Tuesday, June 12, 2012

KU KLUX KLAN's: Charitable and Environmental Initiative's & "The LOVE & HATE of America's RACE FACE"

This is semi BIG news here recently so I wanted to cover it, because I was reviewing folk's responses to this across the nation. I dont drive race issue's too much in here, because there isnt too much importance in it to me either way you slice it, and by the standard's of I would guess most of the KKK, I am a piss poor example of a white man, and to some their worst nightmare ... I mean, I never really gave a shit about my ancestry, I have dated many women of various race's including white, I loathe shit like institutionalized christianity and religion's across the board, used drug's, played rock music, etc, etc. But that's just me man ... I'm a social type urban guy for the most part and it take's so many culture's to satisfy my taste's, I have a VERY broad appetite you can say. But I want to address this issue more and picked this as a perfect example to elaborate on the Race Face of America ... and all of our Love & Hate for each other ... because this country is saturated with it. I myself have my limit's on how liberated I will be, for instance when it come's to some religious culture like Muslim/ Sharia Law or Christian Fundamoralism ... I dont want it around me, my childen, grandchildren, etc, etc ... what ya'll want to do in your neighborhood and/ or country is ya'll's choice, it's just not me. First a CNN newsread and video piece below, then of course a common neo liberal YouTube perspective from Mr. Patrick Jones, who look's and sound's politically cute I will add ... then of course the Devil's Advocate non- bullshit view from myself.

***** CNN/ U.S.: KKK Chapter wants to adopt stretch on Georgia Highway

Ku Klux Klan wants to adopt stretch of highway ... Thanx to BUZZ60

The Ku Klux Klan of today is a much different marketing and public relation's show than of yesterday ... and these folk's really have a terrible history as far as playing race card's, oppression of folk's of colour, and yes, even terror, I mean, their probably No#1 for this as far as the best of the best. Today the KKK is more open and public about themselves and what they say, more sugar coated, homogenized, politically correct, etc ... and why shouldnt they be?, most other's are too, their simply about wanting to stay within their own race, and I see not a thing wrong with that, I mean, your appetite of course is more restrained and limited than mine for instance, but that's fine, it's ya'll's choice. And they say that they are simply as alwayz have been a group that represent's their culture/ race, just like any other group that are similar, latino's, black's, asian's, etc, etc ... were full of these type group's (of course many dont have quite the history of the KKK, but still) in America, Hell, were a "melting pot" (and yes, I do know the difference between race and nationality as far as definition, I'm just clumping the two here). And our pop culture is saturated with holidayz and festivities for everyone, and all culture's claim their God's chosen lil Teddy Bear's ... the Irish say no one can outdrink them, Italian's claim they make the best pasta and pizza (even though I think the Chinese created pasta, and the French, pizza : ) white's think their the most loving liberated animal species on God's earth, black male's think their dick's are the largest, Latino's dont like any of the other's, and Asian's think their the pinnacle of universal knowledge, Jew's and Arab's been battling for centuries both claiming to be God's chosen one's, and many human's in general think their shit dont stink (as my mom would put it ... love ya mom : ) etc, etc ... the mindset of personal/ cultural myth's/ belief's is endless. So the KKK is just like any of the rest of ya'll race faced folk's, and of course looking for a race card in every stacked deck : ) cause the deck is stacked against us all by the inbred financial neo elite, who frankly dont give a flying fuck about any of us, except to use us ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... to them, were all a bunch of dumb asses, and why shouldnt they think like that ?, I mean ... we even kiss their asses.

Whether or not the KKK is an environmentally concerned group or not I cant say, but they also have been doing charity work as well I hear, they say they love the wood's and mountain's etc ... even German's and Hitler were attracted to that, and many white's as a majority live in the pacific northwest which has beautiful terrain like that, and these sort of tight white's are attracted to that as much as a Mexicano to the tropical beaches, desert's, and their tequila, so culture seem's to have some genetic's to it. I didnt even like all the praise that was given to Sen. Robert Byrd (WV) when he passed away ... liberal's coast to coast were praising this guy for his reformed wayz, what he done for West Virginia etc, etc and I hardly heard a thing about what he truely did in his past when he organized  at least a 150 member chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, in some of their darkest historic year's at that! Even back then our own Congress and Senate was saturated with KKK affiliate's and support ... yes ... our American Government/ Representation. In todayz politically correct society, all these group's and cult's claim that they dont "hate" and only "love" their culture's/ race's.  Some of these same neo liberal's of today who rant and rant about the KKK are the same one's you will later hear out of the other side of their mouth's supporting other racial group's of say Arab's/ Muslim's or even group's of colour like the New Black Panther Party who clearly admit openly that they are about the same racial division's, quest's, and segregation, while socializing with each other, patting each other on the back over their comment's with swollen head's of how liberated they are and kissing each other's asses.

All in all, I wouldnt even have a goodamn Adopt- A- Highway plan in this filthy rich nation, not even Germany is as wealthy as we are and are a Hell of alot cleaner than this country, Singapore and other's. I mean, look around a town saturated with freewayz, like Dallas, Houston and especially Los Angeles, the trash/ litter off some of the freewayz in these 3 town's is incredible, it's downright filthy ... and the goddamn taxes we pay should go to also doing more about this and less goddamn freebies to politician's and Wall Street firm's, and putting some people to work instead of bloody having people do it for free! It's fucken pathetic man. As far as the application for the KKK to adopt a highway to clean up, under our current plan of having this adopt a toilet bowl shit, I would grant it to them, or anyone else that want's to clean up their area for free.

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Infidel753 said...

The problem is that if they're allowed to adopt a highway, they get official recognition in the form of a sign put up by the state, so the state is made to look like it's endorsing a terrorist group.

The states really need to give more thought to these programs when they set them up.

Ranch Chimp said...

The problem with how they "look"? maybe so, many already look at the State of Georgia, or basically anywhere's in the south as a backward place that support's these type's as it is, you read the blog's and even see that. Then of course the KKK can dispute that with a defamation defense, asking to validate recent cases of act's of terrot by them, etc, etc. It's just all screwed up period, not to even mention that our government and society as it is, whether directly or knowingly, support terror as well as racial group's, reverse discrimination, and the list goes on as it is, many folk's even based their voting of President Obama based on simply he was black, I have met several who admitted that to me ... race division and support for such seem's common to me in our society overall. Give some thought? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... we could not give a sign of credit to anyone, then how many would actually do it? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Thanx for your comment's Infodell ....