminant's)

And to top all this off to show you just how low these ingrate's are ... they even have cut's already drafted for our veteran's ... part of their proposal's is just low and uncalled for, some are just from being so intoxicated with the love of money and their gambling addiction's and so forth ... basically they have gotten to be like a bunch of dope fiend's waiting for their line (connection) to come through ... and are doing this out of desperation and speculation, instead of actually thinking this out, again ... the mega financial entities have the football on the 10 yard line, 2nd down and goal to go, with less than a minute on the game clock. This is how close they are to their ultimate goal of having control of the entire globe alone by themselves financially without no interference or even outside competition ... why do you think that all the money is used to only make bet's/ hedge investment's, advertising how much they love us and do for us, the election's ... and the rest sat on in foreign tax- free haven's, eh? With the failed gamble's of past that they made ... this will ultimately fail as well ... in time. The thing is ... we ALL go down as they do as far as the impact. This is why these relic's of the 20th century should be rooted out and disposed of one way or another ... and will in time.

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