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MANTI TE'O vs. RONAIAH TUIASOSOPO: The "Love COACH HOAX" ... HEROES vs. WEIRDO'S ... a Look at BIG LIES vs. LITTLE LIES and the REAL Villain's (LOVE IS IN THE AIR PT.6) ... inspired by Bear & Sophie

Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax: The Man Accused of Elaborate Prank ... Thanx to ABCNEWS


Part 6 of the "Love Is In The Air" series will be one of the most talked about news piece's of this last week or so, of Mr. Manti Te'o and his fictional love affair he got pulled into, who I will point out here as a hero if anything and why. I havent had the opportunity to keep up with this much, but have read up enough to have an input that is clear as day what is happening. This posting was first inspired by my daughter "Bear" (nickname) who her and her friend's have followed more than I have, and my daughter's first reaction was this freak character who pulled this as the target ... and by a young lady yesterday that I just happened to be sharing an upper deck table/ booth with on the TRE (Dallas/ Fort Worth commuter rail) who was all over this on her iPad and was questioning "what kind of weirdo would do this to Manti?" ... which made my mind go "ding- ding- ding", I asked Sophie if I could use her name to inspire this posting later after some chat, and gave her a RCJ business card in case she wanted to view it, because she also agree's with me on this, and told me I can use her name, even though she didnt even know me personally, and Thanx Sophie if you see this. But this is what Katie Couric should be focusing on more ... not Manti's lil lies to cover this or that from mom and pop or whatever ... but this gentleman Ronaiah Tuiasosopo ... who by my view and as well as Sophie's view should be the one being interviewed ... and even moreso, charged with something, or at least sued out the ass in civil court by this young lady who he stolen her identity, as well as Manti if possible. It doesnt matter if he (Tuiasosopo) apologized, of course he would, he knew the heat was getting close and like a chicken shit, started to worry ... the point is ... there is not enough focus on him "currently" ... put him in the spotlight Katie ... and that will even be a better story listening to this freak explain why he does what he does ... and I'm sure it would even get better rating's heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

So far from what I've seen and read ... Manti isnt the one who's been "breaking into" people's account's, manipulating site's, etc, etc ... when you start breaking into account's, it's out of the "hoax" or "just for funnies" category and become's another issue. ALL of this though has been being done by this Tuiasosopo character from what it look's like, and his accomplices ... which the talk is, he didnt work alone ... those are the real villain's here. Too bad that in cyberspace you cant apply the "real deal", like in life ... as to when one of these break in your house, just blow the SOB away (at least in Texas you still can : ) As far as the speculation talk about Manti being involved or whatever ... I seen NO PROOF of any of that! As far as Manti wanting to cover up thing's to better his chance at the "Heisman Trophy" or similar nonsense ... you get the bloody trophy based on your accomplishment's ... and frankly he's in the rank's of best of the best! The internet is still young though, despite how long it's been around ... so alot of this will iron out over time, and law enforcement, Interpol, FCC, etc, will even get a better grasp on this over time, believe me.

It doesnt matter about a lil cover up lie here and there from Manti ... he was on the spot ... he is a victim too, to an extent, because he bought into this ... but more importantely, like a hero of sort to me ... for the love, compassion, and devotion to this person that had all these issue's with health and death, etc ... and any fella, especially a popular handsome young gent like Manti who devote's so much time over such a lengthy stretch to this young lady who he think's is hurting and stand's by her throughout all this ... I commend ... if this young man treated one of my daughter's like this I would be loving him! As far as being in love in cyberspace or any of this, I havent a clue how this could happen actually, but it obviously does with many from what I hear ... I mean, I'm kind of old fashioned, I like physically interacting, whether its dinner, drink's, entertainment venue's, even just a walk in the park or whatever, etc, etc ... and frankly, with nearly 5 year's now online, I have never had any woman try to come on to me, or anything like that ... all I have communicated with, whether it was on these blog's or whatever else, were very proper, on subject, etc, etc ... so none ever flirted with me that I can recall ... but then too ... I'm not a young handsome popular athelete either ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I'm a 57 year old (57 in a couple dayz that is : ) married man, low income, and hardly muscular looking even at only 185 pound's and 5' 11" {: ) ... so I'm sure Manti get's his share of young ladies that have  ... let's say an "interest" in him {: ) And he really seem's like a great guy ... the kind of guy I would like to see my own daughter's with if so.

But to Manti ... hopefully this should be over soon guy, mom and dad clearly love you and support you too, which is very importante ... stick in there and stay strong man! I am sure you have so much to offer hopefully in the NFL pro's ... and especially with your track record guy ... I would like to even see you as a Cowboy! ... (hint- hint ... Jerry Jones : ) ... that Cowboys uniform would look good on you guy ... and what a legendary team to be a part of too! Best of all to Manti!

***** WASHINGTON POST/ COLLEGES: Manti Te'o hoax has more culprits than victims (newsread) **** I chose columnist Tracee Hamilton to highlight her view on this, which is straight up as it get's

Manti Te'o Fake Girlfriend Hoax Interview With Katie Couric FULL INTERVIEW OF NOTRE DAME LINEBACKER ... Thanx to MrINQLIVE





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