Monday, June 4, 2012

DAVID LEE ROTH: "Yankee Rose", "California Girls", "Goin' Crazy"

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" definitely goes to Mr. David Lee Roth ... aka "Diamond Dave", and to focus on his debut solo career post Van Halen, he is back with Van Halen today after finally putting down the axe between him and Eddie after year's apart. But nothing matches the showmanship qualities of David in this genre of commercial rock metal music. I loved doing Van Halen cover's when I was younger as well (song's of Dave & the Van Halen crew from 1978 to 1984) because they were simply so much fun and uplifting, and really gave my lung's a workout at that! : ) Dave really had such a great sense of humour too, he was actually a show in himself with Van Halen between 1978- 1984 ... really ... and so goddamn explosive as far as big production, yet ... Dave and Eddie were also so divided in the direction's that they wanted to take Van Halen, after all, it was Eddie and his brother (drummer/ percussionist) Alex's band, also Dave was very outspoken against what he called "corporate maneuvering" in the new commercialized rock music industry, and the 1980's was a showcase materializing with these new 80's rock act's, like it hasnt since the dayz of glam rock and the like's of David Bowie, New York Dolls, Kiss, with a new robust flavour if you will, plus "video" changed so much of that as far as promotion's and marketing was concerned. But yes, despite Dave's familia background, being the son of a rich and famous multimillionaire surgeon, he was against too much corporate manipulation in the emerging scene ... he was a hand's on guy, very good at production, marketing, and even choreographing as far as that's concerned, as well as not maybe a legend vocalist, but certainly was very powerful, called by some in the industry "the loud one".

But Dave also was criticized by some for being not serious enough as a musician, his flamboyant and sometime's arrogant image, trying to himself commercialize and sugarcoat heavy metal in his own fashion ... nonetheless, throughout all the talk and year's, Dave managed to earn his place in the great's archive's of rock music history ... personally I love the Guy, for his input on production, including his vocal work, etc. Dave is a first class act to me, period. When Dave broke up with Van Halen and left the crew over difference's him and Eddie basically couldnt iron out, he started a new crew, and I knew before Roth's band took off ... he was going to have to find one Hell of a guitarist to work with, having been so used to working with an icon like the great Eddie Van Halen ... and he sure as Hell did ... when he brought Steve Vai to the crew to play guitar, what a flashy guitar showman Steve is! This debut album/ cd was called "Eat Em And Smile" ... and what an outstanding production that was too. Below I wanted to highlight some of this stuff of Dave's solo project! Enjoy ....



David Lee Roth- Yankee Rose ... Thanx to #DAVID LEE ROTH

California Girls (HD)- David Lee Roth ... Thanx to ELCONQUISTADOR69TOO

David Lee Roth- Goin' Crazy! HD ... Thanx to 1984ROCKCITY


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