Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ANARCHY IN THE ARTIC TO AUSTRALIA: Asshole's & Antelope's ... NOT Apple's & Orange's ... "The Rolling Stone Report" (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT. 24)

Part 24 of this series will be to highlight some article's I was going over yesterday in the 25 April 2013 edition of Rolling Stone magazine, and Thanx to RS and it's writer's/ contributor's for this read as well. Looking at the record low's this morning across the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex of freezing temp's and wind chill's throughout last night and this morning in the 20's being only a week away from May, probably the last thing most of us would be thinking is global warming, but again ... let me point out, this is exactly what this does as far as climatic change's, along with jet stream irregularities, drought's, flood's, fire's, heat, etc, etc ... I have been pointing this out for year's actually, because so many folk's just tell me that they think of "heat" only ... it has an impact on everything, just like the distributor cap and rotor under the hood of your car does  ... and especially is detrimental to the economies worldwide, for those who think more about that.

There's actually nothing too complex about this, it's as plain and simple at this point as it get's ... nor at this point can you keep up the lies about this exploration and developement is about creating job's ... after they just financially drained us to the point of austerity measure's and desperation to keep up with their destructive ratrace of total anarchism ... cause that is exactly what this shit amount's to. Nor can they cover up the fact's that we are NOW technologically advanced enough and there is even enough potential investment monies even from these energies giant's with even public support to go to alternative's and renewable energies ... they just want to rape, ravish, and rathole every last thing that they can from the earth to put in their lil treasure chest's is all ... there is a FORTUNE to be made off alternative energies investment's bottom line, and THEY KNOW IT. It's no apple and oranges comparison here ... it is basically asshole's vs. antelope's would be more like it. But there also will be NO SLACK from the growing number of activist's of ALL classes/ level's of societies now that will rise to this battle ... ya'll can bank on that, and put THAT in ya'll's lil treasure chest's as well! Some good read below.

That's the Reality! ... Word Out ....

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