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PRESIDENT OBAMA'S 2014 BUDGET PROPOSAL: Embrace Fire NOT Fear ... Chained CPI with guest's ... Bernie & The RUBBA BUBBA'S on the "BUMP PEDDLER'S" & "**** POST NOTE" (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.2)

Part 2 of "Corporatcommunazica" will take a looksy at the President's budget proposal which has been starting fire's all across the nation ... and rightfully so ... BUT (and this IS A big butt {: ) ... there may be a lil more to this than what meet's the eye which I will explain after. Credit of course to my man Bernie of Vermont for staying in the trenches on this and all those Progressive's (cause I signed this petition as well) who been pulling out their flame- thrower's too, and no doubt like I previously said that were fixin to get a fiscal fist fucking come 2013, and because this is all being orchestrated by NOT politician's at the base, but this so called "roundtable roundabout" crew and directed by folk's like Congressman Ryan, trust me {: ) However ... there is many included in this "fisting", many of those special interest's as well, that the President tossed in heartily at that! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... rest assured ... so no need to fret right now or fear the reaper. Some vid's and read's below I wanted to post, then of course the Chimp's (me) view on this.

A Terrible Disappointment ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** OREGONIAN/ ASSOCIATED PRESS: President Obama's 2014 budget would trim Social Security and Medicare, tax wealthy

***** CNN/ MONEY: What's in Obama's Budget?

***** THE WHITE HOUSE: President Obama Sends Congress his Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

How Will Obama's Budget Impact Medicare, Social Security? ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR **** the posting's title was partly inspired by these feller's in the video ... and Joe Antos here is a clever salesman, but any decent hustler can see his "bump" as well ... wait 20 year's before we see a crisis? ... what kind of fear card BS is that? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's cheap and weak Joe {: )

But all shit aside ... liberal's are fired up like crazy on this all over America ... but DONT THINK for a minute that Republican's ARENT fired up too! And it's good and healthy of course to get that anger instilled in you and to get fired up on such a thing, when someone's tryin to jack with your money, cause that's exactly what is being done here ... again ... THIS IS ALL OUR MONEY ... okay(?) and NOT one bit of our Social Security has contributed to any of this recession or crisis, except what they so call "borrow" through back door's to loan to these oversized failure's and gambling Wall Street addict's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... so Social Security been more of an asset and stimulus for this economy than anything {: ) But even the President just making this complete turnaround as far as offering entitlement cut's after he said that he wouldnt balance a budget on such just month's ago (knowing that we would catch this in a heartbeat) and just calmly giving in with this, made me think ... something isnt right here ... I must be missing something ... it's just too easy, obvious, and all of the sudden generous ... so I have to ask ... "Why?"

Looking at this closely, the President has so much goddamn shit thrown into it as far as thing's like elimination of gas/ oil subsidiaries, financial crisis responsibilities fee's for too big to fail bank entities to have to pay, increases on taxes across the board for those who can afford it, including on THEIR social security payment's/ taxes, as well as estate taxes, etc, etc! I couldnt figure out at first why folk's like Speaker Boehner was so depressed, and especially how Ryan was casually and sarcastically saying that the President deserve's credit (even showing despair in his response) ... "BUT ... this and that" Ryan sayz ... that told me right there to take a closer look at this, and something wasnt as it appear's here {: ) Bottom line is ... folk's like Boehner and Ryan know their getting fucked more than us ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I just had to bust out laughing reading this {: ) I dont know if this was/ is intentional by the President or sarcasm, or because he really believe's that modification's to CPI and such will actually save us economically. But if this was a fool's game and stunt by the President ... he played this well actually ... being that he know's damn well that something like this would be very difficult to get through the House and Senate ... which is better than just letting this ride as is with this relentless pushing for austerity by these entities, and it make's him look bipartisan as you can get in the longhaul ... which mean's ... you got it ... if nothing get's done ... he can blame this ALL on the GOP ... saying that he offered the chained CPI bargain, gave out the olive branch, yet they declined to accept {: )

Actually I am very curious now where in Hell this is going after reviewing it closer, and rather excited at what it's starting to look like ... this should be watched closely as well by those european countries where these same entities are pushing their button's as well ... they may learn something in this. But this is all I can add on this right now ... and it doesnt look like the doom and gloom that some of us may jump to think either, cause something is really fishy about this.

Word Out ....


***** POST NOTE: I wanted to add this post note because I have been asked several time's over the last few week's (locally) by folk's ... because of this, and "if" President Obama welched on his promise or whatever ... how will I vote come the 2014 election's? Well ... that's a good question ... because alot of folk's seem to think now that the President is far right or something (odd, being that he was also considered a socialist by many just a couple year's ago {: ) ... but it's too early to tell how the political circle's are gonna go right now to accurately say. No doubt that American's are increasingly seeing that something overall doesnt work in the current batch we have right now between these polarizing side's, and of course, that will lead to a change in voting in time ... rest assured ... and of course I would like to see it sooner than later to at least get it on the road.

But let me address this with some fact and common sense at least without jumping on some bandwagon right away. First of all ... those who seem shocked that the President is doing this obviously havent paid much atencion to this President from the getgo ... I have wrote plenty about this President from the start of this journal actually, and that I would vote for him no matter what for two term's, and I kept to my promise on that. The reason why though I was such a strong supporter of the President IS BECAUSE he think's truely bi/ tri- partisan like myself actually, so I completely understand even his method of trying to use the chained CPI if he thought that the math would come out to an overall advantage to the nation's economy. I personally am against the chained CPI strictly because I know that this is more than just trying to balance a budget and to try to weaken Social Security and it's recipient's as we know it, being that the controlling entities solely want for those who are more weak and vulnerable to just die off one way or another (even though they would never admit that of course) and to transform SS to their vision and likeness and use it for it's value for future mega investment's in the market's. So I have somewhat different view's than the President on this and why it's being attacked, I still think this is a great President, and even the move's of this are fine if those controlling this marketplace werent the one's running thing's ... in other word's ... it would work in a more perfect enviroment. And I also COMMEND the President actually on this budget plan (whether it was an intentional stunt or not), politically speaking, since HE DOES realize what were up against, and I also cant wait for him to write his book after he retire's, to talk about the thing's that he cant now, because it IS FULL of thing's that the corporate entities despise with their right wing Nazi affiliate's ... just look at the loathing of Boehner and Ryan ... like they feel their pissing in the wind {: ) ... more rules, restriction's, law's, fee's, penalties, etc, etc ... than you can shake a stick at ... so it's NOT like the President's plan is giving to them, but asking for a HELL OF ALOT in return, which is rightfully justified as well, considering all these entities have been getting away with, taking, and ratholing. Again ... look at the plan closely.

No ... my voting for 2014 will rely heavily upon folk's like Congressman Grayson, Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, and the like's ... what they "suggest" and "say" ... I trust their judgement at this point ... so I am counting on them for advice you can say, and will go with alot of that any way you slice it.


Pierce The Veil- Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult Cover- with lyric's Espanol/ Ingles) ... to close out this posting I wanted to post this newer cover version of the Blue Oyster Cult classic with a twist of punk, that is an outstanding cover piece from this crew ... that it will also be included in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" ... Thanx to MUSIC IS MY LIFE




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