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JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN (PT.3) The ROCK to BACH Transformation- Pres. Obama Tribute to LZ, Celebration Day & Chord's Creation of Kashmir

President Obama's tribute to Led Zeppelin ... Thanx to PBO2012

Part 3 of this series will be to take a look at the transformation when Rock turn's to Bach, I use Bach here to describe traditional classical music after the legend 17th/ 18th century composer J.S. Bach who is also well known for the piece "Toccata & Fugue" in Dminor . I look at Jimmy Page as well as a great 20th/ 21st century composer and string's master. This posting also partly inspired by Dave, who is a guitarist that play's a more hard edge type of the metal genre music locally, who a couple week's ago gave me a simple 4 track home studio type piece of guitar instrumental he constructed that was probably about 4 minute's in length, but truely a well constructed piece of guitar worx combined on the final product. When I told Dave how impressed I was with it and how I analyzed it, he was kind of shocked ... and said something like "Ahhh Tom ... c'mon ... are you serious? ... " ... but I was serious. What Dave was looking at is simply constructing some power chord type riff's and tossing some lead piece's in to give it simply a whole sound ... what he failed to see in it though ... was the building block potential of the piece ... and that is where another "ear" come's in handy {: ) When I listened to it, my mind went into high gear and was thinking of various percussion, bass and vocal's to toss into it ... simply pointing out to Dave the foundation and what build's from it using his rhythm pattern's and such, and various direction's to take it.

A song that had alot of influence on me as far as rhythm pattern's as a teen was LZ's "Celebration Day" ... it was somewhat confusing to me at first which really sparked my interest, yet very powerful and all seeming to go in different direction's when I listened seperately to each piece/ instrument ... being that when I listened to the bass and percussion's in it ... I heard funk/ R&B, guitar of rock and jazz and Plant's vocal's somewhere else, as odd as that may sound ... yet as a whole one solid piece that worked with the combination of such different personalities and direction it seemed, so this changed some of my thinking as well when putting together stuff of my own, experimentation, and of course how my taste developed for sound as well, at that age, it was just such a uniquely constructed piece, earlier as a child James Brown done similar for me, as far as upbeat. I reckon I've never been much conventional on much of a goddamn thing. I am old enough to remember when so many unconventional musician's were criticized, such as Page being a sloppy guitarist (he also used violin bow's on his guitar) ... Paul McCartney criticized because he didnt read a note of music ... Jimi Hendrix criticized because he played the guitar backward's/ upside down (reversed strings), and incorporated amp feedback and distortion as being part of the actual composition, Lady GaGa criticized as being watered down homogenized commercial pop or whatever, most of the criticism come's from those textbook scholared type's of course in art or literature or whatever who analyze every crossed "T" and dotted "I", etc ... and the list goes on. Again ... try thinking out of the box and go with your natural instinct's.

Led Zeppelin- Celebration Day- Knebworth 08- 04- 1979 Part 2 ... Thanx to Long Live Led Zeppelin

Below you have the simplicity of chord's explained that led to the constructing of Kashmir as Jimmy explain's to The Edge of U2 and Jack White (White Stripes) for a lil shop talk, which led eventually to the great classic piece it became that so many full orchestra's of classical symphonic music on the globe cover as well today, as would be covered of any of the great composer's of the last few hundred year's or so. Enjoy! {: )

KASHMIR chords- Jimmy Page, Jack White, & Edge ... Thanx to DJLIGHTBOLT

Led Zeppelin- Kashmir- Celebration Day ... Thanx to LEDZEPPELIN




Jimmy Page & Aerosmith onstage and backstage at Donington 1990 ... Thanx to BLOCKSVIDEOS **** a lil bonus video I wanted to add to close out this posting here of Jimmy with Aerosmith doing "Train Kept A- Rollin" (a cool song that I alwayz loved covering as well) ... and Jimmy really smoke's here ... really nice work!




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