Saturday, January 19, 2013

FRANS DE WAAL: "Pillars of Morality" ... The PASSION'S, PROSOCIALITY, & POLITIC'S of Our Primate NEIGHBOUR'S & **** Bonus Video: "Gorilla Gospel Get- Down" (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.6)

Prof. Frans de Waal ... ***** Public Page/ FaceBook

Part 6 of "The Other Tenant's" series will be to highlight and honour some of the work of primatologist  Prof. Frans de Waal  and his lighthearted approach to his studies ... which make's it alot of fun too! And a BIG Thanx as well to CNN, for the piece after the video for covering him too. This will take a looksy at some of our primate neighbour's and their passion's, prosocial lives, and all the rest of the nitty gritty that we ALL love to live and engage in ... Enjoy! {: )

Frans de Waal_ Moral behavior in animals ... Thanx to TVPUNIVERSITY

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Morality: It's not just for humans



Dancing Gorilla with Shouting Music ... Thanx to Michael Saunders **** just a lil bonus video I wanted to add of this fella enjoying some good ole down home Gospel music too {: )




Infidel753 said...

De Waal is a great explicator of primatology and its implications for human behavior. I highly recommend his book Chimpanzee Politics for anyone who wants to know more about these studies.

That video is a must-see. It's becoming more and more obvious that morality evolved just like everything else about us did.

Ranch Chimp said...

"Evolution of morality" Infidel? ... absolutely! Morality was around far longer than any writing's or book's on religion's, so I would bet my paycheck on it! I am grateful to live in an era where we have the science's and technologies to help us understand our lives and world, how we and everything else (life) in it evolved, etc, etc ... and especially enabling us these dayz to interact with these other primate's and learn from each other. I love being able to see these folk's (chimp's) up close, because for me, it's like being able to go back in time ... a "window" of sort to see what our earliest human's were like at a time.

No ... I havent read the book on Chimp Politics, but sure as Hell would like to ... Thanx Indidel for your comment's ....